Exhibition of metal wings slowed him down, and then it was very easy to fall behind Su Wan. After lightly stepping on the golden dragon’s back with one foot, he quickly hit the ground with a waving sword. In Ll’s awake state, his sword was severely cut into the fear face of the heavily armored soldier who was out of balance due to the sweeping of the dragon’s tail. At the same time, Ll’s mouth also let out a whistle and circled in the middle. Donny, the dragon, quickly swooped over from the top of the archer’s head towards Ll’s position.

After Chen Kai struck a grudge against several soldiers who tried to surround them with heavy armor, the other end landed on the dragon to avoid the embarrassment of being stabbed in the soft abdomen by a weapon erected on the ground, and then at the moment of landing, he directly swept his strong tail around him. The thick tail slammed away several unguarded heavy armor soldiers and the dragon’s claws also broke the cheeks of the soldiers in front. Of course, the most important thing is to rely on brute force that is more horrible than Chen Kai’s. If Chen Kai can easily wave his weapon and chop out more than 500 kilograms of force to attack, Donny can shoot nearly one ton of hitting force with his own claws, and the sweeping force with his tail is also
When the two flying dragons are together, Chen Kai’s number rises rapidly and stays in the two flying dragons. Yun can finally sit on the ground. Of course, after one leg and one arm are cut off, the only thing he can do now is to persist, because his combat effectiveness is almost gone.
"Old four! You are really unlucky! " Although it is surrounded now, Chen Kai is not worried about problems for a short time. It is very difficult for them to get injured before two dragons are injured. Even if Donnie is not wearing heavy armor for flying dragons like Xiaojin, its scales are highly defensive. Although these heavy armor soldiers’ weapons are good, they can be cut. When Donnie’s scales die, it will only break a white mark.
However, these soldiers are elite soldiers with fighting spirit attached to weapons, and fighting spirit can be directly blasted into the body of the flying dragon if they are not wearing armor, thus causing Downey’s fighting ability to plummet. If he is hit in the key, it may be fatal. When Chen Kai is talking to Yun, he is actually thinking about how to break through, and at the same time, his weapons are constantly greeting those soldiers who are flapped by the flying dragon’s claws.
"Don’t! Boss, let’s hurry! I guess the second child may not last long. Now these heavily armored soldiers are probably trying to contain us! " Although Yun was seriously injured, he never forgot to observe. Although there are many heavily armored soldiers around Feilong, it is still a small head compared with all the private soldiers of Baron Zolu.
This time, it is estimated that at least 400 or 500 people will attack Ll. Among them, more than 100 cavalry reserve knights have left dozens, while archers have about 400 or 50 who died in the Feilong attack, but the largest number is heavily armored soldiers. There are more than 300 people in Ll. Although nearly 400 or 50 people died in their attack, more than 250 heavily armored soldiers are still extremely scary.
After all, these heavily armored soldiers are all elite. Although their strength is almost the same as that of Chen Kai, it is precisely because of this that they are in great pain to resist their attack on Su Xinghe. Fortunately, they killed those reserve knights before, and their horses formed a meat wall, so that these heavily armored soldiers had to disperse when crossing these bodies. Otherwise, Su Xinghe might be even more miserable because they have too many enemies to face.
Of course, if it weren’t for the fact that these soldiers are almost all elites and have mastered the grudge, maybe Su Xinghe and they wouldn’t be in such a mess, but although they do look a little embarrassed, they should insist on going to Su Xinghe and think that the final winner should still be them. Because they still have cards and can turn over cards to get magic scrolls from ancient wizards, there is an ice storm scroll left in the group spell. This scroll is being held in Alisha’s hand at the moment, and the tauren has enough magic to let this spell be released very quickly. However, the scope of the spell may envelop Chen Kai and others. However, in this situation, Alisha’s spell still fell, which made everyone feel depressed. This time, the spell was more powerful than when Xu Fei released the scroll.
I don’t know whether it’s because of Alisha’s abundant magic or because the shaman master perfected the shaman spell of natural elements. In a sense, this spell belongs to the natural meteorological spell. The huge magic fluctuation made the spell cover spread more than 50 meters, and at the same time, the volume of hail that fell was changed from the fist size of ordinary people to the fist size of Chen Kai.
In Alisha, it is difficult to control most of the hail falling on the heads of those heavily armored soldiers. Of course, it is not without hail falling on one’s own head. Of course, Su Wan has more hail falling on his head. For this situation, Su Wan has no choice but to wave his fist at Alisha angrily. After all, this spell relies on the scroll to release Alisha. It is already very good to control the hail from falling on everyone with the horror frost.
