Let Meow Meow lift the most seriously injured double-bomb gas and Maquela together. Longye exchanged two bottles of wound medicine in the system, and they drank them. Although these two elves wanted to attack themselves, Longye did not hate them for being treated as tools by their trainers, which made the elf a tragedy.

Nazi and Meow Meow carefully examined the injuries of other members of the Rockets to make sure that they would not be endangered by injuries, and their lives were relieved. Nazi is the first time that she has encountered such a situation. If anything happens to these people, she will leave a psychological shadow.
Just waiting for Junsha and them to come over this period, Longye took out the words and called Sakaguchi "Uncle Sakaguchi, I am Longye."
"Longye how do you remember to call me? Do you want to know about super dreams? "
"No" Longye briefly told Sakaguchi what happened here.
Sakaguchi sneer at a "I have long known that that guy has other ideas than Shays. This time, I sent him to the city to build a second base just to test him. In fact, I have already asked the four generals of the Rockets, Athena, to establish a secret base in the city. Since Shays and you are so tied up, you can let go and do it. I will never care about him."
"I’m relieved to have your words. I’m calling you to know the location of the second base in Bixiasi."
"Ha ha, you finally learned to make a determined effort. Fujiwara is my guy who has been worried that you are too kind. He should be relieved." Sakaguchi smiled and told Longye the location of the second base than Xiasi.
There must be an end! Longye secretly thought
Chapter 126 Action
Hang up the words Sakaguchi conveniently put the words on the table beside Sakaguchi. The four generals of the Rockets, Lance, don’t understand and asked, "Boss, what will you tell that child about Bixiasi?" This kind of thing can be solved by ourselves. "
"You don’t understand that Fujiwara and I are friends first. If our rockets want to be born in the metropolitan area, they must not offend those powerful forces. You know, those ancient families are very United when they are abroad. Now that idiot Bixia has offended Longye, isn’t it a good thing to let Longye clean the door for us?"
"But the boss than summer strength to deal with a child easily? Will it eventually lead to the Fujiwara family personally? "
Sakaguchi shook his head. "You’re wrong. The Fujiwara family has always advocated letting family members face problems themselves. They won’t easily move family resources to intervene, which is why the Fujiwara family can bear it for so long."
"Only by that child?" Lance stare big eyes.
"Fujiwara is my guy, but he didn’t brag to me about his baby. That little guy is not simple. We just need to watch the drama." Sakaguchi said with a smile that people who followed Bischard to build the second base were all his cronies. Sakaguchi was worried about how to deal with these people. Now Bischard died by himself, and Sakaguchi was willing to solve this trouble through Longye.
On the other side, Longye and Nazi are waiting for Junsha and them to arrive.
Junsha, a large criminal group like the Rocket Team, acted very quickly. After receiving their words from Longye, they sent three helicopters to the incident site in less than 20 minutes.
"Hello, did you report the case?" A junsha looked at longye and they asked.
"Yes, these people suddenly attacked us on the road, but they didn’t have enough power and I finally knocked them down."
Officer Jenny saw the members of the inverted rocket team around and had to believe Longye’s words, but she still wanted to take Longye back to the police station to record the pen.
If you want to find Bischard Ryuno piece by piece, you don’t have time to pester these Junsha. He took out the fourth place certificate of Shi Ying League Conference and gave Officer Jenny some special places in the League Conference. After Ryono showed the certificate, Officer Jenny didn’t insist on taking them back to the police station, so he recorded a sum in the same place and let Ryono leave them.
When Longye and them were far away from Officer Jenny’s sight, Longye immediately took out the Super Arrow Turtle No.1, and the Super Arrow Turtle No.1 quickly moved towards Sakaki’s second base position.
Bisias chose to build the second base, which was very close to the later wild Yuan Ye area. Longye focused driver Super Archean No.1, although he didn’t know where Bisias went, his most likely choice was to return to that second base.
