If it is normal time; Where there have been a lot of casualties, whether it’s the Terran high-level or the demon side, those fiends estimate that they will leave a little heart for that kind of thing and also have it on the battlefield; No matter how big the casualties are, no one will care. After all, there may be casualties on the battlefield. Even if the final number of casualties is a little larger, it is estimated that no one will really care about it.

But there are merits in killing demons. Since casualties on the battlefield are unlikely to attract high-level attention from both sides, Sunday naturally made up his mind in this regard, hoping that a large number of soldiers on the demon side can be slaughtered through this campaign without attracting high-level attention from the demons. Gain great merit
With the corresponding motivation; It is rare to be diligent on Sunday at that time, and the orders are constantly sent out without telling the information; It is also ready for the corresponding preparations. Now, when the demon family comes to the door; Sunday can immediately give each other a head-on blow.
On Sunday, I know that the intelligence of the demon side is due to Alice’s help, but the demon side is obviously not as good as on Sunday. If there are spies who don’t say that they will help the demon, even if there are some people who don’t tell others about the orders on Sunday, it is estimated that no one can guess the orders on Sunday.
In such a situation; On the one hand, it is ready; On the one hand, it is felt in such a situation; When Sunday was ready to welcome the arrival of the devil, the demon side formed a team and appeared in the sight of Sunday at that time.
The demon side sent a total of 5 million troops, led by a demon king and led by him, and the demon territory was as high as ten to be honest; I don’t know the real strength of Sunday. According to the strength of that demon team, their arrangement is obviously quite conservative.
Only according to the Terran has always been the performance; Even Sunday’s strength is really as good as the intelligence. Now it’s time to send such a team to deal with Sunday.
Unfortunately; Even the devil side has made the worst plan, and Sunday’s strength has been overestimated as far as possible, but they still won’t think of it; As far as they are concerned, since this world is already an extra Sunday, they can fight against the strong
Don’t blame those demons for their carelessness; Generally, when the strength reaches a certain level, monks will surely encounter Armageddon. Often, the demon side needs to pay attention to the extent to which Armageddon has appeared in this world, which is enough to know the specific strength of the Terran side.
That is, because practicing on Sunday is to turn Xuangong, no matter how the achievement method is broken, there will be no apocalypse, but the other party will not think that someone can practice on Sunday in such a short time. Over-trusting that they received those information, the demon side took advantage of the fact that the most powerful monk of Terran was just entering the fairyland period, and even a monk was not in the fairyland period. A demon king should be able to completely destroy Sunday’s forces.
The devil’s high-level officials first underestimated Sunday’s strength, and Alice slightly misled the demon king’s judgment. To deal with Sunday’s demon team, I didn’t put Sunday’s opponent in my heart. After I got to know the location of the mountain city at will, the demon went directly to Sunday’s location as soon as it was convenient, but I didn’t do anything.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-one Fear before the war
Chapter two hundred and eleven Fear before the war
The demon side despised Sunday, but Sunday was not angry about it at all. Instead, it directly played an ambush in favor of the demon family’s psychology.
Didn’t put Sunday’s opponent in mind; Then naturally, the demon side will not be able to take more precautions against Sunday, and no detective class has been sent to the whole demon team. Department together is to be fine alert into the ambush ring on Sunday.
Since it is an ambush; The location chosen on Sunday is naturally a very dangerous place. Although the terrain can slightly affect the outcome of both sides for the monks, if you add a series of laws and prohibitions before Sunday, it will be enough to strengthen the combat power of Tianshan City. Greatly weakened the devil’s side.
Add; Demons didn’t think that since they would encounter an ambush, they just started fighting. For unguarded reasons, the demon side was immediately killed by the Sunday side. Although this attack didn’t make the demon side hurt, but without the help of the ordinary demons, the senior demons were left. It is much easier to deal with them on Sunday.
Of course; It’s easy to clean up those demons on Sunday, but those demons obviously can’t have that idea. The difference between the demons is ten million times per level of strength. Although the number of demons coming to clean up on Sunday is many, the real main force is just the demon king who came with the demon king. Seriously; It said that they came to attack Tianshan city; It’s better to say that they are coming to do odd jobs.
Institute; Although the demon side suffered heavy casualties due to the ambush on Sunday, when such things fell into the other side’s eyes; The other party has just suffered a certain blow in terms of morale. If it is true, it will be scared because of this ambush on Sunday. That’s absolutely impossible.
On the contrary; After being attacked by Sunday, nòng was so embarrassed; Those masters on the demon side are direct, but they are also angered by Zhou Tianxing J: and denounced those who have already panicked luàn, while the demon soldiers are more than half of the masters on the demon side, but they are direct and fly out from the demon group towards their ambush site on Sunday.
In the face of those demons; Sunday also dare not careless; Tianshan city; It can be said that the whole Terran has the first-class combat power against the demon king. Except for him, there is really no second monk who can compete with each other in World War I.
Institute; When faced with the attack of demons, Zhou Tiangen dared not delay; Only when I saw those demons flying over; On Sunday, I immediately took the initiative to meet them at that time, and on the way, I turned them away.
