This strange smell has become so clear at the moment that the naked eye can see what secrets are hidden in this dense forest.

Situhao’s heart at this time, regardless of his forced restraint, can no longer calm down. This has never happened in Situhao’s life.
When I first entered the abyss and saw the sky full of jack-o’-lanterns and piles of bones and dark forests as ghosts, although he was horrified, he had never seen such a situation.
The present situation has made Situhao completely horrified. At that time, he actually became more hesitant than thinking about Aya, and he could not restrain his fear.
It’s the average person who comes here. I’m afraid he’s already recoiled at this time.
Situhao conjured up tiny flying insects and hung them in the middle. The strange smell visible to the naked eye was actually afraid to move forward again.
After hesitating for a while, Situhao’s heart made a determined effort and ran away with the scalp. The forest was not leafy and lush.
Entering the dense forest to neutral Malay stinks. Situhao has definitely vomited on the spot, not in the form of illusion.
The strange smell of entering the jungle is more and more rich, and there is still a substantial form. Generally, Situhao’s flight forward seems to have been greatly resisted, and the horror in his heart has become more clear
Flying forward in the dense forest is more difficult than flying forward. At this time, Situ Hao found that everything in the dense forest exudes a frightening atmosphere.
Brother, I have sent hundreds of idiots to the forest of annihilation, and I am still scared to this day.
At this time, a man trembled for questioning from the front.
Situhao’s heart suddenly gave way to the strong discomfort in his heart and flew away to the pronunciation place.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, another voice gave a long laugh. Younger brother, when you have been in Ghost Castle for more than ten years, you should know that it is also a necessary practice lesson to bring these souls into the annihilation forest. If everyone wants to live in Ghost Castle for a long time, it is a necessary lesson. In fact, you are fine because of the unique method and certain drug control. If outsiders enter the annihilation forest, 99% of them will either be scared to death or be invaded by corpse gas. Without our magic treatment in Ghost Castle, they will live and die here in three hours.
Hehe, I’ve been in the Ghost Castle for more than ten years, but I’ve heard from those senior brothers that our Ghost Castle is an extremely old sect in the fairy land. It is said that it has a history of nearly 20,000 years, and the annihilation of the Magic Forest implies that the Ghost Castle with Gucci array was established at the same time. When those arrested people were absorbed by the soul-taking technique, a place where their bodies were destroyed in the annihilation of the Magic Forest for nearly 20,000 years, countless bodies were destroyed here. Although they lost their souls, the resentment was solidified here and enveloped in the Ghost Castle, but it was also quite scary, which became an important
Hey, hey, hey, hey, this is also an important reason why the Castle of Hatred Spirit lasted for 20,000 years. We can become a Castle of Hatred Spirit because of a younger brother. It’s really impossible to repair it in a thousand generations. You must cherish it. Chapter 7 Animals and Clans 1 More
Situhao heard the conversation between the two people and finally affected himself. What is the strange smell?
That’s more than anger
Situhao didn’t expect that it would be so terrible to annihilate the magic forest and cooperate with Gucci array in the fort of demons, which condensed the grievances of those who have been absorbed in the soul and body for 20 thousand years.
Because people have turned into idiots, those bodies are bound to produce resentment when they react naturally. After 20 thousand years, the condensation of body grievances can make people shudder.
It is common for people who suddenly encounter grievances to feel uncomfortable, timid and scared to death. Moreover, this annihilated magic forest is still full of corpses. No wonder it stinks when they enter the jungle. It is really an evil thing than the Ghost Castle.
Situhao really can’t figure out that such a clan is a immortal clan.
Xiandao is really a fucking good place to shelter evil people and shelter evil people.
I don’t know if those people who were caught are really some people.
It’s a large-scale arrest, and I’m afraid all the people who are caught are villains.
Brother, I know that I can become a brother of Ghost Castle. I always wake up laughing in my dreams. It is our Ghost Castle that brings in hundreds of people from outside every month. Are those people bad people who lend us to practice soul-taking?
Fools, there are many bad guys in this world, but we really catch bad guys. How can we have so much energy to get them back? People are either ordinary people or small sects. Even if their relatives know that we have arrested them at the Guild Castle, they dare not come to our Guild Castle. Gnome-Gnome-Gnome-Gnome-Gnome-Gnome-Gnome-Gnome-Gnome-Gnome-Gnome-Gnome-Gnome-Gnome-Gnome-Gnome-Gnome-Gnome-Gnome-Gnome
Situhao has already flown to the place where the two people are talking. Now the situation in front of him makes him stunned.
Around the two speakers, there were more than twenty naked men and women. Their dull faces didn’t show up. What surprised Situhao most was that several of the more than twenty people were slowly melting.
In the face of such a strange situation, Situhao couldn’t help being horrified, but the two brothers of the Ghost Castle were joking in such a scene. It seems that they have long been used to such a scene.
Through the dialogue between the two people in front, Situhao knew that these people might be some koo ordinary people, and his heart was full of murderous look in an instant.
Fairy magic mainland is really a law of the jungle?
In the face of this kind of law, there is no morality to speak of. Can the evil sects really turn a blind eye when they are fighting in the fairy magic?
Situhao wanted to turn into an adult form and kill two people on the spot, but he was white. These two people are just wannabe, the fortress of demons. Even killing them won’t help.
Gnome male-"in fact, with the annihilation of the magic forest, the two martial arts of Xianmo took us, but what should we be afraid of them?
As soon as the voice of the younger brother of Ghost Castle fell, another person gave him a hard look. You are so stupid, don’t forget that we have to practice soul-taking. That is to say, we have to be active in the fairy land all the year round, and we will lose it when we leave Ghost Castle. The stronger the force of the fairy land, the harder it is for them to take their souls. Most of our brothers in Ghost Castle practice force because of soul-taking.
Yeah, yeah, what the senior brother said is that the younger brother has been taught.
That senior brother’s flattering face by the young man immediately showed a better smile than a smug smile, but the teacher’s younger brother practiced the mastermind technique well, and his future achievements would surely soar to magic, which is also hope.
You have to rely on your brother to help you, but I’m a little surprised that the avenue we built will soar to magic, but how can our fortress of hatred become a fairy clan?
Thanks to the castle owner, the castle owner reached this conclusion after several secret consultations between the major sects of Xiandao. Before we ascended, it was Xiandao Zongmen Xiandao, which would not be difficult for us, and after we ascended, it would not be difficult for us to become a magic Taoist martial arts. This is a win-win situation.
The owner of the Castle is a genius, worthy of our idol in the mind of the brother who complains about the spirit.
Of course, it’s always an honor to be a brother of the devil.
Yeah, yeah, that’s exactly right. Many beautiful women among those who have been arrested can play with the Ghost Castle before taking their souls. It’s a blessed place.
Ga ga ga, if you don’t meet some beautiful people, you can stay and play even if your soul is absorbed and you become an idiot. That’s also a great thing.