Er Zhanping looked up at the front and saw that the ugly point was about two miles away from the bamboo cave. "There was a monk dressed in black. His left hand was seriously injured and he was shoveling blood. Gao Gentai’s right hand was behind him with a pair of arrogance. It was as if his eyes were erratic and he was surprised that he couldn’t kill Xi Fangping with a single blow.

Xi Fangping pointed at the National People’s Congress with two heavy handles in his hand and asked, "Who are you? Why do you want to save Gao Gentai? "
The man said with a straight face, "I am a heavenly elder Jin Qi. If I don’t save Gao Gentai, he can’t even escape Yuan Ying."
There was a flash of fierce light in Fang Ping’s eyes. "If you save yourself, you will be saved. Why did you attack me in the middle of deification? Is that how your heavenly faction made a difference?"
Jin finished his eyes? There was a flash of mockery. "I didn’t sneak up on you. I just wanted to push you away. I just didn’t have a good hand. What’s the matter, little friend? Are you a little angry?"
"It’s a little too small." There was a murderous look in Xi Fangping’s eyes. "You didn’t succeed in trying to kill me. Good. You are a heavenly messenger. I remember you. We will always meet each other in the future."
Looking at the murderous look in Xi Fangping’s eyes, I couldn’t help but feel a chill at the bottom of my heart. Although this little guy is so young, he can almost kill a monk at the end of Yuan Baby in a short time, and his fighting capacity is strong. Once he is given this small time, God knows what level he will advance to.
To be honest, after Jin Qi finished, he wanted to kill Xi Fangping on the spot and eliminate the future trouble forever, but he couldn’t do it if he wanted to. People are challenging themselves to intervene, but it is wrong, which will certainly cause monks’ dissatisfaction more than even sending brothers to be satisfied with it. The challenge of fixing the true world has always been immortal, and others have intervened. Even if Gao Gentai is smashed and killed, it can be blamed for his poor academic skills, but then things will make a big deal. Not only will it be possible for Gao Gentai to call the other side for revenge, but he will never look up in front of others in this life.
Xi Fangping glanced at Jin Qi coldly and then looked at the hopeless Gao Gentai in Jin Qi’s hand. Only then did he slowly turn around and go back to his residence for millions of days. No one dared to speak out to stop him. According to the rules, Xi Fangping was a leapfrog challenge. If the other party wanted to fight for a sigh of relief, he would challenge him to send a repairman, but even the monks at the end of Yuan Ying were almost easily obliterated by Xi Fangping. How could those brothers at the early and middle stages of Yuan Ying come out to die by themselves?
When Xi Fangping returned to the camp, it was quiet. No one welcomed him. They didn’t know that this matter would have a result, so they didn’t dare to talk to Xi Fangping easily. But others looked at him with something wrong, especially when Hong Xingzhi looked at Xi Fangping with a inexplicable fear. It was not like him to easily kill a monk at the end of Yuan Ying’s life, which was not very effective.
After a few hours of pranayama, it’s getting late. Xi Fangping’s net is going to get up and move. Seeing Hong Xingzhi coming in from outside his own residence, he said to Xi Fangping, "Fang Daoyou, please welcome Elder Li Da". "XiFangPing is wrinkly to knit the brows" is that guy old don’t know.
Hong Xingzhi smiled bitterly. "Elder Li is the commander-in-chief of the forces sent by Jupiter’s celestial spirit, and our celestial spirit is the only godsworn here. Let’s go to see a Taoist friend in the middle of the deification. Maybe you will get a lot of benefits? Xi Fangping recalled a duel just now, and there seemed to be three godsworn in the opposite direction. One of them really has been staring at his every move since the middle of the deification. Xi Fangping wanted to think and decided to go and have a look.
It’s a blessing, not a curse, but it’s a big deal that we’re not fooling around here. Send an army of monster beasts to kill all the heavenly monks and heavenly monks here.
Xi Fangping got up and flew about five miles behind Hong Xingzhi in the distance. Two people came to a set of houses that looked quite luxurious, and they were able to build such a comfortable residence on the battlefield. It’s really worthwhile to be a godsworn in the deification period. It’s different to have a lot of human and material resources.
Xi Fangping went in, but now there are three people sitting in the room. It was during the duel that they saw the three heavenly monks sitting in the middle. They were a monk in the middle of the deification, probably the nine elders of Li Ying mentioned by Hong Xingzhi just now, and two of them were in the early stage of deification. All three of them stopped talking and turned their attention to Xi Fangping.
