"Boss, we can’t help it when love comes!" Fang Jinyu grabbed Baguio’s hand and replied

"Hey, hey, the two of them had already shown some signs when they were really inflamed. The boss was not only Baguio at that time, but he never accepted him. Later, Sister Henaan personally persuaded her!" Single crystal bad looked at Fang Jinyu way with a smile [
"Male me …!" Baguio’s face didn’t smile at this time, but she looked ashamed instead.
"Fool, you should know that I have never regarded you as a maid, but you have never been able to get out of your own way. Now you have finally got your own happiness. I should congratulate you and I have nothing good to give you. After all, you have made you much stronger than others. I have a blessing. I hope you two can love each other forever!" Huangfu Zhantian looked at Baguio and laughed
"Thank you, Gong!" Baguio, after hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, the whole person dived into Huangfu Zhantian’s arms and shed tears.
"Come on, don’t cry. Everyone is watching. I hope you two can get along well in the future!" Any suspection.i war day will baguio board is then said with a smile
"yeah!" Baguio heavily nods a way
"Where is Feng Jingyun?" Any suspection.i zhantian asked
"He is closing now, as if to attack the realm of dzogchen, a god, and I don’t know if he can succeed!" Henaan, go ahead.
"Well, when he succeeds, we will go to the protoss!" Huangfu Zhantian nodded his head. Since knowing the strength of evil robbery, Huangfu Zhantian decided to go to the ghost inn as soon as possible. Otherwise, their realistic strength is that there is no way to fight hard with evil robbers. After all, the strong ones who are now robbed by evil don’t know what is holding them back. I’m afraid it will be tough when they recover their hands. When the time comes, things in the ghost inn can also grow their strength.
"Smelly novel, tell me why you came so late!" When suspection.i war day thinking, Jiang Ruyi and Mengtian flew to them.
"Ha ha, there’s nothing wrong with killing an evil robber on the way. Do you know about Qin Waner?" Any suspection.i war days will have a simple story and said it again and then eagerly asked.
"Smelly little didn’t expect you to grow to this level now. Well, you said that Qin Wan ‘er was the original Qin family in Henaan? That little girl came back a few days ago, but she has been treating them all the time. Why do you ask? " Jiang ruyi asked
"I’m afraid that evil robbers want to catch Qin Waner because she has a different soul from ordinary people. I feel that this evil robber has a big plot and must not let them succeed. You should send more people to the Qin family to protect Qin Waner. If she wants, let her live in our refined pharmacist union, so that we can take care of each other. We must never let evil robbers drill or then suffer from poverty!" Any suspection.i Zhantian somberly way when he will yuan soul honour person had said to him again.
"There is such a thing, so I’m afraid Qin Waner is a key. I’ll go to the Qin family in person now and bring Qin Waner back to the whole continent. No matter whether she agrees or not, I will protect her from us." Jiang Ruyi immediately said after hearing Huangfu Zhantian.
"Don’t, you’d better let Henaan and them go. After all, girls have more common topics. It’s better to say something if you bring her here by force. I’m afraid it will cause her disgust, but it won’t pay off!" Any suspection.i zhantian hurriedly stop way
"Well, that’s all right!" Jiang ru nodded his head and agreed
"Henaan, you can go to the Qin family!" Huangfu Zhantian Duihuayu way
"Well, I’ll go now and persuade her to come to the pharmacist union!" Henaan nodded and then flew out directly.
"Well, I think everyone knows that the situation is very urgent. There will definitely be a big war in the future. In that way, no one will care about anyone in the battle, so I will try my best to improve my strength during this period. You are all my good brothers. I don’t want to lose one of you! I’ve lost myself and won’t let everyone feel sad. Come on! If you need any Dan medicine, just say it directly. If the refined pharmacist union can take it out, you will never be stingy. "Huangfu Zhantian said to everyone."
Everyone was silent when they heard the words of Huangfu Zhantian, because everyone knew that the situation was very urgent. When no one said anything more, they all went back to their own rooms to practice [
"Well, you also go to practice, and I will close it once!" Any suspection.i war day looking at Xiao Yan they said
"Well, you go. Don’t worry about us. We will take care of ourselves and will never drag everyone down!" Xiao Yan took YuXiaoXian and Jiang Fei son hand way
"Well, you go ahead and I’ll talk to the two teachers for a while!" Any suspection.i zhantian patted their three hand way
When Xiao Yan and his wife left, Huang Fuzhan genius turned to Jiang Ruyi and Meng Tiandao. "How many forces have we joined Tianyu City now?"
"There are about more than 30 sects to join but then there will be some sects to join in succession! And there are many loners who have joined our alliance to punish evil. These people are not weak, "Jiang Ru."
"You two are vice champions and don’t know who the champions are? There is also a deputy leader, so it can’t be just the two of you. Have you found out the details of those people? If you don’t find out clearly, I’m afraid it will be given to you. "Huangfu Zhantian looked a little dignified and asked Section 178: Distributing Hallows.
"Ha-ha, smelly man, I knew you would ask this question. Don’t worry, this leader will let everyone know. He is a great achievement of our refined pharmacist union. I don’t know what level the strength of the elders has reached in the sacred land, but the deputy leader has a deputy leader. In addition to the two of us representing Tianyu City, there are six deputy leaders who represent some of his forces." Jiang Ru is one of them.
"Then I’m relieved that the strength of this evil alliance is really strong, but it’s a little insufficient compared with that evil robbery. I wonder if we can invite some powerful practitioners to help us?" Any suspection.i zhantian asked
"Well, don’t worry. Now that Elder Tai is out of the mountain, he will definitely invite those who are the same age as him and have not fallen into the strong. These people are very strong, and when the time comes, they will not be weaker than the evil robbers!" Mengtian interface
"But I’m still a little uneasy. I’ll go to the protoss in a couple of days and see if I can let them be born. If there is help from the protoss, then I’ll be more sure." Huangfu Zhantian has concerns.
"Can you please move the protoss? They have been out of touch for a long time. I’m afraid they won’t be born if there is not much origin, because their birth means that the inferno will also be born. "Jiang Ruyi asked with some surprise [
"Well, if we contact them, we don’t know if they will be born to help, but we have to give it a try whether it’s ok or not. How can we know if it’s ok without trying!" Huangfu Zhan Tian Dao