The money on the road has been very careful to ensure his development. Xiao Wei almost sacrificed himself most of the time, but after all, the three people’s eating experience level rose slowly, and ez and Annie reached the sixth level before them.

Because of the fear of Anne’s big move to control and hurt RG, three people were actually suppressed by the other two.
At this time, the emperor appeared in the road, and RG talents dared to press out something to prevent the other party from being too arrogant.
But they still underestimate the night watchman.
Just as the policewoman was making up the soldiers, she suddenly heard a "Yebers!"
Annie flashed out of the grass, and her bear fell from the sky and threw money directly at the three people. The reaction was also fast. When Annie flashed, she pressed E and escaped from the bear’s mouth again.
But without displacement, Jiela and displacement need Xu Li, Wei is not so lucky to be fainted in the same place.
Then a half-moon arc blew over and skipped it. The dizzy two people were launched by ez’s big move
Annie’s big move is only level one, but the bear’s burning is already very painful. It will also make people feel very uncomfortable if the fat bear’s palm photographs the head. Plus, ez’s big move is a half-blood.
Ez’s big move will increase his attack speed, and the output will become higher after stacking up. QW will hit Jiela, forcing Jiela to hand over the flash and flee to the rear as soon as she wakes up.
"What should I do?" River asked
"fight!" The money answer is simple, and he is also a little annoyed. Although the night watchman is powerful, it is too bullying. If you fight two or three, you will be more and more disadvantaged.
There is still one point in the policewoman’s experience bar to go forward at six, and Anne is lit at the back.
Wei didn’t have level 6 either, but he took the lead in rushing to ez. Ao Xiao is also an old Wei player. He is no worse than alfalfa. This sudden choice path is the connection between Annie and ez.
Wei Q skill can repel the first hero in the road, so that two people can fly one.
But it didn’t flash. Annie couldn’t escape Wei’s impact and was repelled. Taking advantage of this instant Jiela, she lost her E skill in the rear and wrapped Anne around it.
So it’s time for policewoman and Annie Wei Huo, but at the same time ez is also exporting Wei.
Wei was just hit by Annie Bear and scraped by ez’s big move, and the blood volume was not enough to be attacked by ez. The speed of blood volume drop was a few different from that of Anne.
Finally, Anne died and Wei finally flashed to the rear.
In this way, although RG has two remnants of blood, it has replaced one Annie and earned it.
However, since the night watchman dared to fight like this, how could he let the other side escape? He unexpectedly rushed forward with E skills and hit Wei and Jiela with a Q skill and a W skill at a very fast speed.
"Not dead!" River breathed a sigh of relief. Just now, if the night watchman gave two skills to one person, it is estimated that one person will die, and two people will bear the skills separately, but it will be fine. It is estimated that the night watchman miscalculated the blood volume.
But it turns out that he was wrong at all.
Just as the two remnants of blood were preparing to return to the city, a red light beam lit up on the heads of the RG players.
The death singer’s big move, the requiem, finally moved
Chapter 1 Big move support
When the requiem sounded, Jiela and Wei were doomed to die. Both of them had no barriers. Although Wei passively knew how to shield, he needed to release his skills to stimulate them. Now he has no skills.
Tong soon showed that the dead song in the middle of the road got a double kill.
At this time, RG people suddenly realized that the nocturnal god had planned this attack and wanted to end the dead song and promote his development.
This is the strategic significance of dead songs. If you hide there, you will be hit. Once you fight, he will support you much faster than Shen or war king Pan Sen and attack more people.
I hate money so much that my teeth itch. Now there are three people on the road. He is the only one who is alive and has always been stable. He can’t stand being provoked and saying that he will kill ez.
Ez naturally entered the tower when he made the E skill come over. The distance was hit by the tower and repeatedly added by the policewoman. The blood volume was also reduced to half, but in the face of the policewoman who didn’t keep the skills, ez could walk away completely.
Although the policewoman has been attacking ez, ez saw him go back to his rear by himself. The policewoman was unwilling to give away two heads in three strikes and two strikes, and then reversed E to continue the output.
So ez’s blood volume is also dropping, but ez, the night watchman, is about to return to his tower
At this time, a flash of light flashed through the policewoman, but the money was very depressed. When he saw ez’s blood volume, it was absolutely impossible to kill him. He thought for a moment that this wave could be his own loss.
"Brother zoom in!" But I didn’t expect Lu Zhan to shout like this
Hearing Lu Zhanyin, Qian consciously chose to listen to his hand. He pressed rl plus R very quickly and made a big move to instantly release the past toward ez.
Let the bullet fly a sniper rifle aiming lens appeared in ez, but after the bullet hit, ez still had more than 1 blood left.
Sure enough, it still doesn’t work? Money eyes a dark this time, the road was really suppressed by the night watchman and collapsed.
However, this skirmish is still not over here.
When ez hid in a small corner behind the tower and returned to the city, he suddenly lit up a red beam.
Ultimate flash! Lux’s signature trick exploded on his head.
"RG and hunder killed the fire cloud night watchman!"
Lu Zhan Lux ran all the way from home and finally arrived at the river and released her big move.
Lu Zhan was relieved to see ez dead, so that the end of the team battle became two for two, and the stunted policewoman got a head, so it was not a loss.
Lu Zhan walked a little further from the river. He knew that the other party must have eyes here, so he controlled Lux to dance with a wand and satirized the night watchman.
In addition to his familiarity with this hero, the chosen Lax is interested in Lax’s ultra-long-distance big move called magnetic gun R skill.