The forest garden was once again crushed in the thunder, and the whole body was surrounded by dark purple thunder, and the dark blue really gave off a faint light.

When a little bit of thunder robbery force is absorbed and transformed by the forest edge, it slowly passes.
Chapter three hundred and three-the original outbursts
Lin Yuan just absorbed a ray of energy and didn’t even have a chance to catch my breath. The second ray of thunder bombarded Lin Yuan, which made Lin Yuan a little depressed. It’s the doom of 99 days. Forget it. Why is this ray of thunder still such a bully? It doesn’t even give people a chance to catch their breath and rest!
Although my heart is gloomy and flashy, I still have to absorb the energy of robbery. This second robbery is much wider than the Tao, and the energy is naturally huge. Many parts of the forest edge are urging to absorb as much as possible.
Around the body that strips of dark purple light Agkistrodon have been absorbed into the forest edge body.
Dark blue light constantly flashes in all parts of the forest edge to repair the damage caused by lightning. Jasper beads emit light and absorb the two true forces of lightning.
Thick huge thunder-robbing energy was absorbed into the forest edge body and then absorbed and transformed by the jasper beads of the forest edge body. However, when the second thunder-robbing energy was about to be absorbed, the forest edge actually felt that there were thick sores and numbness in its body. Although it was slight, the forest edge really felt it.
"My body is increasing rapidly." Interest bearing in Lin Yuan’s heart can’t help but increase, and the speed of absorbing Taiyuan classics by Lei Jie is getting faster and faster.
Lei Guang’s dark blue yuan glimmered in the abdomen, and it also defended them a little bit. In a blink of an eye, the power of lightning robbery was absorbed and transformed.
The forest edge knows that it is caused by absorbing the energy of robbery. Although the forest edge is now physically strong enough to withstand the bombardment of robbery, the body will still be affected when absorbing the energy of robbery. The first road of robbery did not make the forest edge feel it, and the second road of robbery appeared because of the increased energy.
However, the feeling of numbness in the body is that the edge of the forest can still bear the pain when practicing Taiyuan Sutra and experiencing the lunar sun entering the body, so the feeling of numbness is simply like paradise.
Moreover, this kind of situation also marks that the forest edge is willing to do so.
Regardless of the body, the edge of the sour hemp forest tries to control the true strength of the body and absorb the energy of lightning robbery
The second ray-robbing energy has finally been absorbed cleanly. After this ray-robbing energy has been absorbed, Lin Yuan has absorbed the lesson and has not relaxed at all. He is still trying to control his true strength and try to absorb it because Lin Yuan knows that this third ray-robbing horse is coming!
Sure enough, the third road is as wide as Lin Yuan’s, and a lot of robbery thunder emerged from the robbery cloud. After a flash of purple light, it fell to Lin Yuan! The silver snake danced wildly and the flashing light swallowed up the forest edge again!
This time, the energy is even bigger. Even though the forest edge is ready, the body can’t help but tremble when the violent energy hits the body!
Although the body is involuntarily trembling, it is nothing for Lin Yuan, but Lin Yuan obviously feels bad.
The most important thing is to make your body lose its instantaneous consciousness. The second one is also to make your body numb at the last time. However, this third one makes your body tremble.
In this way, things have woken up, and his body has appeared in Du Jie. Finally, with the increasing strength of Lei Jie, Lin Yuan’s body may be seriously injured and stunned.
This situation makes Lin Yuan feel worried. At the same time, it is also a little shocking to the power of this 99 Armageddon. Now, compared with the purple house fighters, such a strong body actually appears or can’t bear the signs!
Although there are some signs that the body can’t bear the thunder energy, after all, this phenomenon has just appeared. Lin Yuan is still able to persist in trying to absorb the thunder energy, and this time, when it is absorbed to the middle, the feeling of acid and numbness appears, and it is not slight, but it is aggravated!
The force of Jasper Beads and the bombardment force of Lei Jie make the body of the forest edge suffer from double pains. If it cannot bear it, the body of the forest edge may collapse instantly.
"Absorption and refinement of jasper beads are accelerated. I can still bear this strength." Lin Yuan was a little anxious in his heart, and his true yuan speed was also rapidly accelerated.
Lin Yuan gritted his teeth and insisted that although I don’t know if I can physically resist several thunder-robbing methods, I can resist several ways. Wait until my body can’t bear it, and then think of other ways. What Lin Yuan can do now is to absorb the energy of thunder-robbing!
After the third robbery energy is absorbed, the fourth robbery energy is followed. At this time, Lin Yuan’s body is not feeling sour and numb, but has already had this pain. However, Lin Yuan can still hold on and gnash his teeth to absorb the fourth robbery energy.
Followed by the fifth road, the sixth road and the seventh road, the forest edge is gritting its teeth and insisting on absorbing the energy of the road robbery.
At this time, Lin Yuan’s face has not smiled, even if it has, it has twisted and smiled, which makes people worried about watching Lin Yuan around.
