Li She couldn’t help but be stupefied. This battle can indeed be called a turning point of fate. This battle was defeated by Huang Fusong’s night attack on Bo Cai, and the army of Bo Cai won the long-term social war. Since then, the yellow turban insurrectionary has been completely destroyed.

Li she wondered if there was any reason when she knew that those players had gone to help but were slaughtered by the yellow turban insurrectionary outside the city.
It’s not that I won’t let you help, but I will let you help when the time comes. This battle is an opportunity, but I can’t come now!
Before Li she finished thinking, the unified tone rang again.
"ding! Congratulations to the players! Do you want to participate? "
Li She, a fan of the Three Kingdoms, has such a classic battle at this time that she can’t refuse to choose’ Yes’ immediately.
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You chose to participate in the’ Long Club Battle’. Please take your team and send you to the Long Club for death in one hour. When the battle is over, you and your team will be sent back, and the death feat will be halved. "
Li She suddenly felt a little regretful. He had already made more than 10,000 feats by himself. He always felt that going at this time was not worth the loss, and he would be sent back once he died. That would be more than 5,000 feats.
However, Li She still has to do the work. Considering Zhen ‘an doesn’t know when Zhang Jiao will come, Li She didn’t bring many soldiers, so it would be nice to bring a hundred foot soldiers to fight soy sauce.
Then, accompanied by Huang Zhong and Zhou Cang, Li Zhuang, Huang Xu’s brother and sister, Zhang Feng stayed to take care of the town and provoked Huang Wudie to look at him with bitterness all the time.
Li she wiped her sweat. This little girl is very violent!
When Li She chose to accompany her, Huang Wudie ran over and was excited to let Li She take her.
Li Shezhi directly rejected the man’s battlefield. What do you say you are a weak woman to join?
As a result, Huang Wudie was very unhappy, and the town chased Li Shekou and shouted that you should look down on your aunt!
After Li was chased and scurried, he met Huang Zhong, so that he could calm down and let Huang Zhong admonish him. Huang Zhong also loved his daughter very much. He didn’t know what to do, but Bian Shi came forward to solve it.
"Is everything ready?" Li involved in looking at waiting for one hundred foot soldiers shouted
"Ready!" On the contrary, the soldiers are still excited, especially excited, and are very eager to fight.
This root has been outstanding since joining the army, and it has left an indelible contribution in the defense of Tianmen Village. Li Zhuang, Zhou Cang and others also have high expectations for him. Compared with the first 14 points of force value, the root force value of 2 has directly turned over, and two points are the force value of second-rate soldiers. This is too scary.
As soon as an hour came, Li She and others disappeared and immediately let the villagers call them immortals.
At this time, lying on the couch with his eyes closed slightly, the lame Taoist quietly opened his eyes and sneered to himself, "See how long you can be arrogant!" " Then he hummed a little melody and drank wine.
Chapter sixty-six The younger brother
Li She suddenly appeared in Changshe City, where there were thousands of garrison soldiers in its rare history. However, due to the enlargement of the population base, the garrison soldiers became more than 10,000 people. However, compared with the wave outside the city, it is really pitiful.
After unified instructions, all the combatants should report to the main office, and then wait for Huangfusong’s arrival in the camp to make arrangements.
Li She, Huang Zhong and Zhou Cang strolled around Changshe City with hundreds of foot soldiers. Li She looked around, and some antique buildings made it vivid, which made Li She look around like a curious baby.
It attracted the residents in the city to despise their eyes constantly, but they dared not say anything when they saw hundreds of foot soldiers such as Li She, and they all glanced at them.
Huang Zhong really can’t stand that Li She has been barking all the time. She directly dragged Li She away, found the main book place, and then let Gong Cao record it and let them have a rest.
Maybe it’s because I came earlier. There are not many people here except Li She and others. Li She also enjoys a quiet rest.
In a short time, there were more and more people. At this moment, Li She heard someone shouting "Excuse me! Make way! "
Li She felt a little familiar. She listened carefully in the noisy tinker and said, "Tieqin Village Qin led hundreds of foot soldiers to help!"
Li she really didn’t listen to wrong. It was three fat who enthusiastically led the people to Qin.
Gong Cao immediately became very enthusiastic when he heard that it was Tieqin Village, and said with a smile, "It turned out to be the mayor of the first town in the famous day! It’ s a long way to meet! "
"Where where!" Qin never dreamed that his title was so great that Dalian np had all heard of himself.
Qin!’ I heard someone calling myself Qin and turned to see that it was Li who immediately left Gongcao and ran to Li.
"Li Dage! I believe you! " Qin said excitedly
In the first sentence when Qin met, he said that Li was puzzled and asked, "What do you believe me?"
"I believe you can’t go out!" Qin said
Li said uncertainly, "You mean you can’t go out either?"
"That’s right!" Qin’s eyes were filled with incredible shock. "I had a car accident in reality and then I opened my eyes and appeared in the game. I’m sure I’m dead!"
Li She said in horror, "Am I dead too?"
"If there is no accident, it should be like this," Qin affirmed.
"oh, my god! This game is terrible! Have you also received a general instruction that you should not die once in your life! " Li involved in verification said
"well! I received it! " Qin received it
Li She sat down directly behind the ground, and Zhou Cang quickly helped Li She up and said anxiously, "What’s wrong with you, master?"
Li She looked at her heart, and Zhou Cang secretly scolded a man who was a waste. Since he was destined not to be vertical and horizontal in reality, let’s make it upside down in the game!
In an instant, there was only a knot in my heart. I looked at Qin and asked, "What about my parents?"
"Don’t worry, I saw my uncle and aunt wearing helmets and told them your address. I will definitely find you."
"That’s good. Thank you so much!" Li thanked Qin repeatedly, and then thought that Qin had a car accident. He was uncertain and said, "You won’t have a car accident because of me!"
Qin is smiled and said nothing.