To overcome this fear, Xiao Xia needs to make changes himself. What Longye can do now is to let the red Tyrannosaurus rex return to the river.

In addition to Tyrannosaurus rex, there are other water elves in Longye. He brought in giant pincers and Pokémon, hoping that these elves could ease Xiao Xia’s mood.
Led Xiaogang and Xiao Xia around the villa and told them that they were free to move, while he himself returned to his room.
Just now, news came from the source team that a Miss Joey was missing in the harbor near Zhenxin Town. Longye knew that Miss Joey should be the one who was controlled by a super dream in the plot. Now that she has suffered some injuries, it is obviously the best way for professionals like Joey to take care of herself.
Superdream can get rid of the influence of the seal bead so quickly. It is obvious that Xiao Ai helped it.
Longye doesn’t know what happened to Xiao Ai and Chao Meng, but since Xiao Ai is willing to help Chao Meng, it should be a good result.
In the next few days, Ryuno has been paying attention to whether the trainer has received a mysterious invitation, but he finally got it.
"Miss Joey, the boss who disappeared in the harbor, showed up, but she didn’t remember where she went during this time." A phone call reported such a news
"What did you say again?"
"Miss Joey disappeared from the harbor, but she didn’t remember where she went during this time." The source team member nervously repeated his words.
"How can this happen!" Longye silently hangs up.
"Super dream what will miss Joey back at this time? What super dream hasn’t sent out its invitation to fight yet? "
The sudden situation made Longye fall into a tangle.
"Don’t …" Longye suddenly thought of a possibility. "Don’t Super Dream give up the plan of copying elves to fight back against humans?"
This inference made Longye very uneasy.
"I seem to underestimate the position of little love in the dream!"
If Super Dream really gave up the next plan, then the battle between the copied elf and the copied elf in the animation wouldn’t have happened. To be honest, when I saw that scene in the animation, Longye was really depressed. The elf and its copy fought independently, and they didn’t beat each other down. The fierce battle brought about that both sides fell in scars.
Although in the end, Xiao Zhi was desperate to stop the super dream and the dream battle from being fatally attacked by both, and all the elves present were crying after hitting the stone at the same time, the scene was very touching, but it was best to avoid such brutal and cruel fighting in Longye’s heart.
"Wait a minute, if Super Dream is not ready to copy the elves to fight back against the human exhibition, then the magic elf Replicator and those special elf balls will not appear!" Longye suddenly realized a serious problem.
At the first sight of Super Dream, Longye had been expecting Super Dream to make that elf Replicator. Its performance is comparable to that made by the Rockets. Not only is the success rate amazing, but the efficiency is also terrible.
Now all these expectations are broken?
"No, I want to go to the new island again." Longye immediately made a decision.
Super Arrow Turtle No.2 traveled at the fastest speed in the sea. This time, Longye had no scruples and directly took Super Arrow Turtle No.2 to the new island.
When Longye came to the new island again, a large villa has appeared here. This villa is full of bio-black technology and has a strange architectural style. At first glance, it can be known that it is from a dream design. This villa is mixed with many dreams. Impression of the new island laboratory.
Release the Scorpio King and Darkrai and lead the two elves directly into the villa.
Came to the hall, Super Dream and Xiao Ai were having a heart-to-heart communication and didn’t notice the arrival of Longye.
Super Dream didn’t know what Xiao Ai said, and there was a smile on her mouth, and Xiao Ai also laughed.
"I’m really upset to see you now ~" Longyekou interrupted the communication between Superdream and Little Love.
"Xiao Ai is telling me what happened to you during your trip." Super Dream glanced at Longye, and then it waved fourteen beads and flew to Longye’s hand. "Here’s something for you."
Longye put away these seal beads, and maybe when will they arrive again? "Super Dream, now you are a lot different from the second meeting."
"Thanks to little love, I have figured it out that although I was made by human beings, I have lived in this world since the day I was born. Humans are a kind of creature in nature, and elves are also creatures. Although I was born in a special way, I didn’t get any high marks compared with them.
Yesterday, the dream appeared here and I fought it. Although we didn’t win or lose, I saw that I was different from it. "
Super dream tone is very relaxed. At this time, Longye really saw the charming super dream shadow from it.
In fact, the key for Superdream to figure this out lies in Little Love’s position in Superdream’s mind, which is really important. She will listen very carefully when she speaks. Both Little Love and Superdream are replicas, which makes them highly agree with each other, but Little Love is the human way, while Superdream is the elf form. This difference also makes them agree and understand each other’s identity. It can be said that Little Love’s special identity has become a bridge, which makes the vacant Superdream find the right direction.
"It’s best that you can think for yourself," said Longye.
In fact, Longye is still thinking about the elf replicator and Super Dream making those elf balls, but he also knows that now is not to say that "if you have anything to do with Super Dream elf replicator, it will definitely beat me up," Longye thought to himself.
"What are your plans for coming?"
"I want to live peacefully on this island with Xiao Ai."