While the tigress was talking, Tiger Claw also came to Gaochen. This is different from the male tiger. At this time, the tigress should be careful not to be hurt by crabs, just like catching crabs. It can be seen from this that although the tigress wants to catch Gaochen as a toy, she is not really unprepared for Gaochen.

Gao Chen never thought that he would be treated as a pet one day. It is conceivable that he was angry at this time. Although these two moon-reflecting tigers are big enough to make him be treated as a pet, Gao Chen’s anger cannot be suppressed. Of course, he also knows that these two moon-reflecting tigers are a great threat to him, but they are also tenth-order Warcraft regardless of their names. Is this a threat to Gao Chen or not?
Besides, Gao Chen never thought that Tiger Claw, a tigress, would be caught and shouted, "Make sure I’m safe. I think you should worry about your own safety first!"
At the same time, the fire swordsmanship initiator also instantly bounced up and cut the female tiger’s leg, but Gao Chen once again felt the great advantage of this body, that is, every hair has a good defense. You know, the hairs of these two reflected moons are bigger than Gao Chen! And Gao Chen’s fierce fencing is to cut off a few female tiger hair roots without hurting each other at all!
Although Gao Chen’s fiery swordsmanship cut off a few hairs of the tigress, the tigress flew into a rage when she saw these hairs fall, and she roared, "How dare you, a little Terran, hurt my hair? You are dead!"
As a woman, the tigress cherishes her hair very much. Of course, one of the reasons is that her body is injured. If she heals and recovers, but her hair is cut off, she can’t regenerate! And now Gao Chen actually cut off a few of her hairs. How can this make her not angry! As he roared, he saw that the hair was still soft, and suddenly the tigress was like a hedgehog. Of course, it was no threat to Gao Chenlai because the gap between the hairs was enough for him! But every hair seems to be alive and wise. Generally, every hair turns into a sword and stabs Gao Chen. This is a big trouble. Gao Chen is cold-snorted. Although the other person is big and has a lot of health, it is also a tenth-order Warcraft.
And because the other side is too big, there is also a drawback, that is, they can’t deal with themselves together, so they still make money by themselves. For this female tiger, a fire wall technique paved her body, lit her hair and instantly made that place burn. Seeing that her body was actually on fire, the female tiger was even more angry at the moment, that is, a few hairs were cut off, which made her angry. Now Gao Chen has paved her body with a fire wall technique. Imagine her anger! …
Listen to her roar, "Damn it, what the hell is going on here? Why am I on fire?"
"Could it be that man’s cheating?" The male tiger asked aside. Although this fire wall was paved by Gao Chen, they were not sure that it was really Gao Chen.
"Do you think it’s that guy who’s up to something? He’s alone. Can I light my hair even if I light it?" The tigress fumed that she was in a bad mood at this time. Just when she spoke, the fire wall had already been extinguished. This is definitely not the time for the fire wall technique, but because these hairs are too high. Although they were paved by a fire wall technique in Gao Chen, they also made the tigress lose a few hairs again!
"Where is that man now?" See the female tiger fire wall has been extinguished at this time of the male tiger just surprised mouth asked.
"Damn it, you came to me! Get out!" When the tigress roars and waits until the fire goes out, her horse feels Gao Chen, and I don’t know when he has run to her, which makes her furious again!
It turned out that Gao Chen grabbed a hair from her body when she put out the fire and ran directly to her body. Although she is now a tigress, this time from the perspective of Gao Chen, it is just like a forest. As the tigress roars at Gao Chen, those hairs around her are like living, and they grow into snakes and come to Gao Chen.
This hair is tough, but I’ve seen a fierce fencing, and it’s just that I can cut off a hair. If I’m really entangled in this hair, Gao Chen knows that I’m in trouble, but at this time, these hairs are like a net made in an instant, and there is no room for Gao Chen. If ordinary people want to go out at this time, the only way is to cut off the hair coming to their net and break an exit to let themselves out, but if that’s the case, it’s tragic. Because how many hairs are there? It’s just that it’s not very hard to cut, but it’s not the average person for Gao Chen. There are too many ways for Gao Chen to go out.
Whether it’s a big move or sending a ring, this problem can be solved in an instant. These hairnets are instantly and decisively, which makes the skills move greatly. In an instant, it’s time to return the tigress’s back. When the tigress’s legs appear, it’s time for Gao Chen to sneer. Otherwise, you can return me to be a flea. Although fleas are annoying, they are not a threat. Of course, Gao Chen is not a flea that can make the tigress bored. He is capable enough to let the tigress die!
