"hey! You mean! Attack when people are not looking! ! !”

But the cage won’t call the little girl yelling because Tong Yiyi has quietly cut out a square in the two people’s room while the little girl is close to her in advance and blocked this from the outside world.
Now the little girl can be chased by a cage and run back and forth in this square! The little girl uses her skills to constantly change the scenery in this small square, but the cage relies on Tong Yiyi’s demon power to chase a specific person, so she won’t care.
Tong Yiyi couldn’t help sighing at the ever-changing scene in front of her eyes. This child is really amazing … In a short time, it turns into summer and winter, but there are cherry blossoms floating in the snow. All kinds of sighs can’t stop the little girl from being chased.
After a while, the little girl was chased out of strength and "plopped" a heavy object to the ground. The cage buckled a small figure and buckled it to the ground!
A screaming little girl was caught in a cage, but she shook the cage and didn’t move.
"Idiot elder sister! Let me go! Otherwise I won’t spare you! "
The little girl screamed, I really don’t know whether to say that her upbringing is good or bad. Say that she is good, but call Tong Yiyi a fool and say that she is bad. She is still calling her sister honestly …
Bear child is not as cute as little black and white. Is it because this little girl is older and has entered first negative phase …? Tong Yiyi touched Ba and looked at a full face of children.
This little girl is wearing two round buns, which are consistent with Tong Yiyi’s hairstyle now. They look like sisters. The little girl is handsome and delicate, MengMeng, but she is not afraid of temperament in a few minutes.
Sure enough, as Tong Yiyi guessed, yes, this little girl is a wild raccoon, a branch of civet. She has excellent hallucinogenic ability and can easily change the scenery reflected in other creatures’ eyes to confuse each other.
Illusion is something that needs to be determined and uncontrolled. If you don’t worry, some people may think so, but even if you are determined, there will always be moments of vacillation, not to mention how many people are really determined in this world?
The beaver is very capable, but this kid is so capable, but she has never seen her name in all kinds of big lists. It seems that she still doesn’t care about rankings …
Tong Yiyi has been looking at the little girl who ran wild in the cage. Her mind wandered unconsciously and drifted to Yan Shaowei to help Xiao Ye raccoon dogs create hallucinations. I don’t know if I can know the truth of black goods …
Hey … forget it. It’s mean. The bootleg goods will kill themselves when they know it. Tong Yiyi is very visionary and dumped her head, leaving the idea behind.
But what should I do with this wild raccoon … I haven’t found a dressing room yet. Let the little one lead the way now because she doesn’t know where she is led …
The beaver looked at Tong Yiyi and touched Ba, revealing a gloomy smile. Suddenly, she felt cold all over. How do you say she is also an animal? Animals can seek advantages and avoid disadvantages …
"Xiao Ye Beaver, my dear dear Xiao Ye Beaver ~"
"You … what are you doing! Stupid sister! "
No longer struggling in the cage, the little girl looked at Tong Yiyi’s exaggerated smile and raised a sense of foreboding.
"You have to take responsibility to take me to the dressing room!"
The wild raccoon dog was messed up by Tong Yiyi’s sudden words. Then I realized that this stupid elder sister was just letting herself help lead the way …
It’s just to lead the way. Is it necessary to smile so flattering? … Hum, there is no moral integrity! The wild raccoon dog’s idea was manifested in his face in vain. Tong Yiyi saw a big fire and felt a little pity for her …
"Xiao Ye Beaver, do you want me to be fierce!"
Tong Yiyi inscrutable to say this sentence successfully let the wild raccoon dog put out the fire. This little girl is really with herself … Like ah … Tong Yiyi looked at the wild raccoon dog and understood it as if she saw herself hiding in front of Yan Shaowei …
Wild Beaver, don’t choose to lead the way. After Tong Yiyi released her, she really didn’t play any other tricks and led the way.
