Is Zong Yue easy to provoke? She has fallen into a pit of fire. How can she bring trouble to her brother again?

For a pretence, Chen said, "Brother Zhao Zhao is still here. You don’t care about anything. Are you a Taoist friend? Zong Daoyou said that she is a casual practitioner and just doesn’t want others to spy on her. You still ask again and again. "
Xie also slightly in a daze, "I’m sorry that Zong Daoyou said Zhao Zhao was right. Forgive me for taking the liberty."
"Things" Zong Yue cold way
Xie also smell speech blue and Xie Zhao whispered.
See he finally don’t focus on yourself Zong Yue slightly relieved.
This young patriarch talks a lot.
Zong Yue made up his mind that the two brothers and sisters would stay away from them completely after changing the stone.
She doesn’t like chattering.
Thinking about pale Yao and others to catch up.
"Daoyou" Joan Huaxian greeted with a smile.
Zong Yue glanced at her lightly, and just a moment ago, the confrontation made her white. The Qionghuaxian was even hostile to herself. Looking at her seat, Zong Yue smiled and asked, "Is the fairy spirit restored?"
Joan Huaxian smiled and quickly laughed and said, "I ate some magic pills."
Zong Yue rambled and chuckled, "I’m also a friend. You were in decline and the magic pill was exhausted as early as the Seven Stars Mystery Land. I didn’t expect it to still exist."
Pale Yao gently coughed a heavy way, "I hid a little before I remembered it and gave it to Joan Huaxian."
Zong Yue noticed that Cang Yao and Qiong Hua seemed to have reached an inexplicable tacit understanding when they were half scented, so he laughed. "It’s a good time for that Taoist friend to think of it. If I hadn’t come, those hidden elixirs would have supported you until the next day. It’s a pity for this Xie Daoyou."
Pale Yao "…" He felt that Zong Yue was getting him, but he didn’t dare to say.
Qiong Huaxian saved Cang Yao’s life. "It’s not a precious thing to return to the magic pill on weekdays. It’s not surprising that Cang Daoyou forgot it."
Zong Yue said, "It’s not surprising, but he didn’t remember it when his life was threatened, but when you lacked spiritual strength, you suddenly remembered that it should be extremely important for him to be a Taoist friend. Your friendship really touched me."
Joan Huaxian "…" Who can take care of this scattered repair?
Green without a struggle to explain "my saint and pale friends nothing"
Zong Yue lazy eye rambling laughed "I said what? This woman in green is aware of what you are in such a hurry to deny it for them? "
Green without a "….." She seems to also said but this suddenly come out to fix.
Zong Yue did not feel depressed mood accumulated inexplicably at the bottom of my heart just now until they were all lost again.
Xie Zhao hurriedly took the opportunity to say to Xie, "Brother, look at Zong Yue, she …" It’s really a matter of courtesy.
Unexpectedly, before she finished speaking, Xie also whispered to her, "It is really rare to be outspoken in today’s world."
Xie Zhao "…" Brother, do you have aesthetic problems?
You’ve found out why you’re not close to women these years, haven’t you?
Others think that you are the less patriarch of Xuantian Sect and respect you. You are not interested in meeting a woman with a cold personality and a poisonous tongue. You are amazing immediately, aren’t you?
Xie Zhao is depressed, but Xie Yigen doesn’t understand her depression.
She can’t tell Xie Yi yet, because she has made a demon oath.
Xie Zhao banished just for Zong Yue eyes light heavy eyes light.
She slightly lip-pursed, listening to Zong Yue’s attempt to resist her voice, and saw that Zong Yue raised an eyebrow at her quietly.
Xie Zhao stiff neck nodded his head.
When the seven-star secret land comes out, Xie Zhao suggested, "Brother, we had a narrow escape, so let’s take a day off and go on our way."
Xie also frowned slightly. "Zhaozhao, do you want to rest in front of this seven-star secret realm?"
Xie Zhao, regardless of sex, said, "Brother, rest, you have already called my father to send someone to pick us up. They want to come in a few days, but now we are in danger of losing our spiritual strength and rushing to the road."
Xie also think about is a moment to promise.
Xie Zhao hesitated for a long time at night to find Joan Huaxian.
"What do you mean you were forced by Zong Yue to make an oath and now you can’t break it?" Qiong Hua xian Dai Zhu
Xie Zhao nodded piteously. "It’s Joan Huaxian’s identity as Zong Yue is actually not simple. I can’t tell my brother Joan Huaxian because of the threat of vows. I heard that Penglai Xianzong is the best at swearing. You are the virgin of Penglai Xianzong. Can you help me untie this oath?"
Green without a look up at Xie Zhao.
Joan Huaxian: "Although I have never practiced breaking vows, I think there is someone who should know."
After a long time, Cang Yao was invited to Qionghuaxian tent.
"Do you swear?" Pale Yao hesitated. "It’s not difficult for me to be Xie Zhao. Are you sure this pledge is that you are unwilling to send it? If it weren’t for violating the order of heaven and earth, you and I would all suffer from itself. "
Xie Zhao affirmed, "I made this pledge only under threat. Brother Cang Yao, please untie it for me quickly."
Cang Yao was skeptical, but after the oath was released, neither he nor Xie Zhao was attacked by himself. It seems that the situation is really as Xie Zhao said. Zong Yue forced her to make a vow against her will.
Cang Yao and Qiong Hua glances. I didn’t expect the plan to drive Zong Yue away to be completed so soon.
On the second day, as soon as ten thousand clusters of Chaoyang golden light came out of the East, Xie Zhao eagerly ran out of Qionghuaxian’s tent. "Brother, don’t be cheated by her. Zongyue is not a loose repair, she is a magic repair! She approached us just to sneak into our Xuantianzong to steal information. "
In the original and xie also chat Zong Yue zheng consciousness drew a sword to escape.
But I couldn’t come. I was prepared. Cang Yao and Qiong Huaxian rushed out of the tandem to stop her from escaping.
Chapter 1. Chapter 1
Xie Yi, a "friend of Taoism", has not yet reacted. Zong Yue has been made by Cang Yao and Qiong Hua Xian.
They held her down and made her unable to move.
Xie also hesitated. "Is there any misunderstanding?"
"Misunderstanding?" Joan Huaxian chuckled, "Would you rather trust a stranger than your sister?"
Cang Yao chimed in, "Xie Yi, I know you don’t want to believe it, but I can also prove that Zhao Zhao was threatened by her and swore that it was true. I just finished swearing for Zhao Zhao. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Zhao Zhao."
Xie also looked to Zong Yue to listen to Zong Yue’s explanation.
I didn’t expect Zong Yue to leave his face cold and say, "I knew you noble and decent brothers were ungrateful."
She bit her lips, which sounded a little sad. "I saved you."
Xie Yi is also a lag. "We naturally remember the kindness of Zong Daoyou …"
"kindness?" Joan Huaxian said in the previous step, "It’s hard to say whether it’s kindness or not. Who doesn’t know that there has been no problem in this seven-star secret land since it was discovered in the past 100 years? It’s just that we have a problem this time. Maybe someone deliberately designed a kindness report."
Zong Yue left his face without saying a word.
What about repay kindness with kindness? She sent out her kindness and others should pay it back several times.