Gao Chen’s skill at this time is not a fire wall. Although the fire wall is powerful and because his body burns, it looks extremely fierce, but the actual effect is not great. Although it can burn a few hairs on the other side, it can make the tigress more angry, but in any case, it burns a few hairs on the other side. The damage limit is close to this. This is whether Gao Chen wants it!
Moreover, Gao Chen has a better skill, but this time, it is the poison to the disadvantage. The poison of Kang Jinghu has already been tested. Although the size of these two moon-reflecting tigers is tens of thousands of Kang Jinghu, the health value is also proportional to hundreds of thousands of times, but one thing that cannot be ignored is that these two moon-reflecting tigers are only ten orders, and their size is no matter how big, his poison of Gao Chen is still effective for them!
After the big move, Gao Chen was smashed by a poison to make him have an accident. Maybe because the other person’s body was too big, Gao Chen didn’t let the tigress’s whole body change color. Unexpectedly, if the tigress’s huge size was really discolored by a poison, it would be abnormal. A poison also made her body change color. It seems that it just made her legs get a quick spot. Although there are so many times in one place, Gao Chen is not discouraged and continues to smash the tigress. …
If you want to stop Gao Chen with your own hair, then you can catch her at that time, but as long as she sticks out her claws, Gao Chen suddenly appears legs from her back, and then her legs change color. It’s strange to see her legs turn into red male tigers. "How did your legs change color? What the hell is going on?"
Just for the male tiger, the female tiger’s legs turned red, so he was curious in his tone, and he didn’t worry at all. But after being poisoned, the female tiger was not like that. She knew her body very well and felt eroded by these poisons. She suddenly roared, "Is this a change of color? This is your personal trick. I am poisoned, and it is still highly toxic. I feel that the color has changed quickly, and all kinds of functions have changed more slowly."
"What, or that man? Haven’t you caught him yet? This is really a strange human being. He can still poison?" The male tiger was very puzzled. He was still Gao Chen and had already been caught, but I didn’t expect that instead of being caught, it brought a lot of trouble to the female tiger! He was surprised as if he saw an ant on the ground and then stepped on it and should be trampled to death. The ant was still healthy, which was hard for him to accept!
"If you catch it there, it will be like this, you damn man!" The tigress roars, then her front leg lifts a claw and pats Gao Chen’s position. At the same time, Gao Chen runs to the edge of this poisoned place and hits the poisoned chapter three hundred and ten Man-eaters again.
I still keep poisoning Gao Chen. Suddenly I feel that it’s dark and it seems that the sky is pressing. I feel that I don’t want a big move out of my sense of danger. Tiger Claw, a tigress, has photographed herself, and it’s the position that has been poisoned by Gao Chen. Gao Chen suddenly sees that her head has taken up a huge life value, which can’t help but surprise Gao Chen secretly. How hard it is!
Although the horse will recover almost 90% after this blow, Gao Chen shouted with joy, "Keep filming. Maybe you will really shoot me when you die. Be sure to cheer!"
"Ow ~ ~ I want you to die!" Roar a tigress once again a claw to Gao Chen that position seems to really have a kind of don’t give Gao Chen to pat to death.
"Don’t clap clap your ass Zhang Baimao you have something to come again! Haha! " Easily avoid the female tiger’s blow. Gao Chen laughed and said, this is the small advantage of the body. At this time, Gao Chen’s position was actually the head of the female tiger. Of course, he didn’t know about this Gao Chen because the environment in front of his eyes was the same, and in this case, the map system couldn’t help him. Nothing wanted to poison him again. His goal was to turn the female tiger into red!
"Why is your head discolored?" The female tiger once again patted the male tiger behind her with a paw. At this time, he realized that Gao Chen was unusual. The average person had such a fast speed. Besides, their hair was not for decoration, but these seemed to be nothing to Gao Chen.
The tigress was frightened and roared, "How do I know that you will find him for me quickly!" "
"How can I help you find him? He’s too young!" Male tiger koo mouth way
For them, at this time, Gao Chen may be like a flea, which is hard to find in the hair, and Gao Chen is not an ordinary flea. After all, no flea can jump around at will, and ordinary fleas can bring a little pain to people, but Gao Chen can grind this huge reflecting moon tiger to death.
"I don’t care what you can do to help me find it quickly. I feel so bad that he poisoned my head. What kind of person is this?" Although Gao Chen is constantly infected with poison, it seems to be just a little trouble for the tigress. She hasn’t regarded it as much harm, and it is conceivable that no one will recognize what a flea can pose to herself!