Super water turtle No.1 smoothly arrived near the second base of the Rockets. After arriving here, Longye didn’t let them move on. After all, this is the second base of the Rockets. To say that there is no defense here, even Longye himself won’t believe it.
Although he wants to solve the problem of Bixiasi, Longye is not arrogant enough to think that he can single out such a well-defended rocket base. The elves here may have limited strength, but the bad guys will not only make the elves a way of fighting. It will not be surprising for a doctoral organization like the Rockets, which has many strange things, even if the other side takes out a magnetic gun.
At this time, Gengar will appear, and Gengar, a ghost elf, easily enters the base of the Rockets. After visiting the base for a circle, Gengar finally finds some embarrassment. After Bixias remembers Bixias’ position, Gengar quietly quits the base.
"How about the situation in Gengar?" Longye quickly asked
Gengar nodded his head.
Longye finally breathed a sigh of relief after making sure that Bixiasi was among them. What he was most afraid of before was that Bixiasi did not return to this base but went to other places, so it would be difficult to find him out.
With Gengar’s intelligence, Project Longye will be able to hold Bisias quietly.
"Eldest brother, why don’t you let Gengar and Mindy Earth Puppet try it together? If Gengar hypnotizes Bixiasi, you can let Mindy Earth Puppet bring Bixiasi out by teleporting." Meow meow suggested.
Meow meow suggested a good choice at that time, but the specific situation should be considered carefully. First of all, the mind puppet is not invisible like Gengar, so it is impossible for it to enter the base department with Gengar. Then it needs to wait outside for Gengar to come to Gengar by teleporting, and then bring Bisias out of the base by teleporting.
To do this, Longye needs to accurately determine the position of Gengar, but after Gengar entered the Rockets base, Genfa sent information to the outside world, which made Longye scratch his head.
By the way, the search function of the treasure finder, Longye, had an idea instantly.
The search function of the treasure finder can accurately search the location of the elf. If Gengar is marked in the search list, Longye can know the location of Gengar at any time.
Just do it. Longye immediately marked Gengar.
Gengar once again sneaked into the rocket base. When it came to Bisias’ place, Bisias was talking to his hand.
"I won’t let that kid leave me in such a mess," Bishop said maliciously.
"My Lord, what are you going to do?"
"Of course, I immediately took people to find that kid. I don’t believe that he can deal with so many people at the same time. Since he appeared in this populated area with his companions, he said that they won’t flee here for a while. Let me find them. I must show him my means."
"My Lord said that it would be easy to deal with a child with the strength of our rocket team."
The two men are discussing how to deal with them, but they wouldn’t have thought that Longye’s revenge would come so quickly, and Longye had already arrived at the base before they started.
Gengar quietly came to Bischard’s side and used hypnosis on him. Just when Gengar just appeared, Bischard looked at Gengar’s stealth direction, which just happened to be an excellent condition for hypnosis to display special attacks.
Bishop was hypnotized by Gengar in an instant, but another person shouted a shout before being hypnotized. This shout immediately shocked most people in the base. Gengar stayed where he was and waited anxiously for the psychic puppet to appear. Seeing that the horse was coming, it would be easy to hide if the psychic puppet didn’t appear again, but after this time, Bishop would be prepared, and things would be even more difficult then.
The door was slammed, and several people wearing rocket systems ran in. When they saw that Bisias was in a coma and had a face of Nai Gengar, they immediately shouted, "Who are you? What will appear here! "
Just as Gengar was about to slip away, the mindfulness puppet suddenly appeared beside him. It turned out that Longye forgot to communicate with Gengar so that it could be sure that it was finished. Therefore, Longye didn’t guess that it was finished until he saw Gengar stay in a place for a long time. At this time, Longye let the mindfulness puppet move in an instant.
The appearance of the mind puppet finally made Gengar feel at heart. Its shadow ball blocked the pace of people coming, and then the mind puppet launched a teleport to send it out with Bishop.
"Lord Bisias is gone!"
"What are you yelling for? Find it at once."