When they heard what Zhang Zhongxuan said, they still dared to stay and hurriedly rolled and crawled away.

Chapter 9 Hidden Snow Peak ()
"Ah, when you die, you have to sleep in the wild to help you as a merit." Zhang Zhongxuan sighed and walked outside the frozen pine forest. A powerful real element spread out from Zhang Zhongxuan’s body. When he just walked out, the whole pine forest department squeezed the middle piece of land and raised layers of snow. The whole pine forest has become a snow mound and buried those bodies in the surface.
I saw Zhang Zhongxuan’s heart saying, "I haven’t eaten this delicious food for so many years, so I’ll eat it first and then look at it. Anyway, I found that Wanliu Cave people can’t solve the’ mixed yuan town mountain law’."
Zhang Zhongxuan came to a mountain in Tibetan Snow Mountain. Wan Li took a tree and turned it into firewood, and set up a fire there. Lilian Mountain was towering and snowy. Zhang Zhongxuan was not worried that the smoke emitted by firewood could be seen by the digger.
North elk meat is really delicious, and it looks golden and elegant with a mouth-watering aroma. Zhang Zhongxuan is also so hungry that he stretched out his hand and released the real yuan firewood, and he immediately cooked the elk meat several times more quickly.
"Ah, it’s a pity that I didn’t bring salt." Zhang Zhongxuan bit a face of regret and immediately shouted, "It’s good to have another pot of wine." He said that he walked alone in Wan Li and flew to the imperial sword in the ancient town of Xuefeng, ten miles away. The distance of ten miles is just a moment.
Zhang Chongxuan floated in the middle of the nose and sniffed when he was looking for good wine. He saw a group of people coming out of Gumu Town and walking along a path towards the Tibetan Xuefeng. Among them, a young man in black, aged about twenty-four or five, took the lead, followed by a group of people carrying various dishes and materials such as pork and chicken. Seven people even carried several altars of daughter’s red spirits, wines and delicacies in the celestial world. Zhang Chongxuan had long been tired of drinking them. Now, when he saw people’s ordinary daughter’s red spirits, he even had the idea of drinking their daughter’s red spirits.
When he pinched a trick with his left hand, a wind appeared in front of him. Zhang Zhongxuan pointed to the bottom of the group and "went". The wind flew to the people who carried the wine after sweeping a swallow tail.
The people who carried the wine were swept away by the wind before they came to their senses, and a strange thought came to mind, "Does God want to drink to rob the wine?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Zhang Zhongxuan grabbed the jar of wine and tore it up. Immediately, a strong bouquet came to his heart and he drank it in a big gulp. An jar of wine was full of five pounds. He finished it without taking a breath. He stretched out his hand and threw the jar to the bottom. As soon as the elk meat caught by his right hand was sent to his mouth, he lay alone in Wan Li eating and drinking.
"Bang!" Looking at the broken pieces from the sky, the bottom of the jar is looking up and watching the people in a mess. Zhang Zhongxuan’s place is above these people’s heads, but their mortal eyes can’t see the sky. Zhang Zhongxuan can see the blue sky and white clouds. It is also the first time that a black boy led by this strange thing immediately ordered "Don’t watch us go" and even went to the Tibetan Xuefeng without buying wine.
He is obviously in charge of these people. As soon as he spoke, these people quickly followed him towards the Tibetan Xuefeng.
After drinking all the elk meat in the hands of forty or fifty altar daughters, Zhang Zhongxuan stretched himself and made a full cough. "Well, it’s time to go to Wanliu Cave now." Wan Li walked alone and didn’t Zhang Zhongxuan’s sacrifice method automatically flew to the distant snow peak "hidden snow peak"
The wind roared wantonly beside Zhang Chongxuan, looking at the sky and hiding the snow. Zhang Chongxuan put away Wan Li’s flight and stretched out his hand to give himself a few hidden arrays. Just during the flight, he felt a trace of god coming towards him. Fortunately, he found that Wan Li’s flight was quickly put away, otherwise he would definitely let the other side find his shape.
Zhang Zhongxuan slowly flew to the hidden snow top. "Sure enough, someone was digging Wanliu Cave." Zhang Zhongxuan fell to the side of the mountain and looked at the position in front of Wanliu Cave.