At this time, the forest edge is relying on its own physique to bear the anger of Leijie, and the true force is only to assist in absorbing the power of Leijie.
Strong physical strength made the forest edge shored up, and the forest edge saved too much real power, which was of great help to Du Jie after the forest edge.
Lin Yuan suddenly appeared when he had not absorbed his brother’s seven ways of robbing thunder. At this time, Lin Yuan knew that he could not keep up with the energy absorption of robbing thunder.
This is not that the absorption of the real force of the forest edge has slowed down, but that the energy of a lightning robbery is greater than that of a lightning robbery, so that the real force of the forest edge will not be absorbed!
Seeing that the energy of the seventh robbery has not been absorbed clean, but the first robbery has emerged from the robbery cloud and is about to bombard, the forest edge suddenly fluctuates, even the forest edge itself did not think of it.
A dark blue air mass suddenly emerged from Baihui Cave on the top of the forest edge, and clouds of dark blue air mass directly rushed to the top of the forest edge, intertwined and rotated, and soon formed a huge blue cloud with a diameter of more than two meters.
The dark blue clouds are constantly staggered at a very slow speed. You gradually deformed the dark blue clouds and slowly formed a Tai Chi-like pattern.
"This is my own practice of Taiyuan Sutra." Lin Yuan’s heart was terrified that she had actually rushed to her head and ran out.
"It’s absorbing the power of thunder robbery, and it can also pass on to me." Lin Yuan was so surprised that he didn’t expect this to happen.
Lin Yuanlai intends to gradually become untenable in his body, but relying on his own body to support 20 to Leijie’s strength should be almost the same. After all, Lin Yuanlai is only feeling a little pain in Du ‘ao now, which is nothing compared with it.
"Taiyuan has made a fortune!" Lin Yuan actually raised this feeling in his heart.
Chapter three hundred and four-refining! Absorption!
Lai Linyuan had planned to give up the surplus power of thunder and robbery to absorb the first way, but he didn’t expect Taiyuan Classic to appear.
Linyuan discovered the benefits of thunder and lightning, but naturally absorbed them. If Linyuan did not absorb these thunder and lightning forces, it would be so unbearable now.
It is the thunder robbery that was powerful in the past, and the real power is also increasing. The body of the abdomen is also slowly changing, and the pressure on the forest edge is getting bigger and bigger with the jade beads.
However, the body of the forest edge can’t bear the huge thunder-robbing energy. That’s because the thunder-robbing energy, destructive power and impact are too great. Even if it is tough, the body of the forest edge can’t bear it sometimes. However, this doesn’t mean that the forest edge absorbs enough energy.
Actually, it is this that makes Lin Yuan feel depressed and continuously absorbs the seven thunder-robbing energy, and the seventh thunder-robbing energy has reached two meters in diameter. Such a huge thunder-robbing energy actually makes Lin Yuan feel the fullness of the abdomen without a trace. His body can still devour energy like a bottom hole!
It is precisely because of this that the real force of the forest edge can’t absorb these lightning forces and can’t keep up with the lightning speed, which also makes the forest edge very depressed.
It is precisely because of this that the forest edge has to endure physical pain and try to absorb the energy of mine robbery. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If all the energy of mine robbery is absorbed, it will definitely have unparalleled benefits for the strength of the forest park.
Linyuan tried to absorb the energy of the seventh robbery and the first robbery appeared again! This way, the thunder directly bombarded the Taiji diagram on the top of the forest edge, which made people think that the Taiji diagram was spinning, but it was still intact and suspended on the top of the forest edge, but the rotation suddenly accelerated a lot.
The first lightning bolt fell on the Taiji diagram composed of Taiyuan Sutra, but it did not cause ripples, as if it had just passed through the Taiji diagram directly.
But in fact, it is not the case. Everyone saw that the first robbery really fell on the Taiji diagram and did not penetrate the Taiji diagram and fell on the edge of the forest.
Although the lightning speed is very fast, the Taiji diagram on the top of Yanglinyuan is suspended at the edge of the forest for more than one meter. At the first lightning bombardment, everyone’s attention is also concentrated in that meter. However, no one saw a dark blue light flashing!
The flash of dark blue light was transformed by Tai Chi diagram formed by Taiyuan Classic, which was also unexpected to the forest edge.
However, this is exactly what the forest edge needs, and it doesn’t matter so much. Otherwise, the power of thunder and robbery is the right way.
The first thunderbolt landed directly on the Tai Chi map, and the forest edge was surrounded by the seventh thunderbolt force.
"What is this power? Is this the achievement method of Lin Yuan’s own cultivation?" Song Changqing whispered
He always knew that Lin Yuan didn’t practice Wushu achievement method taught by Wu Zong, but practiced what he brought with him. He didn’t know what achievement method he practiced.
At this time, it is not only Song Changqing who is shocked, but also Tian Yuntai or Wu Zongzong, the master, who feels more shocked, and his eyes are wide open.