People in the hall have already got the news department to Qi Zi and everyone is seated. Today, there are stars and purple flowers and six chairs, but the stars and purple flowers have made people move one more …

The chair was placed closest to Xingtianmo, and everyone was very curious and puzzled.
Xingtianmo suddenly smiled "Please sit down" with a s-curve smile.
Taiwan is full of sighs. Who is Wang talking to?
"Do you want me to invite you personally?" Taiwanese people are still startled when they listen to the words of Xingtianmo.
As soon as everyone was confused, a shadow came out and looked at the chair carefully. There was already one more person, and suddenly there was an uproar. It looked calm.
"It seems that you still need to exercise." Xingtianmo caressed Ba Youwei and said to the Taiwan commentator that the temple was suddenly silent.
"Aren’t you tired of following me every day?" Xingtianmo picked his eyebrows and said to the person in that special position
"When did you find out?" The man asked coldly.
"I don’t know, but I just found out." Xingtianmo answered very slowly …
"What do you want?" He is still very calm, which can’t help but make Xingtianmo a little admire her. She is still so calm in front of Wang.
"Who sent you?" The tone of Xingtianmo is getting colder.
"I can tell you," he still looks calm.
"Good." With that, Xingtianmo got up and got ready to go. Taiwanese people were very surprised. Did Wang just let him go?
"You …" The man also looked a little surprised.
"Don’t I don’t know you are a purple temple! If you are a foreigner, maybe I will let you die happily, but now you are my helper, which means betrayal … You may not know that I hate betraying people the most, and I will let you die miserably … Let you forget this feeling of death even if you drink huangpo soup in hell … "Xingtianmo suddenly exudes a bloodthirsty Satan breath!
Say that finish a piece of air conditioning day foam slowly walked to the front of the man, he also a slight quiver.
"Is …" He hesitated.
Xingtianmo leaned over his ear.
"sky", he can make the two of them hear the sound and say
Star day foam corners of the mouth slowly as quickly ordered his dumb hole.
Speaking of "sky", there are still things to do with them … even if those are acquaintances!
Xingtianmo walked out of the secret passage "sky", and the three Wang’s already waiting.
"Have you handled the second matter?"
Ask for support.
6 cold-blooded side
"We didn’t order it." Yue Xuanyi’s tone was tepid.
"So those thirteen people can be disposed of by us?" Star day foam eyebrow asked.
"Please" Yang Hao spit out a word, but it was extremely unwilling. After all, 13 people were killed … but who told them that they couldn’t investigate the truth and could kill people for life?
After a while, thirteen people pressed in, but they were in high spirits, because the cold and lonely people would not treat them badly, and now they were going to let them out, but in a second they stepped into the border of death
"bang!" Thirteen people fell to the ground at the same time, but not one person killed thirteen people, but thirteen people fired one shot at the same time and fell to the ground in the same second. I was still very satisfied with the marksmanship like this.
Star day foam expression eyes didn’t blink sit across the day foam three people’s eyebrows a wrinkly.
Yue Xuan Yi’s eyes slowly turned to Xingtian Foam and he couldn’t believe that he saw the cold-blooded side of Xingtian Foam at the moment …
Xingtianmo didn’t dodge the eyes of Yuexuan Yi, and she didn’t intend to dodge and kill people. She didn’t think she had done something wrong.
"There is one more thing, such as" Xingtianmo stopped to get up three people.
After that, the man who followed Xingtianmo was brought to Xingtianmo and reached for a peanut bomb to quickly solve his dumb hole.
"Do you know him?" Star day foam asked three people
They looked at Xingtianmo with a puzzled face.
"Didn’t you let him follow me?" Star day foam slightly mocking tone.
The man suddenly got a little flustered.
"I don’t know" Xing Lengyu said coldly.
"Oh, well, then if he is our helper, we will deal with it ourselves." Obviously, Xingtianmo didn’t intend to believe that person from beginning to end
"I don’t want to talk nonsense. I won’t torture you if I’m in a good mood today." Xingtianmo gently took a sip of her own unique modulation "lve_3" and said slowly.
"You know there is usually no field for betraying me …"