That night, Longye and his party rested in the elf center, and the next morning, Longye and his party came to Feiyun Daoguan.

Feiyun Daoguan is a building with a large area. The Daoguan has planted a lot of trees. If you look closely, you will find that there are many insects and elves living in these trees.
Longye and Feiyun Daoguya are already very familiar. After entering Daoguya, they directly found that they are feeding a worm treasure bag to eat Yaya.
"It’s you. What a coincidence." Ya took the initiative to greet Longye and them. "If you came a day late, you might not see me."
"Because of the paste ball thing?"
Leah nodded. This matter is very important. Although she has reported it to the elf alliance through words, Leah still needs to go to the alliance center in person.
"It’s better to come early and hurry up." Longye said directly.
Ya looked at Ryuno Nai, who was full of fighting spirit, and said, "I really don’t understand that you have the strength to match the champion and bully us small museum owners."
"Stop inking and finish typing so that I can hurry. I’m a busy man, not as free as an artist like you."
Ya is choked by Longye dialect. Who says artists must be at leisure?
"Come with me," Yasuhiro Nagano led them to the venue.
After traveling to so many places, there are really not many experts who can be called insect elves in Longye. Perhaps there are two people, Tsukushi, the town of Qipi, and Aaron, the god of insects. "I hope you won’t let me down in the battle today."
"Longye, I want to show you how an artist fights." Leah looked at Longye and said.
Feiyun Daoguan Daoguan Competition can make Elf III lose its fighting ability, so the battle ends.
The rules of battle are normal, but Longye is curious about what kind of elves Arya will send.
"Come out, Dwebble"
The first elf sent by Asia is an elf who lives in Dwebble with a huge rock as a shelter. Although it has the word crab in its name, it seems that there is nothing between Dwebble and crab in Longye.
Dwebble has rock shells for high defense, and Longye directly sent the knight snail, a guy with strong attack.
"Knight snail makes signal beam"
Knight snail now has a few remote skills, but Longye has been training knight snail to master this trick recently.
A mysterious light shoots from the knight snail’s gun tip. Dwebble flexibly hides this attack. Once again, the knight snail uses the signal beam. Dwebble blinks and makes the hole dug into the ground.
Knight Snail clenched his double guns and looked around warily. It was ready to prevent Dwebble from launching a surprise attack from the ground.
Dwebble drilled out of the ground like a flash of onion, and the knight snail, the knight snail, quickly turned around and slashed a knife and hit it directly behind Dwebble. A deep crack appeared in the rock.
Being hit by a flying stone crab staring angrily at the knight snail’s house was broken, which made Dwebble very angry
"You Dwebble is very flexible. Just now, the situation can also be turned around and the rock can be attacked." Longye said with some surprise.
I was very proud to hear Longye say that "the rock behind Dwebble is very special. It is lighter than ordinary rocks and moves faster."
Ya said that before Longye heard that some elves would have the habit of carrying weapons, for example, green onions and ducks would make plants like green onions, and rattling would make bones stick. Some trainers would enhance the strength of elves by letting them carry props more suitable for fighting.
For example, let Gala Gala make bone sticks heavier and more aggressive, such as Ya, and let Dwebble choose light stones to live in.
This degree is still acceptable, and some extreme trainers will specially modify these things artificially, such as Dwebble’s back rock wrapped in a light alloy shell …
This extreme transformation has attracted the attention of the alliance. It is said that they will soon issue regulations prohibiting such elves from participating in various official competitions.
Longye thinks that unless those trainers have the IQ of Tony Stark and can make steel battle suits by their own elves, the so-called transformation will not be too big, just like Asia now, although it has increased the speed of Dwebble, it has also greatly reduced the defense ability of rock shells
"Dwebble made scissors cross fist" while Longye was thinking, Ya had let his elf attack.
Chapter 45 Feiyun Daoguan ()
Knight snail for melee combat but it is not empty to see Dwebble use scissors cross fist blunt come over knight snail double gun directly to meet.
"Knock down the needle!"
Two guns flashed out of Dwebble’s scissors, and the cross fist collided together. Dwebble’s powerful force almost swung the two guns.
After Dwebble fell to the ground, he made the digging hole decisively return to the original position.
"Knight snail, we also make scissors cross fist!" Longye said quickly
The knight snail waved his double guns and made a sharp break. Dwebble calmly waited for his opponent’s attack. Seeing that the double guns were about to hit Dwebble in Dwebble, he did his best to keep it.
Scissors cross fist attack was blocked. Dwebble also used scissors cross fist at the moment of holding and disappearing.
The attacked knight snail retreated half a step, and then it hit Dwebble with a crazy iron fist.
Once again, Dwebble chose the rock behind Li to block it, and the lighter rock was smashed by the iron fist.
At the moment when the rock was broken, Dwebble completely got rid of the shell drag and the speed rose further. Dwebble blinked and appeared behind the knight snail.
"Rock cannon!"
This Dwebble should know the rock cannon, which is the most powerful skill in the rock trick. It seems that Yaping trained it really hard. The huge rock appeared in front of Dwebble, and then this boulder quickly bombarded the knight snail like a shell.
There is no time to avoid the knight. Snails can use their iron wall to increase their defense.