Wearing fairy armor; On Sunday, the avatar turned himself into a giant. After taking a look at the demons who flew over, Sunday was like swatting flies. Toward the demon king will also directly took the past.
Although the body is huge; But it doesn’t seem slow to move on Sunday; Just saw the demon king instantly; On Sunday, the palm of your hand will appear in the other party’s position according to the speed on Sunday; If you are prepared, this blow will be enough to kill most enemies.
Of course; If it is in accordance with the demon king level strength; Sunday’s blow is not easy to kill the other side. After all, it is not easy to say that the other side is a devil-level demon without saying that the speed of the other side has escaped the blow on Sunday. It is absolutely impossible to say that there is no means to save your life.
Institute; If according to the general situation; Sunday want to blow to kill the demon king is also an unlikely thing, of course; This is the general situation will be established; The actual shot on Sunday not only took the demon king; Very directly, the demon king was made into a sauce.
Can achieve such results; Of course, when external factors help you to attack the devil on Sunday; Hu’s heart willow demon was ordered by Sunday; However, when the demon king was ready to dodge, he gave him talent and ability, depending on the strength of the willow demon eye; Even the fiend will be absent for a moment when he is afraid of plotting against him. The demon king is naturally impossible to escape the control of the willow demon, so the original hope is to escape the blow on Sunday, but the demon king is still coming to play his own strength, and finally he will be shot dead by a direct slap on Sunday.
This result is not only unexpected; At the same time, the effect is quite amazing.
The demon king, however, was sent by the demon side to deal with Sunday’s highest combat power. Whether it can win or not is what the demon king will win or lose in Sunday’s battle, but now it is good; Just a touch; On the devil’s side, the demon king was killed on Sunday. Seeing such a result, the demons were terrified directly, and there was no courage. Fight again Sunday.
So it is natural; When Sunday killed the demon king; On the other hand, the demon side was direct, and at that time, there was a phenomenon of fleeing, so it was impossible to fight every Sunday; Wait until Sunday when you cast your eyes on the devil; Those demons, regardless of their strength, are almost instantaneous, so they make an escape.
Seeing that the demons have fled since they were scared by themselves; Sunday is said to have the strength to kill those demons, but in the end Sunday still doesn’t do it that way for a very simple reason; Because in the demon group, there is the undercover of the willow demon; And on Sunday, I don’t worry about what the demons can end up with. Anyway, the final result is certain. I ate rü u on Sunday; A little soup will always be given to the willow demon, so it’s no shame that the willow demon robbed and killed those demons.
And Hu’s heart willow demon didn’t disappoint Sunday; When Sunday deliberately let those demons escape; Hun, the willow demon, entered the demon group because of his talent and ability; Also made a fortune.
The number of merits gained by killing the demon is determined by the number of killers killed by the strength of the demon side. The merit gained has definitely accounted for nearly half of the merit output of that demon team, and the willow demon with the heart of Hu is not much worse than Sunday. He relies on the talent ability of controlling the lords of the demon clan to attack; Relying on the original is stronger than the demon Lord; In addition, the demon lords under control assisted in attacking all the demon lords who followed, except Alice; The Ministry has become his merit.
Even the rest of the low-level demons; Actually, it can’t be said that it’s safe because their level was almost killed by one person on Sunday; They were attacked by the monks in Tianshan City before, not counting after they killed the demon king on Sunday. They are also taking advantage of the opportunity to boost morale; Directly, they rushed out of the ambush site; Charged against the demon army
The result is predictable; Although in terms of strength, it may be that the monks on Tianshan City are not dominant; Even in terms of combat power; They are much weaker than the devil’s side, but what does it matter? Sunday’s actions have already beaten the devil’s side without any fighting spirit. Now those demons think that they can escape from the battlefield and fight back. They didn’t even think about it.
Finally, wait until the war is over; In addition to the demons protected by Alice; Those demons who came from other places were almost killed by the monks in Tianshan city. I believe even there is some surplus; After returning to Alice’s territory, the willow demon will also help Sunday deal with the present; After a big victory; Sunday needs to be considered; However, it is just like dealing with the devil’s side to fight back.
Sunday, today, this column moves a nòng to offend the demon side. Although the demons who have come to attack Tianshan City have been cleaned up by Sunday, the overall strength of the demon clan has not been affected by this battle. In terms of strength; Now the demon side is still going to be defeated on Sunday; Then pick it up; Demons are moving, so you can’t ignore them on Sunday.
Knowing that the demon king they sent was easily killed by Sunday, it was enough to send such a demon king to pay for Sunday before denying that the other party would not make corresponding changes. Because the demon side did not know Sunday’s strength, Sunday was just a general demon Lord’s strength, and it was enough to send a demon king to tidy up Sunday.
Now; Through this campaign, I announced the true strength of Sunday, even if it was not guessed by the demons, at least they knew it; With the demon king level strength is unlikely to deal with Sunday.