XiFangPing is casually toward three arch one hand, just over there motionless as if the root didn’t put this.
Ding Er Shen’s ten-year-old repair is in his eyes. He is quite throwing himself at the self-performance ring concubine. Since he comes from the barren hills, he naturally has to be aloof and aloof. This is quite like Xi Fangping’s performance. Of course, he is more satisfied with his ability to lie. Now Xi Fangping lies to a set of faces and hearts.
Li Ying nine different gently with the wave HongXingZhi knowing towards three people respectfully a ceremony back out of the house.
Li Yingjiu looked at Xi Fangping and said with a smile, "Do you call Fang Xi from the barren hills?
The plane expression of shrug is just a nod.
"So," Li Yingjiu’s smile grew stronger. "So, can you tell me which family you were in? Why do you want to enter the barren hills? "
Xi Fangping looked up and saw a ceiling with a painful face, then returned to normal, shook his head and said firmly, "I don’t want to say."
"Don’t say it if you don’t say it." Zun Ying-jiu is obviously quite satisfied with Xi Fangping’s performance. If he is good at communication, he can’t escape into the barren hills. "Then can you tell me where your magic weapon comes from? small
I hesitated for a long time before Xi Fangping said, "I was chased by an 11th-order monster beast in the early days of Dan, and I hid in a cave. As a result, I found an ancient relic there, and I found a lot of things from it. Did the golden hammer and pagoda all come from the black hammer from there? I took it from a monk, but both hammers were missing some heptyl essence. If it was mixed with heptyl essence, I would fight with him well even if the gold was finished."
Li Yingjiu nodded slightly and suddenly disappeared, and then appeared behind Xi Fangping. He grabbed Xi Fangping with a big hand and caught him by the shoulder. He was surprised by his keen feeling that the other party was not murderous, but he didn’t want to give up easily, and he didn’t want to almost consciously swing his fists and hit him with the big hand. His fists burst into two powerful spiritual forces, which forcefully blocked the big hand. Although the two spiritual forces were immediately destroyed by the big hand, they offset the strength of the big hand. When the big hand fell on Xi Fangping’s shoulder, its strength was insufficient to pose a threat to him. Of course, it also aroused him
Hand back Li Yingjiu reappeared in the chair. Xi Fangping stared at Li Yingjiu coldly and said, Elder Li Da, what do you mean? "
Li Ying-jiu ha ha laughed. "Little friend, I’m not impulsive. I just want to test your qualifications. It’s good that your body is hard and the steel meridians are much thicker than ordinary people. It’s quite difficult to be physically advanced, but your strength is much better than that of the monks of the same order. No wonder you can easily defeat Gao Gentai. Even if you don’t have those magic weapons, it’s not difficult to defeat Gao Gentai. How can you be a monk with five spirits?
After a long thought, Li Yingjiu once again asked Xiaoyou, how old are you this year, and when will you be advanced to Yuanying? "
Xi Fangping said coldly, "I’m over 500 years old this year, and I just started my advanced infancy fifty years ago."
Li Ying nine face relieved, "that’s right. A friar with five spiritual roots can be in the early stage of advanced Yuanying for more than 400 years. It’s not difficult. The old man wants to know if you had any treasures before your special physique." small
Xifangping nodded slightly. "Yes, in the cave where I found the magic weapon, I once bought a Dan medicine. God knows how long it has been in the dark. If it weren’t for the Dan medicine, it was really fragrant. I still don’t want to eat it.
Li Yingjiu haha laughed. "It’s really good that a monk who has just advanced is only fifty years old. He can defeat a monk at the end of Yuan Baby. Your future is limitless. Are you interested in being my apprentice?"
Xi Fangping shook his head immediately without thinking. "I don’t want to be in charge, and I don’t want to have a master. When I was still in the middle of Jiedan, there was a monk who forced me to be his apprentice. As a result, he was killed by the old man."
Li Ying nine leng a face revealed a trace of disappointment, and the two monks who had been listening to the early stage of deification also revealed a weak smile. Such a good opportunity, this Fang Xi refused without thinking, and it was really different from the big barren hills.
Li Yingjiu asked strangely, "So little friend, you don’t want to be ruled by others. Why do you want to join the Celestial Sect?" Xi Fang said flatly, "I need Geng Jing, and I want to integrate Geng Jing into my magic weapon. Then Zha Hong Xingzhi promised me that he would give me two Jin of Geng Jing if I could work for you for a while."