In front of Wanliu Cave, there is a group of stout men digging in front of the cave. Obviously, the target is the glacier Wanliu Cave. There are hundreds of these big men, all of whom are crouching and wearing special cotton-padded clothes. Everyone is not afraid of the cold in this ice and snow. Everyone is trying to dig the glacier.
"Although they also practice, most of them have not even reached the boundary of the foundation. Where are the people who instruct them?" Zhang Chongxuan’s eyes looked around and found the past. Zhang Chongxuan immediately saw that there were hundreds of tents ten feet away from the excavation. There was no difference between the tents. It was strange that there was a gorgeous black silk tent behind the tents and the tents in front of them seemed out of place.
Zhang Chongxuan estimated that the man who ordered the big men to dig the cave should be inside when he was about to fly to the tent. A boy in black came out of the tent about twenty-four or five years ago. His handsome appearance gave people a feeling of composure and ability that was not in line with his age.
"How do you look familiar?" Zhang Chongxuan felt as if he had seen this idea at the sight of the black boy’s face. Zhang Chongxuan couldn’t help laughing. It turned out that the black boy was the red man who was robbed of dozens of altars by him at the edge of Gumu Town.
This young man in black went to dig all the strong men, saw the excavation progress, and then shouted at all the strong men for a few times, which inspired two people. After correcting some big men who dug folk remedies, he went to the tent and made a move to release his gods. He followed the young man in black closely to the black tent to know his skill, but he was not worried about being discovered by people.
As soon as the gods marched with the black boy in the black tent, Zhang Zhongxuan found that besides the black boy, there was a gloomy old man in the tent. The man’s breath was even and long, and he was not exposed. It had reached a higher level than Zhang Zhongxuan at the beginning of the out-of-body experience. Zhang Zhongxuan also didn’t care to let the gods stay in the tent and wanted to hear what the black boy and Nada said at the beginning of the out-of-body experience.
"Master, I just looked at the progress and estimated that it won’t be long before we can dig a snow pit." The speaker was obviously the boy in black.
At the beginning of Nada’s OBE, people snorted angrily, "How long will it be soon? It won’t be another month."
This is an out-of-body experience, and the human voice is a little gloomy and a little old. Zhang Chongxuan expects that he should be an old man, and the other side is stronger than him. He also dare not release his mind to watch it. It is actually perspective, but at the same time, his mind is at the end of his knowledge, which is equivalent to giving him a pair of eyes. If he displays his mind to cultivate height, the other side will feel uncomfortable and easily find himself being peeped.
The boy in black panicked, "Master, it’s true this time. According to my estimation, you can dig a snow pit in three days at most."
"Really? You said three times in a row that it would take a month. How do you explain that? " The boy in black said that his master’s tone was a little slow, but it was a bolt from the blue. The boy in black hurriedly knelt down and explained, "The master’s snow-covered ice is hard and abnormal for the first time. I was wrong in my adjustment as usual. The second time, I was wrong in my judgment because of the snow. The third time, I was wrong because of the snow pit and the ice …"
At the beginning of Nada’s OBE, people mused slightly, "Let them eat porridge."
"La porridge?" Zhang Chongxuan read a secret passage: "It’s a little unreasonable for workers to eat porridge for lunch. It’s impossible for them to dig at a high speed and not let the dry people eat. It seems that there must be something in this porridge."
"This ….." Black people hesitate to get up. "Everyone’s vegetarian diet is big meat and big wine, but now they give them heat exchange porridge. If the general diggers don’t have to, now the diggers are all believers in their masters and disciples. I’m afraid it’s not right to do so. What’s more, the first few diggers have eaten wax porridge. Everyone is interested in this wax porridge …"
At the beginning of Nada’s OBE, people laughed. "If there is no difficulty, I want you to do it. If you can get into the hole, they will die."
Zhang Zhongxuan felt a burst of disdain. "You can’t even break the’ Mixed Yuan Town Mountain Array’, so you can definitely get in if you make a hole?" He has ten bans in Wanliu Cave, and there are nine floors in Wanliu Cave. Each floor has a different ban. If the ban is not broken, it is impossible to step into Wanliu Cave.
"It’s white, just do as the master says." The boy in black hurriedly walked towards the outside of the tent, and the tent man immediately fell into a state of concentration. Zhang Zhongxuan saw that he couldn’t find out any more, so the gods collected the place where the boy in black walked and wanted to see what was going on.