After the skill of wild raccoon disappeared, Tong Yiyi discovered that their roots were not in any corridor, but unconsciously came to a pond with rockeries and flowers beside it, just like being in the beautiful courtyard of a big family in the past.
All kinds of unknown flowers smell fragrant with the evening breeze, which seems to make people forget all the worries. Wild beavers or children soon forget that they are forced to lead the way, and they are playing and walking all the way while smelling the flowers.
Tong Yiyi looked at and played with Sahuan wild raccoon dogs and smoked a corner of his mouth, which is very similar to himself. He just turned his head and forgot about things that he didn’t take to heart …
The wild raccoon said that she was watching Tong Yiyi come out alone to play a trick on her. The curious and playful nature of the wild raccoon actually made Tong Yiyi believe her story.
It was the word "big brother" blurted out by the former wild beaver that made Tong Yiyi feel that the wild beaver was not telling the truth or not telling the truth.
But the child’s mouth is hard, and she won’t reveal the information on how to intimidate and seduce. Tong Yiyi didn’t want to embarrass her … After all, she is also an adult, so forget it.
Two people, one big and one small, shuttled leisurely through the flowers, and suddenly Tong Yiyi smelled a faint fragrance, which was different from other flowers and mixed with many scents, but did not melt many flavors.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine Fragility is a dreamland
Um …? That smell again …
What do you want to "and" the word … TongYiYi heart a lag like woke up to think of this fragrance! This smell is exactly the same as the smell when the lion suddenly went crazy during the based competition!
No wonder so familiar! No! Tong Yiyi tried to catch the wild raccoon dog quickly, but it was too late. The wild raccoon dog’s eyes flashed a bit of animal brilliance, and his claws almost scratched a layer of meat from Tong Yiyi’s hand!
How, how, again! Tong yiyi is a wild raccoon, but a beast. Since all lions will be affected by the fragrance, the wild raccoon should also be …
To Tong Yiyi, I’m not sure whether the fragrance was directly related to the madness of the lion at that time. Now it’s white, even if it’s not the direct reason, the fragrance must be related to the animal nature!
What’s going on here? What’s this smell? It’s important to deal with the crazy little girl’s wild raccoon first … This wild raccoon turned into a beast after fleeing Tong Yiyi’s side, threatening her like a little beast with its teeth bared!
With the growl from the wild beaver’s mouth, the scenery around Tong Yiyi suddenly changed, and the scenery changed too fast. Sometimes Tong Yiyi couldn’t see things clearly, which was even worse. The surrounding temperature changed with the scenery seen by the naked eye!
The ability to come to the wild beaver can make her change the surrounding scenery and make it a cover-up, but now that cover-up has a tendency to be materialized!
Tong Yiyi felt hot for a while and cold for a while. She was shocked. Besides Tong Yiyi’s own danger, the wild raccoon is also very dangerous!
The wild beaver’s ability should not be enough to support her to do this, so she is so crazy because of that strange fragrance that she is likely to destroy herself by overexertion!
Tong Yiyi wants to protect herself, but at the same time, she also wants to save the wild raccoon dog, a child who just met. There is nothing really bad and she is arrogant and cute. Tong Yiyi really can’t bear to hurt her in reality at an early age.
It’s getting weirder and weirder around. Now it’s no longer a scene change, but a strong wind whistling and rushing around Tong Yiyi and the wild beaver!
The wind is mixed with a sharp sword, which scratches Tong Yiyi and the wild beaver’s clothes, and the trend is getting worse and worse. It’s like being cut to pieces by the year!
Tong Yiyi tried his best to swing a large ball, forgiving her for being tasteless, and he was also able to do other tricks every time he made a protective cover that was not square or round …
The protective cover of the ball was covered in the center of the high wind. Tong Yiyi and the wild raccoon dog hit the protective cover and made a harsh sound, such as weeping and complaining about a narrow squeak. Tong Yiyi wiped the sweat on his head, so a small step later, he would really explain it here today …