Maybe it’s too mysterious to say this, but Yin Yun really didn’t show his 100% strength in front of him, or his teammates couldn’t give him enough help.

Two blocked shots. This is Yin Yun’s way to erase his memory from his heart in the past year. Being fanned out by Xiao Xiao in a condescending manner, two almost inevitable goals are a counterattack to kill the seventh middle school.
This year, Xiao Xiao, who is stronger and more mature, led a team that didn’t lose much last year and once again stopped in front of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School. But what will be the result this time?
There is no doubt that this increasingly mature team will be stronger than last year, and another game in Beishan District will end with a dramatic score of 170-65 in the final. What’s more, in Nanchuan No.3 Middle School, the opponents were so powerful that they almost had no ability to resist and surrendered. Therefore, compared with winning the game after almost half an hour of stalemate, Nanchuan No.7 Middle School, although it was also a big victory, was even more pale.
The new issue of Nanchuan basketball world has almost two sides to introduce the wonderful moments in Nanchuan No.3 Middle School, which is called the strongest one in the past three years, and there is a small half of it in Nanchuan No.7 Middle School, which means that Chu Chenxi’s outstanding performance in the first three games is surprising, and the comments admit that his outstanding performance is probably a surprise.
It seems that the media of all parties have also learned the lesson from last year-all parties have greatly praised Yin Yun’s performance, and there will rarely be a close and eye-catching fierce competition, but I didn’t expect that when I saw No.3 Middle School, such a strong team would be completely beaten. As a result, everyone was disappointed in the game.
This year, all the media have spent a lot of space in the top three-Yunshan No.3 Middle School of No.4 Middle School to introduce their new team in detail. For a group of teams whose performance is not so stable like Nanchuan No.7 Middle School, no media dare to publicize it. After all, the separatist state of high school basketball is still relatively stable, and there will be no big changes in the short term-a few media from all sides think so. Fang Yuan is glad to see this. He regards the war of public opinion as an important part of the game, and the United States is definitely in a favorable position. After all, the pressure on weak teams will be much less.
How about the result of the game? That is beyond the control of all media.
"Pa" Dong Qingliang slammed a basketball world on his desk and snorted. "These newspapers don’t know anything but like to join in the fun. It is expected that the top two will successfully meet in the finals of the North and South regions."
"In the coach" sitting aside Xiao Xiao hurriedly sit up straight.
"How is their training?"
"It’s all arranged by the coach."
"Well," Dong Qingliang nodded. "Nobody is lazy. Where’s Zhu Rui?"
"No …" Xiao Xiao’s little heart replied that he had just said that he had a stomachache and Zhu Rui pinched the staff.
"There is less than a week before the game with No.7 Middle School. I don’t know why I always feel very uneasy recently."
"The coach is worried that we will capsize in the gutter?" Xiao Xiao tentatively express his views.
Dong Qingliang looked at Xiao Xiao without a word. "Do you still think Nanchuan No.7 Middle School is just a sewer? Although they seem to win every game, it seems that they are stuck in the middle of the game. In fact, all this is the deployment of the coach. This is the unusual point of the coach. I believe that the substitute of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School must have the most time in all teams. "
Xiao Xiao embarrassedly scratched his head. "I’m like this metaphor, but even so, I don’t think there will be anything too worrying. Their attack weapon number is not in the state. I believe that if he is not here, no one can resist Cenyi’s attack, and another attack point, Yin Yun, even if I suppress him, won’t let him have too many chances to score … on the point guard number 13 … Ji Hantian seems to be the name. A large part of his attacks are completed with Chu Chenxi. I think if there is no attack point, it will be difficult for him to organize a clever woman to
"Well, you’re right." Dong Qingliang thought for a long time and finally nodded. "Don’t underestimate your opponent because the outside world ignores you. Since you can think of so much, I won’t say much. Then go train."
"I see. Then I’ll go to the stadium first."
"Oh, yes … Cenyi has been training very hard these days, and has been practicing every day."
"oh? Really … "Dong Qingliang touched the nose and lost in thought.
Section one hundred and ninety-nine War General (2)
The whole stadium was a mess, but it gradually returned to order. Everyone Qi Xin shouted the same name.
"Xue Yangyi Xue Yangyi …" The dribbling teenager didn’t cry out at all, and the dribbling was steady and powerful. Another tall teenager flew into the penalty area from the right wing of the three-point line in their ears.
The dribbling teenager’s wrist shakes gently. Basketball is like a naughty elf flying towards the backboard in a parabolic posture.
"Stop him!" In the chaos, the other party’s anxious shouting was drowned out in an instant by the shouting.
Before the tall boy stepped into the restricted area, he jumped up and just caught the flying basketball and sent it to the basket.
"Good Yang Yi!" Han Zheng gave Xue Yangyi a thumbs-up sign, turned around and looked at the failed team. "Sorry, Wu Yue is still ours."
"That’s natural. We lost in Wu Yue, Xue Yangyi and Han Zheng." The other party didn’t look embarrassed at all. It was taken for granted that the result was that they were faintly proud and excited to play against each other.
Xue Yangyi is gently swept their one eye going to the sidelines to pick up the mineral water bottle.
It was only after I picked it up that I found that I had already looked at it. It was almost sunset. He grabbed his bag and left alone. It was an unspeakable feeling that it suddenly surged in the heart of the noisy stadium.
"Wait for Yangyi" has not left the stadium when he heard Han Zhengyin "How did you leave alone?"
"I don’t like places that are too busy, you know." Xue Yangyi shrugged and took a bottle of mineral water from Han Zheng and twisted the bottle cap to pour it in his mouth.
"Well, then go home." Han looked at the sky with a positive expression. "It’s getting cold. What a weather."
"Cold weather …" Xue Yangyi threw the water bottle into the trash can and squinted at the sky. "I don’t know what happened to that guy now. He doesn’t like to talk or take care of himself …"
"I saw the teams’ entries in the basketball world yesterday." Han Zheng suddenly said without a head or tail, and Xue Yangyi turned to look at him. "Then what?"
Han Zheng slowly read out these seven words and felt Xue Yangyi’s body Zheng.
"He can enter the strong technology is …"
"You are wrong" Han Zheng interrupted Xue Yangyi’s unspoken words. "Although you used to be the best brothers, you really don’t know him. Although he followed us to basketball only a year ago, you never noticed his talent. Yes, even though his skills were a little rough six months ago, it was as good as your overall situation. I have defeated the challenger with him many times while you were away. I have already seen it, and you almost never gave him enough support in this respect."
"Really?" Xue Yangyi turned his head and continued his footsteps. "Maybe you are coming for him or for me, but before that, he had to beat Xiao Xiao that guy, didn’t you? His line ability is almost all yours, and I heard that there is a team like SF with strong scoring ability in No.3 Middle School. Do you think he can beat him with a team that no one has ever heard of? " The last few words Xue Yangyi is almost a word for Han Zheng said.