The big flag star pushed the big flag, the rising sun, the big flag, and the rising sun’s eyes understood a British enemy. The British enemy also smiled and watched the big flag, the rising sun, and walked to the tower. The big flag star ran to the wall crib and saw her brother’s distant figure. Her side turned to giggle and looked at the British enemy. The British enemy wry smile way

"You almost scared me to death, and you really went back on your word and wanted to marry me. If so, you will pay me back the money I lent you with interest?"
"Do I owe you money?"
Banner star doubt way
"ha! Do you dare to deny that you think this is your debt? "
As he spoke, the British enemy took out a note from his personal package, in which was written in black and white how much universe currency Daqingxing owed to the British enemy on a certain day of a certain year, and how much universe currency Daqingxing voluntarily gave up all the quasi-marriages of Mr. British enemy. Mr. British enemy could not recover the total amount of the debt and interest of Miss Daqingxing. Once Daqingxing repented, Mr. British enemy demanded to recover the debt and the corresponding interest of the universe bank loan.
The flag star gawked at the British enemy’s own IOUs and muttered a few words. I didn’t know what to say. The British enemy looked at the girl covered with black veil and burst out laughing. After laughing for a long time, the boredom disappeared a lot. Suddenly, he took a step back with a smile.
"Girl? Want to grab it hard? Have you repented? "
"Who went back on our word? I just think about whether your contract is true or not. "
"Such as real! Haha, girl, don’t try to cheat me out of my hand. I’m the most flexible mage of Dalong. "
"Hum! Just blow it! Just blow hard! "
Flag star dissatisfied with the British enemy suddenly thought of something exciting way
"How can I be so stupid? If it’s real! Girl, do you want your iou back? By the way, I can also lend you hundreds of cosmic coins and ask you to do me a favor. "
The flag star body trembled slightly sink a way
"What are you busy with?"
The British enemy went over and muttered something in the ear of the flag star, wondering after listening to it
"Can you do this? This request is so strange that you can’t even look at such a beautiful woman? "
"Girl, just say you promise or not. I will promise you anything if you are willing to sing this duet with me."
The British enemy increased the conditions and said that the flag star smiled gently.
"Are you? This is what you said. "
"yes! I said it. "
The British enemy guarantee said suddenly flag star way
"Xiaoying, there’s something you have to keep secret from Sister Sunset, okay?" ……
The British enemy suddenly felt a strange feeling in front of the girl with black veil, but I don’t know why …
Chapter DiYiWuEr Angel sister request
Looking at the desire messenger pleading eyes before me, I wry smile way
"Sister Yuer, if I guess correctly, the colorful crystal ball in your hand is the’ worldly desires Star’ that Dream said, that is, the’ worldly desires Array’, right?"
Desire beautiful than ethereal yan suddenly hung up the mysterious smile, she gently way
"Wave, do you say that this universe has feelings and desires first?"
It’s hard to answer this question when I stay. I quickly said
"I really didn’t know you were an expert in this field. Why don’t you answer it?"
She didn’t answer me immediately, but looked at me carefully again. I sighed and said,
"After tens of thousands of years of infatuation, he still hasn’t changed. He initially chose to wait for these tens of thousands of years. In fact, he can replace you to get this heavenly sword that is pressing on his soul. But in the end, he didn’t become a purple star. I really can’t compare with you. Although I’ worldly desires Array’ trapped his soul, I finally couldn’t get trapped. You promised your heart and even abandoned the chance of resurrection."
I said with
"what! Can he be resurrected? "
Xiaoqiang suddenly long way
"Eldest brother, his resurrection is to borrow just visible! It is to occupy your game and replace your consciousness in reality! "
I’m furious at the messenger of desire
"This is a game! What power does your data have to do this? "
"Don’t be angry with Lang. In fact, he replaced you, and you will become like us. Now you will not die. I am looking at the spoony husband who is too poor to help him. Who knows him?"
Desire son hurriedly explained I scold a way
"To help him, you will harm another koo life! It is simply not a person! "
"Ha ha! Boss, she is not a person when she comes! "
Xiaoqiang caught something wrong with my words and said wryly, I’m a fool! In front of this, the messenger of desire, whose nickname is God Ice Devil, will be so superb. Obviously, it is not human, but a fairy or a monster. I was just thinking about it when I heard a burst of female laughter ringing in my head. I was busy looking up and saw the four messengers of desire-my sister is still in the crescent boat. It is estimated that I was embarrassed and couldn’t help laughing. At this time, my elder sister also laughed.
"Wave, do you like dreams?"
I stay consciousness way
"I like it!"
"Well, I’m sorry this time. Since he made such a choice after thousands of years, I have nothing to say. I have a memory crystal with an infatuated husband. I have missed the purple star for thousands of years. This memory crystal may help to wake her up in this life. I beg you to wake her up. Only with her can you realize the vow of infatuated husband for tens of thousands of years."
As she spoke, Desire reached out a soft jade hand, and her five Sandy jade fingers slowly stretched out from her hand. Suddenly, a piece of crystal stone with colorful light rose from her hand, and a human figure was transformed into a rhombic crystal stone. I looked at this familiar figure and felt inexplicably disappointed in my heart, and it was infected again. The heart lost its eternal memory, and I was unable to find my dull way.