Then meireles gave it to Hernaz.

Hernaz gave the football to the front and retreated to meet candreva.
When candreva received the ball, Lazio’s attack was very close to Napoli’s restricted area.
Naples fans suddenly issued a bigger hiss.
This hush fully expresses the feelings of Naples fans at this moment-tension and fear!
They can naturally hush to cover up their weakness and anxiety.
At the same time, Neapolitan players at the stadium are closely watching Lazio, not only candreva, but also other Lazio players are paid more attention to Bican and Draiwa.
Because everyone knows Lazio is good at the ball to tear the opponent’s defense.
Now that candreva is taking the ball outside the restricted area of Naples, it will be easy for everyone to think about who he will give the ball to and then tear the defense of Naples.
But not this time!
Candreva saw that Napoli defenders turned their attention to other Lazio players and realized that it might be their chance.
So he pretended to return the football but slammed it behind him!
At the same time, he completed the turn!
"Beautiful turn away!"
When candreva turned and broke through, the Napoli defender who defended him didn’t react at all …
So stunned to see candreva breakthrough from your side!
After the breakthrough, candreva took the football to the restricted area.
The Napoli defender who was in charge of defending him hurriedly turned to chase him.
But the speed is already a beat slower …
Actually candreva has turned to form a single pole by this!
Facing Napoli goalkeeper De Sang Ke Tis, candreva heard the Naples fans boo, which sounded as harsh and sharp as if it suddenly sounded, and candreva was startled.
Facing the goalkeeper one-on-one, he almost lost his rhythm.
It is most dangerous to lose your rhythm when you are single-handedly, which means that you are likely to fail this attack.
But in an instant candreva’s mind, the boss’s winning face emerged, and he glared at himself with a straight face.
When the boss appeared, candreva couldn’t hear hiss. His mind instantly recovered and he stared intently at the attacking goalkeeper De Sang Ke Tis in front of him.
It should be the striker who has the advantage when single-handedly fighting.
Calm down and carefully observe each other’s flaws.
De Sang Ke Di is definitely not the only one who can keep the huge goal!
Candreva saw one on the left of de Sang Ke, but it was not big.
This may be the sequela of De Sang Ke’s hasty attack. He didn’t finish sealing his near corner!
It’s very difficult to hit the corner with a single knife … but it’s worth a try!
Candreva kicks and shoots!
Football goes straight to the near corner!
The football rolled very fast on the turf, and De Sang Ke Tis was still half a beat slower even if he was not shaken.
So he can watch the ball pass by his fingertips!
And then rolled all the way into the goal on the turf!
Almost wiped the doorpost and rolled in!
If it is a little further, it may hit the goalpost and be ejected!
That was close!
"Lazio-candreva Lazio first record! Lazio took a goal lead! For Mazari, this may be the last thing he wants to see! "
In the commentator’s roar, candreva scored and ran to the corner flag area with his arms open.
And on the sidelines, Napoli coach Mazari really put his head in his hands and looked annoyed!