"Is there an ambush for birds and animals ahead?"

Wind chimes lightly denounced way
"Go to a big man don’t be such a mother-in-law, ok? Take this sword first and remember to return it to me. "
I took the bitter face she handed me the sword with a slightly colorful light and said
"Wife, I want that heavenly sword. This heavenly sword base has no actual attack power."
Wind chimes suddenly as if they didn’t hear me, and their eyes turned red and they bit their lips and said
"Husband, my eldest brother, is he-is he really possessed?"
I’m a sluggish busy way
"Bells who told you? Don’t think about it? "
Sunset silently hugged her puzzled eyes and looked at me. The wind chimes were silent for a moment. Suddenly, her hand quietly scratched the skirts and seemed to have made up her mind. Suddenly, she sobbed sadly.
"Don’t lie to me. In fact, when I saw the heavenly sword, I knew that something would happen to someone in our big flag family. You never treated me like a child, but you never really loved me. Now I have returned your things. I don’t want them anymore."
I was amazed and frightened.
"Jingle, do you know what you are talking about?"
I put my arm around her sunset glow and lost her mind.
"Star, what are you talking about?"
But see glittering and translucent tears flow slowly along her pale and indifferent face. She has been questioning me and sunset glow for a long time. Looking at me and hugging her trembling hands, she bit her lips again and suddenly sneered.
"Interstellar wave is my eldest brother in your trick? This heavenly sword deserves to be owned by him, but it appears in your hand. PaoShu, did you hide from me the fact that my eldest brother is possessed? Say it! Why did you lie to me? "
I can’t believe it. Listen, put your arms around her, stare at the wind chimes in front of you, and look at this beloved woman who shouldn’t be strange. She actually looks at me like this. I wry smile way
"Don’t you know what kind of person I am? Is it necessary for us to misunderstand like this now? I didn’t tell your brother about him because I was worried about you-"
"Are you worried that I know that you are actually a despicable hypocrite? How could I be blind and love such a shameful person as you!"
She interrupted me with the most sweet words to explain, and she sneered
"Tian Qing Jian is what you do your best to get. Nature belongs to you, but this Tian Dao Jian belongs to our flag house. I have to take the interstellar wave. This is where we break our loyalty! Sunset elder sister younger sister here is a Hugh please give it to this gentleman. "
And she took out a letter and threw it in the hands of sunset glow surprised way
"Hugh? Star, your joke is really too much. "
My heart is torn and I look at the sudden indifference in front of me. She was silent for a moment and said in a low voice
"Why don’t you just give this Hugh to me and I’m right in front of you now?"
Wind chimes eyes suddenly flashed with an inexplicable emotion, and my face grew paler. I suddenly thought of something. It turned out that she was angry with me. I shouldn’t hide her madness and hugged her and said.
"Wind chimes, I was wrong. Give me a chance to correct it. I shouldn’t have lied to you, but I’m afraid you’ll be sad if you know the truth!"
My arms trembled for a moment. At that moment, I felt her beating heart. It turned out that her heart had never been silent, but it was finally silent at that last moment. She said coldly.
"Let me go, we can never do it again. Let me go. If you like, please lend me the heavenly sword and I will pay you back."
As soon as I stayed, it turned out that those who had been infatuated were so vulnerable in the face of reality that they had been living in their own fantasies and staring at her.
Suddenly, a familiar sneer came. It was the haunted demon who had been waiting for me to collapse. He laughed.
"You have never been so weak. What does this woman love you or not? Do you really believe that there will be that eternal true love in the universe? What’s worse, this woman doesn’t trust you anymore. When a woman no longer trusts a man, she naturally leaves. Let her leave. Don’t you think you can’t let go of your humble man’s dignity? Now that she no longer loves you, you are full of resentment, so be brave and destroy her. If you have no choice, let me make a choice instead of you, you coward. "
I’m crazy
"You shut up! You ignorant demon! How did you know I would have a grudge? How do you know she doesn’t love me? She just-just misunderstood me. Get out of here and I’ll kill you. "
I was lost in the dark in front of my eyes, alone in the boundless Yuan Ye looking for the lost road, longing for a kind of redemption, as if the lost believers were burning their last soul. The dark hands from another world were stroking me, and I was the resurrection of demons, laughing wildly. He finally waited for a godsend opportunity …
Finally, I sank at the last minute. Maybe I was too tired. Perpetual sinking may be the real relief. Should I perform by myself? Is it all over? ……
Until a deep kiss kept the sinking soul in the dark, I opened my eyes and looked at the beautiful woman in front of me in surprise. It turned out that the bell was my bell. It turned out that she was angry with me. It turned out that she wanted to know how much I cared about her. Her bright and clear eyes had always hidden the heart of a man who never left. I smiled and silently said
"Jingle, don’t scare me. If you really want to leave me, I won’t let you go."
I am content to close my eyes slowly and feel the fragrance she left me obsessed with. A beautiful fairy danced the most spoony dance in my soul in front of me-it belongs to the wave wind chime dance. She danced lightly with her, and she shed the gentlest love. It was in the icy Luna Palace, in the alien land, in the lonely pavilion in the back hill, where we first met …
There is a melodious piano on the side of the ear, as if a flat stream flows slowly in the heart, or maybe a breeze and a late-night fragrance infect one’s soul, or maybe a starry sky tells a story about the world of mortals in the lover’s ear.
My heart may finally calm down, and suddenly the piano made a strange sound. I suddenly jumped out of a piece of green and exclaimed
"Bells! Where are you? "
There was a dead silence all around, and there was the beating sound of the heart. Suddenly, a woman sighed softly. It was the fairy who had been playing the piano. She was sitting alone in front of a misty grass and green. It was the seven sacred treasures with precious light. She looked at me and looked around. Her eyes were faint.
"She’s gone."
I’m a foolish rushed at sunset hands nu way
"She wants to go? Did you tell me if she was leaving because of you? Didn’t I tell you so? No one will try to provoke me and bells, even the king of heaven. Don’t you think it’s you! "
Sunset looked at me coldly and said
"Wave you see me as what kind of woman? Do you think I would be such a woman? Can I stop her from leaving? "
I Zheng put her wry smile and looked at the misty sky and looked at a round of Yuet’s dry way
"I’m sorry, Xia, I just said something wrong, but I really don’t understand why she wants to go? I will never believe that she has changed her mind. In fact, I have already made up my mind that I will never leave her again. Since she insists on leaving, I can’t stop her, but I will go to her and talk about where she is. Sunset, you tell me where she is now and I’ll go and find her. "
Sunset stared at judo.
"That’s what I really know about the wave. If you don’t go to her, Star, she actually has unspeakable difficulties. She must leave you for a while."
I wry smile way
"I have experienced a lot of hardships with her before, and she has never complained or said such rude words. It’s all her own fault!"
Sunset smiled to say with smile
"Blame yourself? Blame yourself for being too playboy to meet and love one another? As a result, my wife ran away? "
I didn’t good the spirit looked at her with a smug smile airway
"My fifth princess, didn’t you see my face vacant and impatient? By the way, what did she whisper to you before she left? "
Sunset smiles to say
"Nature is a very important thing."
I am busy