This young man in black is not very tall. Zhang Zhongxuan boldly released his mind and watched the young man in black’s every move.
The boy in black went out of the tent and later went to the kitchen on the edge of the tent. There were dozens of gang leaders making a fire and cooking there. When they saw the boy in black coming, they got up and saluted.
The boy in black didn’t reciprocate, saying, "Today’s lunch meal was changed to make me porridge."
Those gang leaders obviously dare not disobey the teenagers in black, and they are busy again. The teenagers in black have been watching from the sidelines. After the gang leaders have done a turn of kung fu, it is almost noon, and the stove fire is burning vigorously. Soon the porridge will come out. The teenagers in black waved to the gang leaders and said, "Go back to the tent and rest. I will carry this lunch to everyone at noon."
The gang leaders naturally have nothing to say and went out to let go of what they had done.
The boy in black took out a bag of oily yellow paper from the waist after the group leader went out and walked to the front of the fast-cooked porridge. He reached for a bowl of hot porridge and put it in his sleeve. When he removed the yellow paper bag, he saw that the yellow paper bag contained some white powder. The boy in black poured the powder into the porridge pot, stretched out his hand and grabbed the side dish shovel and shook it inside. After seeing that the white powder was completely dissolved in the hot porridge, he hissed and said, "This old demon in Yinshan Mountain is so eager that there must be something good in that hole. I don’t know what it will be?" He sacrificed his own selfish desires, but it was really a companion. It seems that I should pay more attention to it later, and I don’t know that I was sold by him when I died. "
"Oh, the old demon of Yinshan mentioned in his mouth is probably Nada’s early OBE, right? Is he still holding a bowl of porridge in his sleeve?" Zhang Chongxuan couldn’t see through the black boy’s behavior for a while when he saw the black boy’s behavior.
The boy in black is not afraid to burn the cauldron after he finishes speaking. After putting the cauldron away, the boy in black didn’t carry it out by himself, but went to the big fellow’s digging place and called seven or seven big fellow to carry the cauldron and the laundry basket for holding bowls and chopsticks out.
Chapter 10 Attracting hot porridge
Looking at the black boy led several people out of the kitchen, Zhang Zhongxuan looked into the porridge, which was steaming, but Zhang Zhongxuan could still clearly see a trace of yellow liquid floating in the porridge from the heat, which was extremely light and mixed with porridge, which ordinary people could not see.
When the cold wind hit the snowy peak in Tibet, the aroma of the porridge was blown away as soon as it came out. It was Zhang Zhongxuan or Xu, and the aroma was better than that of the porridge. He could still smell the aroma of the porridge and knew that the powder was made of several kinds of medicinal materials, such as Guizhong and Yihua. Zhang Zhongxuan said in his heart, "Guizhong, Yihua and other medicines are all to stimulate people’s potential, but the potential of improper matching is to stimulate vitality and lose it. I don’t know how many people are dying because of this degree."
Zhang Zhongxuan’s meditation, the boy in black led the people to dig the glacier with wax porridge and bowls. They shouted, "Let’s eat and quit." During the excavation, they heard the boy in black stop putting tools in their hands and gathered around the boy in black.
"What’s the matter? We have worked hard for half a day to give us porridge. What do you think we are? We have been with the patriarch for many years." A man yelled when he saw lunch. He called the horse and many people followed him.
"Oh, they say that the immortal should be the old man who reached the out-of-body experience period in the tent. How can the three words of Yinshan Sect be unheard of? It won’t be his own creation. Hum, that’s the only way to dare to set up a mountain faction to claim to be the patriarch?" Zhang Zhongxuan looked disdainful.
As soon as the man’s voice fell, another man came out of the crowd. The man was in his thirties and had a winding beard. He was a thinner man in the crowd, but Zhang Zhongxuan saw at a glance that he was also the strongest man in this group except the boy in black.
Listen to him and say to the boy in black, "It’s nothing to drink some hot porridge. Since we followed the patriarch to fix the truth, we won’t pay attention to these. Before you invited four or five hundred people from the ancient town of Tibet Xuefeng, they all accelerated their death because they stimulated their potential after eating your porridge. Even if they didn’t die, they were absorbed by the patriarch’s magic weapon. Is it now their turn …"
Middle-aged people stopped talking about this, and everyone was in a hurry. If middle-aged people continued to talk about it, it would be nothing to affect them. But when middle-aged people stopped, they had to think about the details. Huo Ran felt that his face was uncomfortable after the shadow.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the boy in black and smiled. "I wonder if he will cope. The tent man is quite confident in his ability. I’d like to see it."