When Gao Chen heard it, he was suddenly overjoyed. How to say this head is also a key position. Poisoning can’t change a skill. Try to start the first-class spark rain instantly and smash it directly! But let Gao Chen language scene happened because Gao Chen meteor fire rain magic circle forming instant male tiger Tiger Claw directly took the magic circle face there is no doubt that the meteor fire rain magic circle was destroyed, since this magic circle was destroyed, the meteor certainly couldn’t be smashed out!
But the male tiger and horse looked at the paw and then said solemnly, "Wife, we seem to be in trouble this time."
The magic circle was destroyed, and immediately Gao Chen started a big move and flashed again. Sure enough, he just flashed a claw of the tigress and took it over. When he heard the male tiger’s words, the tigress said, "What’s the trouble?"
"See for yourself that this should be your head!" The male tiger stretched out his Tiger Claw to see him. Tiger Claw’s meat was burnt. A large piece of the original meteor fire and rain magic circle was destroyed by him, but it doesn’t mean that the meteor fire and rain didn’t get the result at all, just didn’t release the fireball, but the destructive power was a little stronger than smashing it out one by one …
"What do you mean this should appear in my head?" Looking at the male tiger, Tiger Claw, the female tiger is a little frightened. For them, even if the head is cut off, it can still be connected, but the head is still the most important part. Of course, there is still the biggest question, that is, how ugly it would be if the head hair is burned out, and it will take a long time to open it!
"Yes, my wife, that guy has come to you again!" The male tiger just said that when he saw the female tiger’s discolored body, he immediately exclaimed, because at this time, Gao Chen, the other leg of the female tiger, had his poisoning plan again!
It’s still an interesting experience for Gao Chen to hunt Warcraft like this. As soon as the female tiger roars and then lifts Tiger Claw, she shoots to Gao Chen’s position, but before she can, Tiger Claw shoots that Gao Chen has started the big move again and another position appears, and then the poisoning continues.
In this way, the tigress roars and pats herself one by one, and Gao Chen is also changing one position after another, and then she is constantly infected with poison. Slowly, Gao Chen seems to like this game. Although she has not finished turning the tigress into red, at this time, the tigress is covered with erythema, which looks like wearing a coat covered with red spots. When Gao Chen moves, she will find that her position is red, so without saying anything, it will be a meteor, fire and rain!
Gradually, the female tiger’s body is not erythema, and it is very hairy. In the face of this situation, the female tiger’s voice is a little choked. "Husband, please find a way to get him out for me quickly. Look at me!"
It’s impossible to get hurt, so it’s called, but it’s a sad story for a female tiger to get her hair like this!
"What can I do about it?" The male tiger was also made helpless, but the female tiger can’t pat her with one paw, so as to help her catch Gao Chen. Besides, even if it is really like this, it may make the female tiger suffer even more if Gao Chen didn’t photograph it!
"I don’t care, anyway, you have to catch him out for me quickly. I feel bad!" The tigress yelled until her paws kept patting herself, but she never got a picture of Gao Chen.
It’s only been a few minutes until now, but Gao Chen can’t see it. If he can see the tigress at this time, he will be very happy, because the tigress is really beautiful at this time, and there are red spots everywhere, and there are still many places where her hair is burnt and her flesh is exposed.
Suddenly, the male tiger seemed to think of something and said with joy, "Wife, I have an idea."
"Tell me what you can do." The female tiger is going crazy at this time. She has never hated Terran as much as she does now. When the male tiger says that he has a way, he is excited.
"Come with me!" The male escaping said and ran to the front!
At this time, the female tiger can still consider him to follow the footsteps of the male tiger. It is strange that Gao Chen was not attacked for a while, but the horse found that his position is constantly moving from the map and thought about finding a way to deal with himself. Since you don’t bother me at this time, don’t blame me.
Then all kinds of skills are constantly put to use on the foot’ land’, and at this time, the female tiger’s health value is also falling fast. Gao Chen silently looks at this long number and sighs in his heart. When will it be until the female tiger who is running will be hacked to death? Although she feels that her body is constantly in pain, she didn’t stop at this time because she knew that even if she stopped, it would not be the same if Gao Chen came from me. As a result, he expected the male tiger to really have a way to get Gao Chen here! …
At this time, what she regrets most is that she didn’t see Gao Chen’s instant giving out. The fast-moving female tiger’s health was consumed by nearly half by Gao Chen, and at this time, the female tiger’s health was left with more than 30%. His health was smashed by himself! Soon Gao Chen found a red dot on the map again and frowned, thinking, did they find a helper? Yes, what kind of helper is this? Gao Chen is puzzled because he really can’t figure out what the two moon-reflecting tigers can find to deal with themselves. It is Ma Gaochen who knows the answer.