After that, the man not only didn’t break out of any attack, but quit the war circle and landed on the mountain road more than fifty feet away. Then he saw that the man drew a set of array tools from the object ring and laid them directly to set up the law!

That turned out to be a part-time practitioner!
Every treasure hunt in Feixia Valley comes in. There are too many limitations in casting magic. There are twenty-seven cases where there is a great advantage in the valley. I don’t know how many years have passed since I sent my brother to specialize in array. That person may also be a minor in array.
Xiao asked, I don’t know the level of the man, but I can still see that the power of the man will never be too small when he is in an orderly way.
When Xiao asked, he remembered that he was finally ambushed by a Taoist priest during the introductory test. If another one like that were allowed to join the fray, would he still be able to hold on? !
Go! !
You can also rush! !
However, Xiao asked for a rush, but it was just what those people wanted. His actions were erratic, and it was hard to figure out why he couldn’t hit those people if he rushed in a certain direction.
"Choke! !”
"bang! ! !”
It’s good that Xiao Wen not only didn’t rush over, but was shocked back and filled with new injuries!
The situation is obvious to nine people over there to the nine people a j and jīng god finally is a little relaxed and excited! It is such a small transfer that they have already won the game!
The man in the distance has already laid the law in two thirds, and it will be completely laid out. Xiao Wen really can’t calm down his anger and suddenly binge drink from his heart, which directly makes his birth strength infuse the most power and throws his right arm forward!
As we all know, there are 10,000 small fairy realm attack fairy devices in this world, and there are 9,999 pieces that can’t be separated from the messenger after flying out, and it is impossible to come back independently.
Xiao asked that the purple-black hammer was obviously in this list, and now Xiao asked impressively to throw the hammer out!
The purple-black hammer suddenly became bigger and bigger by ten feet when Xiao Wen swung his arm to the front, and then flew out with a roar!
"Block it! ! !”
Cao Guangxiao took the lead in letting Xiao Wen go directly towards the sledgehammer!
Flying out of Cao Guangxiao’s hand is a green Se. About someone’s arm thickness just hit the hammer face!
But the hammer seems to weigh ten thousand Jin. How can the power of a small ant affect it?
So I saw the sledgehammer continue to roll forward in the same direction and meet other people’s attacks!
After all the people attacked, the hammer flew twenty feet away, and after all kinds of brilliance dissipated, a terrible scene appeared. Although the direction of the hammer changed slightly, it could still hit the man in the distance!
"I’ll do it!"
The man in the distance is, after all, a minor in array, and there are other means to see the sledgehammer coming, so he shouted
In his shout, the sledgehammer has actually narrowed itself because it has lost its power to give all kinds of energy.
When the hammer flew to the front of the law, it was already the size of a millstone. The man’s hands were Guanghua, and a green Se light barrier was directly pushed to the hammer by him!
"bang! ! !”
The man immediately took a big step back, but the sledgehammer did bounce to one side and never hit the law again.
The nine people all breathed a sigh of relief, and then they listened to the sound of "sou" and Xiao Wen broke through their interception and rushed to the front law side!
This situation is really beyond their expectations, but before they put most of their attention on the sledgehammer’s greeting to Xiao, naturally, it was not in place. Why didn’t Xiao ask for courage than not seize this opportunity?
So in a hurry, they watched Xiao Wen run past them at a speed no less than that of the sledgehammer, and then they were less than ten feet away from the man in the law!
The man continue to disposal has obviously can’t come. Guanghua lights up and directly asks Xiao to hit him!
Xiao Wen rushed to the right in the line, and from avoiding two big steps, he reached the front of the law and drank a "roll". As soon as he cleared the door in his right hand, he swung at the man directly!
The man tried to defend himself, but when he heard a bang, a huge force came to him, and he flew from the front line to the middle …
Xiao asked over there that the latosolic red light of his left hand flashed suddenly and flew to the purple-black hammer, and then Xiao asked fiercely to raise my hand. The purple-black hammer had been taken up by him and held in his hand!
Hand hammer and then "boom" sound, any array will become thin and broken!
Chapter one hundred and seventy-six Waiting
After a hammer, Xiao Wen rushed directly at the person who was also engaged in array training.
The man was shaken by Xiao Wen’s clear door for a long time. After seeing Xiao Wen’s rush, he dared to fight back and rose directly to the middle.
But it only rose to more than three feet high. Xiao Wen rushed and didn’t jump up. With a wave of his hands, the purple and black hammer reappeared. The hammer handle was in his hand, but when he reached three feet high school, he directly covered the man!
At this time, the man was already chilling and rushed out with a defensive tactic, but it didn’t help, and then he was hit by a hammer!
However, perhaps Xiao Wen made Qiao Li fly, but the man was hit by the hammer face and continued to fly backwards. Not far behind him is the cliff on the left side of the canyon!
"Ah …"
"boom! ! !”
Fear and shouting were abruptly cut off because the sledgehammer was holding him down and hitting the cliff!
As soon as the sledgehammer closed, the man got stuck in the cliff with a meat pie posture, and became the worst YuXiang. Although he also became a meat pie, Shao Yuxiang’s legs were still intact. This man was a body, not a meat pie …