"You finally willing to come out? Respect the Pope! " As if an old friend greeted the purple line gently, it is difficult to find a male biological sound that can be so magnetic in this continent.

I don’t know when an old man with rickets and white hair appeared with a stick. In front of him, the old man was very thin, and the fire of life seemed to be extinguished at any time. He raised his right hand and said with a hoarse old voice
"God says that the new other will be sheltered."
Without surging magic and dazzling light, the five elders’ faces were visible to the naked eye, and the speed was restored after only a few breaths.
The old man with purple body and lazy breath disappeared in an instant. At this moment, he squinted at this as if he would go to see their god elder at any time.
"Great prophecy is really remarkable, but" Purple reached out in the dark and touched his palm with a layer of black ashes. Poof VVV blew the ashes into the light site in one breath and disappeared in a short time.
Zhang’s arms are purple like embrace the darkness. "I wonder if your holiness is satisfied with me?"
"The inferno also has human blood. You are killing your own kind!" The second elder righteous words big accused.
Purple disdain interrupted, "it’s only a few hundred thousand people. Every year, you human beings are more than that. Do you want to talk to me about human nature? Ask yourself if you have it first! "
The elder interrupted the second elder with the wave to continue arguing.
"Are you ready to accept God’s punishment for killing the people of God?" The old man’s voice is very kind and calm, just like the grandfather sitting next door with a fan in the afternoon.
Purple convergence face smile eyes flashing dazzling mans has been three meters long purple crystal sword appeared in his hand purple eyes purple armor and purple crystal sword inferno is a special preference for purple.
It is common to lean slightly at the tip of the nose, and the purple sound becomes happy and sad. "The inferno commands the purple emperor."
What kind of enemy is the most terrible? In a rage? Mourning soldiers? A big boost in morale? Full of confidence? I’m afraid I can’t be the "most" word. It’s the most horrible thing to be fond of the enemy because he can’t make mistakes.
"God says that those who believe in me will have eternal life."
In an instant, the palace seemed to be dark, because all the light flocked to a center, and the speed visible to the naked eye of the famous pope quickly changed from a dying age to a mature age.
The inferno likes purple, and the Pope’s body is golden. Blonde hair, Kiyomi’s golden robe and golden cane have become the theme.
"God says that blasphemers will be burned by eternal flames!"
The milli-sign flame directly appeared in the purple emperor’s body and burned fiercely, but it was cut into several pieces in just one second and dissipated. In a moment, the purple sword appeared on the pope’s head.
"God says that those who believe in me will be blessed by the gods."
A purple streamer suddenly appeared beside the Pope, while another golden streamer blocked them one meter away from the Pope’s body.
"God says that blasphemers will bear the wrath of God and be crushed by natural forces."
Representing the natural forces, the flashing flame, the frost and the wind blade, the rock shows signs, and a huge purple knife awn suddenly appears around the purple emperor. Before these natural forces get close, it is smashed by the knife awn.
I came to the front of the Pope without stopping my knife, but I was once again blocked by the wall.
"God says that the enemy will be awed by the majesty of our Lord."
Has been silent purple emperor suddenly let out a loud roar waves visible to the naked eye, his center spread around a few lucky elders just turned better and turned white for a few minutes, but before several elders stabilized and had new changes, the purple emperor suddenly disappeared after chopping out a huge sword.
And for a moment, a purple crystal sword appeared beside the Pope, stabbing the Pope like a snake out of the hole.
When VVV
The sword was still broken by the bullet, and the purple emperor disappeared again without pause, and then reappeared and disappeared again. The persistent attacker was so fast that several elders could hardly keep up with him.
Fortunately, among the five elders, the first elder and the second elder saw the Pope’s hand, and the rest were shocked by the strange fighting in front of them.
The pope’s attack on the ever-changing defense is even more watertight, but until now, their popes have not felt any magic or quarrelling breath, because only the great prophecy has such a wonderful effect in this world, and of course only the belief can support the huge consumption of the great prophecy.
"I killed all the believers in the holy mountain just to see how much faith you can consume." Zi Yin was wandering in the air, and he changed his position in this sentence.
The Pope doesn’t seem to be moved. "All gods and evil spirits will expose the glory of our Lord." There is no sign. Suddenly, several purple figures appeared. Specifically, they were doing different movements. It seemed that everything stopped at this moment. Only a moment later, they moved again, just like the time. All the figures converged towards a point. Finally, a purple emperor appeared on the first step as if the roots had not moved.
The attack seems to be more stupid when it is cracked, which has no effect on the purple emperor.
"How much faith is left, 60% or 70%?"
"Just try and you’ll know."
"As you wish!" At the moment when the purple emperor held the sword in his hands, the crystal sword seemed to have a fateful weight. When he was lifted to the highest point, the dark clouds in the sky seemed to be attracted, and a huge whirlpool was slowly forming.
"God says that blasphemers will be burned by eternal flames!"
The flame directly appeared in the purple emperor’s body, but this time the purple emperor didn’t seem to care because the flame only lasted less than a second and disappeared and was swallowed up by black clouds.
There was a general pause when the Pope was flowing, and he held up his staff for a long time.
"How can you have faith?"
Chapter DiErJiuLiu
The Pope’s face was expressionless, but he moved and told everyone that he was really shocked.
"How can you have faith?" The Pope asked again.
Purple emperor jokingly looked at the Pope "want to know? Ask your God! "
Kill! As the purple emperor roared, the dark clouds in the sky condensed into a huge black sword, and as the purple emperor waved and chopped at the Pope.