Since the devil can’t cope with Sunday; Then it’s time for the demon side to make moves on Sunday again; Zhou Tianke can estimate what he needs to face later; Probably, it is the real top fighting power of the demon clan; The fiend
Although fiend has not been seen on Sunday, even the weakest fiend is equivalent to the quasi-saint of the celestial world, although it is quasi-holy; The fiend also has strength and weakness, but the quasi-saint can control a certain rule, so the fiend is at the same level even if it is not as good as the quasi-saint. I believe they should also have the same level of ability
The main reason why Zhuan Xuangong Institute claims to be an enemy at the same level and dare not say that it can win by leaps and bounds is that the great strength of the fairyland is poor, and even Zhuan Xuangong’s strong combat power can make up for it.
Before the sacred land; Even if it is a fairyland period; Those who practice Xuangong can also achieve leapfrog challenges, not to mention challenging a big realm; A small realm monk who is taller than himself; Generally, people who practice Xuangong like Sunday can still overcome it.
But the sacred land situation is different; After entering the sacred land, you can benefit from the power of rules and help them; Quasi-saints can exert their own strength hundreds of times, even those who practice Xuangong can make up for the difference between the two sides, but the masters of the sacred land need to make use of the rules; Then even turn XuanGong combat power again strong; It is impossible to take advantage of it any more.
Of course; If it weren’t for the face of that kind of sacred land strong, then after practicing Xuangong on Sunday, you have several magical powers, but it is already enough to help Sunday manage to protect himself against those sacred land masters.
If it’s just a personal problem on Sunday; Then the eyes are already able to protect themselves anyway, even if they are not opponents then; It’s no big deal for Sunday, but now Sunday can’t beat it; Just wait until you break through the eye repair in the future and come back to find the field. Anyway, according to the speed of eye repair every day; It is estimated that there will be no problem when you want to break through again.
But; It’s easy to leave on Sunday now, but the consequences of leaving on Sunday are absolutely unwilling to see on Sunday.
Go on Sunday; How can other people in Tianshan City have the strength to fight against the devil’s attack on Sunday? However, that is almost equivalent to giving up other people in Tianshan City without the foothold of Tianshan City, and the efficiency of collecting merits on Sunday will definitely be greatly affected; And this doubt is what Sunday doesn’t want to see
Meanwhile; If Sunday can’t resist the devil’s attack, it will be more than just losing the inheritance of Tianshan City. If you don’t see Sunday’s body; Then when the time comes, the demon clan will not let it go, and there is such a person who can compete with the devil on Sunday; Demons are afraid, and they will have trouble sleeping.
Institute; Sunday is no longer a retreat, so it can solve today’s problem. It is natural for Sunday to retreat, but the devil side will not give Sunday a chance to retreat. If Sunday retreats and hides, God knows that the devil side will not catch Sunday. Will the decision to exterminate the Terran be made at that time?
Sunday, this is not an alarmist idea, but something like that is really likely to happen.
The demon clan will keep the Terran because they can get the same rewards from the Terran as the "merit" of the Sunday party, but even this benefit is attractive to the demon side, but no matter how attractive it is, it will not make the demon side; Insist on that decision despite the fact that the world may be recaptured by Terrans.
Institute; It is almost certain that if the demon side feels that there is a sign, they will definitely be ruthless in attacking the Terran of the whole world. The main reason why the demon side will be so relieved of the Terran is that there is nothing for the Terran side to take. From the perspective of top combat power, the Terran has no chance of winning; It is also for this reason that the Terran Root Method and the Demon Clan confront each other. Before the demon clan, they would be so assured of Terran.
Sunday’s appearance is bound to make the demon clan feel a sense of crisis. Although I don’t know how many fiends the demon clan has come, it is absolutely impossible to see how many fiends the demon clan has from the point of view that the strength of the fiend is equal to that of the celestial semi-saint. Since the number is small, I want to know it on Sunday. Eye this world even to the fiend; Estimate the fiend number also can’t be more where to go?
Understand the strength of Sunday; Demons will not let Sunday go; Knowing that the number of fiends is unlikely to appear too many reasons in this world, Sunday also denies that he has no chance of winning when he is with the other party. This step is not what Sunday wants to see, but now that things have come to this step; On Sunday, however, it is no longer a desperate struggle for the demon clan.
Although my heart is not sure, I can still beat back the demon clan’s attack as it is today, but my eyes have won a great victory. On Sunday, naturally, I won’t show my concerns to my face. Se is like a root that hasn’t considered those things, but on Sunday, my face is a smile. Other monks are celebrating this victory together, and at the same time, I have received a lot of merits through this battle again.
When such a long time has passed; After many people bought a large number of pills, the difference between the merits and virtues of pills was that at that time, many people realized that the effect of pills was good but great, but it was merit; Although there are not many upgrades, the upgrades are not only solid, but also when the breakthrough is behind the catastrophe; And will not bear too strong an attack.
Institute; After discovering this situation, everyone realized that Zhou Tiandan’s medicine was in exchange for their merits. These things are all white, even if I know that this transaction doesn’t make them take advantage of Sunday, but most monks still have to take their merits to Sunday for all kinds of pills.