Zhang Zhongxuan fixed his eyes on the boy in black, and his eyes glanced at the people around him one by one. "I don’t know how you can have this idea. It’s ridiculous to doubt the strength of the patriarch. If you really want your life, it’s not easy. Do you think you can escape the magic weapon of the patriarch?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
The boy in black looked at the middle-aged man and looked at his face. "Do you think so?"
"This ….." The middle-aged man didn’t know what to say at the moment in the black boy’s gaze.
"Well, in just a few words, the momentum was reversed." Zhang Zhongxuan stretched out his hand and strode toward Ba Fu, but he touched himself and laughed. "Well, I forgot that I was reborn now." Then he shook his head and looked at the black boy. From the perspective of Zhang Zhongxuan, this black boy should still have a text.
Sure enough, after a pause, the boy in black added, "I think we should give you an explanation for this porridge. This porridge is indeed drugged, but this medicine is refined by the patriarch from dozens of precious medicinal materials, and you will know how much it is supplemented, not to mention other medicinal materials that you don’t know. Before feeding those people in Gumu Town, the patriarch was kind and wanted to speed up the process, but the so-called’ Even a wise man sometimes nods’ patriarch refined the medicine, which was the fairy medicine. Those residents in Gumu Town all ate it. It’s the mortal who doesn’t know what to do to adjust the medicine after eating the mixed fairy medicine porridge … Only then … "The black boy’s face was dark and sad." The patriarch regretted it afterwards and kept blaming himself for making me look a little sad. "
"What a mouth!" Looking at the sad crowd around the boy in black, Zhang Zhongxuan’s eyes showed a kind of recognition. The boy in black said these words not casually, but with feelings, which was another taste in his ears.
The boy in black walked slowly to the cauldron of porridge filled with wax and glanced at the steaming porridge. "It’s only half a year when I was talking to the patriarch, but in the past six months, I’ve been trying my best to make money and take care of some mundane things, which is also considered as the confidant of the patriarch. The patriarch’s old man dialed me and gave me a chance. I’ll vindicate the patriarch today."
They all don’t know what the boy in black is going to do next, but Zhang Zhongxuan guessed that the boy in black wants to eat porridge. He is also a little puzzled. This porridge is full of medicine. The boy in black is not ignorant of listening to what he said in the kitchen. It is reasonable that the boy in black should not be stupid enough to take his own life to handle affairs with the smelly fart patriarch.
The boy in black picked up a big bowl in the laundry list and put his hand in a big wooden pot to hold a bowl of wax porridge. He said, "I’ll eat this first bowl of wax porridge." After eating it in one breath, he stretched out his hand and threw the bowl to the ground. After touching the hard ice, it broke into pieces. The boy in black said, "How dare you say that the patriarch is hurting you?"
They looked at each other for a while and were speechless.
"This is indeed a general." Zhang Zhongxuan is a Xu person, and naturally he can see that the young man in black is playing tricks when drinking porridge. Just now, when the young man in black drank the porridge, he changed another bowl of porridge that was put in his sleeve early. I thought that the young man in black had put a bowl of porridge without medicine in the kitchen early, obviously expecting that something would happen at this time. Zhang Chonglv couldn’t help but sigh that the young man in black had such a deep calculation.
At this time, the young man in black was complaining that his performance really made people have no doubt about the shit patriarch, but all the people were shocked by his words and deeds. At that time, no one wanted to eat the porridge. The young man in black sighed, "Since everyone still doesn’t believe in the patriarch, then I can move the porridge and ask the gang leaders to cook." He said, he reached up a big wooden pot and a laundry list of bowls.
Only a few steps later, the boy in black stopped and wondered, "Hey, how can I lift this big wooden pot and laundry list?"
Everyone looked at the boy in black one after another when they heard what the boy in black said. It turned out that the boy in black was a man of practice in their knowledge. He took a fancy to his business ability and management ability. The big wooden pot and the laundry list were filled with hundreds of people. Of course, the weight was not light, but the boy in black was relaxed.