"Then you can go out and wait and leave it alone."

"… yes"
It’s the sound of Le Zhenglin, but it’s not quite like talking in the daytime. It’s a little floating in the tone. It’s a little drunk after drinking a few glasses of wine. Zongjin still can’t stop his mouth. At the end of the day, he remembered something that seemed to deliberately reach into the bath bucket and make a slight water ring.
Nowadays, this situation is developing in the direction that Zong Jin wants-Le Zhenglin has a low guard against such a state that he not only drives the road ahead, but also dares to drink; He has to get dressed and go out to find an opportunity to give Le Zhenglin a hand knife to knock people out, and the rest is very simple.
Chapter ninety-one LeZhengLin ()
It is almost like a sudden illness, stepping back and getting away from the danger of the blade; However, Le Zhenglin was followed by this man, obviously not the average person who broke into the house in an instant.
Not only did he move fast out of the ghosting, but he also had a margin to pull out the knife by mistake. Zong Jin’s eyes were still catching the man moving and shining. The blade had stopped fiercely in front of his eyes, and he would become a knife if he gently scratched Zong Jin. At this moment, Zong Jinlian’s breath was stuck in his throat, and behind him, a cold body tightened to a standstill.
The other side slightly tilted her eyes but firmly locked behind Zongjin’s face and said, "Our male is surely thin."
"Alas ….." LeZhengLin sighed and walked into the room, looking slightly embarrassed. "That’s right."
"If our male is an ordinary woman, I’m afraid I’m scared to death." The man continued, "I haven’t seen Hector even’s family for a long time. It turned out that I was thinking about this trick, but I filled the news …"
Hearing this, Zong Jin immediately frowned-he was removed by Lezhenglin and it was nothing to say that he was gambling wrong; But he is now pressed by the name of Hector even this move wrong will make Hector even the ambush outside the longevity valley, one thousand people to white.
What should we do? Immediately deny it?
Not so much here, but silver can hold his fine identity of Hector’s family.
The neck muscles of Bo Zongjin were stretched straight by the knife rest, which made him slimmer, but the two of them didn’t think he was a man at all, but Le Zhenglin was even more tempted-he especially liked this kind of woman who was too weak and boring to play with, and then he said, "Will the man be detained back to prison or killed immediately?"
Then Zong Jin suddenly sneered at this sentence, "Kill me, and even ten thousand people will come to discover fir Sakaguchi. I will be interesting to see if you can finish killing me."
"Yo, that’s an admission." Lezhenglin plays with taste. "So it’s really generous of Hector even to send such a beautiful little girl out to die."
But men don’t think so, but they meditate for a moment with their brows locked. "I’m afraid it’s not that simple."
"It’s so easy to admit that" the man looked at Zong Jin with a cold eye "but it made people think it was intentional"
Zong Jinqiang walked with a smile. "Ha, ha, ha, I didn’t even bother to hide. I just came to kill Le Zhenglin; You found out today that I was going to kill if I missed. Don’t try to get information out of me! "
This a man is sure that "our male should be detained in jail for a good interrogation; Weichi suspection.i don’t believe that even the family would be so careless. "
Sure enough, Le Zhenglin is a lewd fool, but the man around him is not.
-Not only is this man suspicious.
Zong Jin didn’t say more. If he said more, he was afraid of making men think that he deliberately raised Ba Da with a look of death "to kill me".
He is not really not afraid of death, but he is convinced that this person will not get the information wave and will surely arrest him and torture him.
"Our male should be taken back …"
"What’s the hurry? Don’t worry about spending the night and a half." Le Zhenglin said, "Since I’m a spy, I won’t leave my hand."
This came suddenly and Zong Jin didn’t understand him.
Le Zhenglin slowly took a few steps in front of Zong Jin and bypassed his eyes behind him. It was like touching Zong Jin with thousands of hands. A sense of foreboding was vaguely going on in Zong Jin’s heart. Now he can’t do anything. After a while, Le Zhenglin said, "Tie her up and wait for me to serve you, and then take you to prison."
"Male …"
"Are you trying to influence my decision?" Le Zhenglin said, "I have no reason not to … do as I say, whether it’s Wei Chi or even the little beauty who delivers the door."
"… yes"
Le Zhenglin’s words were like a bolt from the blue, directly hitting Zong Jinshen.
Why didn’t he think of this-no, he didn’t expect Le Zhenglin to be so lewd that he knew he was fine and planned to play again? !
The man suddenly put away his knife and changed hands, so he made a hemp rope from nowhere. He moved towards Zongjin and approached each other quickly, leaving no room for resistance. In a blink of an eye, he cut his hands behind him. The man and Le Zhenglin, on the contrary, did not understand what "passion for jade" meant. The hemp rope was so tight that it seemed to be pulled into his wrist.
Zongjin forgot to call names at the moment, and tried to twist his body to escape.
The man thinks that his struggle is in the way, so he simply cuts the scabbard on Zongjin’s side neck.
Pain hit ZongJin immediately to plant; This was originally his plan to deal with Le Zhenglin’s trick, but I didn’t expect that the person who was stunned now turned out to be his strong sense of dizziness, which made him unable to help but close his eyes and tears. The man caught him and threw him next to the bed.
Zongjin was on the verge of fainting, trying to hold his breath and abruptly saved his sanity.
Le Zhenglin said, "Your hands are so heavy. If she dies, I won’t have any fun."
I’m afraid that man named Hequan also has some words to say, "… You can rest assured that you won’t die."
"That’s good."
The two voices in the ear seem to be far away. Zong Jin flashed some messy pictures in his mind. Most of them were when he was with He Lianheng, and some of them were when Luo Chenhuan was with him. He didn’t want to see any of them, but he had to brace himself. He knows very well that if he wants to unload his strength, he will faint, and then he will really be at the mercy of Le Zhenglin.
Why is it so difficult for him to come back from the dead? First, he accidentally did it with He Lianheng, and now it is going to be attacked by Le Zhenglin.
"You go and report this matter to your brother first" Le Zhenglin went on "Come back later to pick up this little beauty and go to jail as you should."
Chapter ninety-two Tokens