Li Yingjiu and the other two guys looked at each other and smiled. This Fang Xi is really cute. It’s just two pounds of Geng Jing. If you can increase your magic weapon power, you will join the Tianling Sect regardless. You know, it’s definitely not much to be able to go back to Tianling Sect alive in this war.
Li Yingjiu said with a smile, "Good friend, since you won’t be … silks, how about we make a small deal?" …
What’s the deal with Xi Fangping’s eyes staring down? I don’t want hundreds of millions of lingshi, except Geng Jing.
Li Yingjiu couldn’t help laughing, and the other two faces also smiled. This habit is really cute. If you want a lingshi, you are afraid that you can’t buy Geng Jing, but this guy will cling to it.
After laughing, Li Yingjiu nodded slightly, little friend. Tell you what, I’ll give you ten catties of Geng Jing for you to be my personal bodyguard. "
"Personal bodyguard?" XiFangPing stare big eyes "do you want to be old? Are you a medium-term Godsworn and still protected by the old? "
Although Xi Fangping is an old man, Li Yingjiu sounds very natural. If such a person pays a gentle style, it is awkward. You misunderstood me, Xiao You said that the small personal bodyguard is not to protect me. Now that the war between Jupiter and God is in a stalemate, neither side has absolute advantage. Therefore, both sides are deploying troops to fight for the final battle. Before that, we can’t do anything idle. Both sides will send some monks to duel to maintain the morale of the troops. Yao can also test the strength of the other side. Under normal circumstances, both sides are the best in the same level. Over the past two months, our heavenly spirit has sent ten monks of different levels. As a result, they have all been defeated by the other side. This is a big shame for us. I asked you to be a personal bodyguard, not to protect me, but to send a war on behalf of the heavenly spirit. "
Xi Fangping was lost in thought and said that he didn’t want to promise, so he would probably have to fight with Brother Hunyuanzong for life and death, but if he didn’t promise, he would probably bow up and Li Yingjiu suspected that these were all old foxes, and they would all notice if they showed a little flaw.
Wanted to think XiFangPing woman.she said, "ok, but I can say that ten catties of Geng Jing can’t be less. I’m Geng Jing this time. Otherwise, why do you want to come out when I stay in the barren hills? It’s so boring here. A monk at the end of Yuan Baby was almost killed without smashing three by five. I fought with the 12-order butterfly for three days and three nights to be killed. It’s more interesting than that battle. "
Li Ying was stunned. "You mean the big butterfly?"
Song Fangping nodded his head. That’s what he wanted. It must have been Xi Fangping’s killing in the Stars. Things have come here. The Tianling sent troops to stay here. It must be well planned.
If you want to kill Xi Fangping, you have to transfer troops back from Tiens Star Domain. No matter if Xi Fangping has a hundred and thirteen monster beast troops in his hand, it’s just a food delivery door. But if the main forces are transferred back, Xi Fangping will be alone and can hide at any time. Secondly, the main force has been transferred back for more than 1000 years, and it is possible to loosen the angle of its own side, which will lead to the disastrous defeat of the faction, and the faction will certainly be angry at them.
Did you say that you should be able to help Tianpai take Tiens Star Domain? No matter what, Tianpai will also give them some of Tiens Star Domain. The resources of Tiens Star Domain are so large and so rich that a small part of it will be much more valuable than the 20 stars star domain. Moreover, Xifang Pingxian came from Hunyuan Sect and failed. Xifang Pingping can’t afford the wind and waves to weigh the pros and cons. They can stay in Tiens Star Domain and continue the decisive battle of Hunyuan Sect.
However, they must be quite happy with Xi Fangping’s news. When Xi Fangping knows that he pretends to be from the barren hills, they will definitely ask themselves, so it is better to say it directly.
Li Ying Jiulian said, "Little friend, please tell me the specific situation."
Xi Fangping nodded. "It was ten years ago when I was digging herbs and just touched a 12-order big butterfly. I was catching a friar’s neck and sucking blood. I was surprised and thinking about running away. I didn’t expect to be met by that big butterfly. We fought for three days and three nights and finally killed it. That battle was the hardest one I had ever met. Even my old self didn’t expect to be able to kill a 12-order monster beast, that is, because of that battle, I believed that the old man could definitely compete with a friar at the end of Yuan Ying, because the big butterfly had.