I stay confused way

"Didn’t your eldest brother say that he wouldn’t retire because of a heavenly sword, and he wouldn’t leave other days to help his brothers?"
Sunset suddenly sighed and said
"Lang, do you remember your sworn brother?"
I am slightly surprised way
"Our! ?”
Sunset stupefied way
"Yes, it is my third brother who has never escaped his heart and helped him out of his demons. My eldest brother and sister-in-law chose this road."
I wondered
"Xia, you mean?"
The sunset glow is light
"Have you heard of Buddhist practice theory?"
I’m low
"Practice theory?"
Sunset nodded before looking at several residual sword light way
"I don’t know how to know Buddha? How can you know that you are out of the third world without the world of mortals? Third brother will have her heart if he has the sky. Well, let him have the sky, PaoShu. The so-called returning to the heart of the sky is more than just strength. You are too responsible. Do you really need help from others? "
I wry smile way
"Xia, I really don’t understand what you’re talking about, and doesn’t your brother help the sky alliance never leave him during the day?"
Sunset smiles to say
"When the time comes, you will naturally understand who else said that my brother really left the day to help? Besides, if the flag of Tianbang doesn’t fall, Tianbang will never fall! This day help is a million dragon players, and it is by no means someone who is worse off. The Sky Help Alliance will really mature and become stronger. "
I finally had a lingering aftertaste. I hugged her gently and looked at Yunmengze, a misty rain, and laughed lightly.
"Xia, what do you want your husband’s adult to do after all this talk?"
Sunset light smile a investing way
"You want to be my husband’s adult, you have to pass a serious test!"
I smiles to say
"Tell me, what kind of severe test do you need me to pass?"
Sunset face with a strange look carefully looked at me look change smiles to say
"My brother means that you will take over the position of Wang when he is away."
"what! ?”
I can’t help but exclaim and look at my arms busy way
"Xia, don’t be such a joke! I’m still the most wanted man in SkyTeam. Isn’t it killing me to help Wang that day? "
Sunset light say with smile
"See how scared you are, or how you still look like you haven’t improved. My eldest brother will rest assured that you will help Wang that day. He asked you to be an honorary Wang, okay?"
I wry smile way
"Honorary wang? Even the actual Wang, I won’t do it. Now I want to take you and Lingling away and fly to the other side of the universe to make things worse. I can help Dalongguo with talents, people and money. "
Sunset light hum a get rid of my arms turned and stared at me for a moment cold way
"Are you really inappropriate?"
I ordered a little, but I saw her turn around and leave. I was anxious to hold her sleeve and wry smile way
"Xia, don’t be angry. You know that I’ve always been short on learning. I’m really bad at leading others or being led by others. I’ve always been used to your eldest brother making such an arrangement. It’s just a joke. I have to help the future. At least I and Tianbang are also related."
Sunset said with a sigh
"Don’t say a million reasons. If you want me to end up like them one day, then refuse, you ungrateful bastard!"
She pointed to a residual sword, and I stayed with a wry smile way
"I miss you don’t old outline line, ok? It can’t hit a piece of pole. You already know my temper. You can call me a day to help thugs, just don’t call me an honorary Wang, ok? I’m really not that material! "
Sunset hum a sink a way
"Come on, I ask you to answer or not? Say anything if you promise. If you don’t promise-"
I am busy
"What will happen if you don’t promise?"
Sunset bit the snow-white shell tooth, pointing to a vast field in the cloud and said
"If you don’t promise, either you jump or I jump!"