With the completion of the release of the ice storm, even if these heavily armored soldiers are strong, they have to be affected by the frost. Their bodies have been sluggish for a short time, and Chen Kai and others have also been affected. However, a group of people have suffered many baptisms in the winter wolf ice storm. When the hail falls, they all fight for themselves and wrap their bodies. Although they still avoid being hit by the hail, they can shatter the hail and disperse the gradually frozen cold.
Of course, another bad situation is that poor Yun couldn’t protect himself from quarrelling. At the same time, the flying dragon was too big. When the ice storm fell, it was directly included in the pets. When the last hail fell, it was frozen by the frost. More and more heavily armored soldiers broke when the last hail fell. Although they were moved by the freezing method, they were completely unable to move, waving weapons, and everyone would never miss this opportunity to beat Reservoir Dogs. Even Llewellyn themselves were freezing.
Under such circumstances, Chen Kai, even if their hands and feet are numb with cold, is very rare. This truth is that quarrelling is extremely abundant. Chen Kai is almost firepower. If it is not a whirlwind, the aim is too poor, and the armor defense of these heavily armored soldiers is too high to be easy to cut. It is estimated that Chen Kai will directly slash the heavily armored soldiers in an area instead of directly slashing the other side’s heads with a huge sword. In less than ten seconds, at least three or four heads are soaring, and this is just one place, and the same situation is also true in other places.
Waving the ruling blade, Feather finally got back the feeling of chopping people like chopping vegetables. The sharpness of the ruling blade in his hand brought up five heads less than that of the blade in an instant. At the same time, in a second, he directly waved the ruling blade in his hand and pounced on those heavily armored soldiers. In less than half a minute, Feather directly doubled the previous results. Not only in less than a minute, Chen Kai and them directly reduced the number of nearly 250 soldiers with multiple armor by nearly one-fifth, but almost all those heavily armored soldiers were in a state of being smashed or frozen.
Although these heavily armored soldiers have been attacked by an ice storm in the past, they have not learned to protect themselves in this spell attack. If they simply fight to protect themselves, the frost damage can be reduced, but the body surface will slowly attach a layer of light ice shell, and the fighting consumption will be very huge. Unlike Chen Kai and others, wolves are forced to learn how to resist the ice storm in winter. Of course, all this is based on their armor lining, and those who have not removed the winter wolf skin.
Without these winter wolf skins, it is estimated that the situation of a group of people will not be much worse than that of these heavily armored soldiers. It is because of the winter wolf skins that they can wield weapons with great scruples and resist the invasion of frost with minimal consumption. However, because of the winter wolf skins, these heavily armored soldiers should be careful whether their heads will move when they suffer from frost pain.
Let ll them feel that the frost effect of this ice storm is not only stronger than before, but also lasts longer. At this time, Xu Fei regrets that he is surfing in the dark nest. If the ice storm scrolls are handed over to Alisha, it is estimated that the results will be even greater, and maybe some spell scrolls will be saved.
It’s a pity that even if he regrets it, after all, the scroll has run out, and the last ice storm scroll has turned into flying debris and disappeared. Even though they still have a few spell scrolls, they are all single attack dissociation and lysis. When these soldiers are definitely in the wave business, the last heavily armored soldier falls in a pool of blood in extreme unwillingness, even if Llewellyn is guided by divine power, all his strength has been restored, but now he is tired and can hardly lift his weapon.
At the same time, the two dragons are also very tired and lying on the side, but Chen Kai and some of their enemies have not been killed, that is, they are preparing to escape in the distance. Baron Zorou’s so-called snake-killing is a victim, and he will not be troubled by the other side or wanted. But the distance between the two sides is too far. Even if Chen Kai and them run faster, the other side will definitely run directly.
Actually, Baron Zorou is now in a state of disbelief. In his opinion, his attack will never fail this time. He almost transferred the most powerful private Ministry in the territory and brought all the knights and cavalry he trained himself. However, accidents appeared again and again. First, his own knight guards were directly killed by the other side. To take a step forward is the real strong in the sanctuary, and it is also a knight trained by his own family. The strong is not a foreign knight in the sanctuary like Sa saros
However, his knight retainer was instantly killed by the other side, which made Zoru hard to accept for the first time. The second hard to accept was that Mr. saros escaped. The guy who wore a bonnet for himself didn’t hesitate to escape. Baron Zoru was angry and could bite his teeth. Of course, he was even more angry because they finally turned over in such a situation.
"How can they come back! How can they turn over this group of rubbish! These losers! I spent so much money and energy to cultivate such a group of losers! I don’t! " Riding on a war horse and escaping under the protection of his bodyguard, Baron Zorro growled wildly at the archers who fled in scattered directions. He was no longer in the mood to pay attention to it, but it was not this that frightened Baron Zorro, but he chased Llewellyn after him.
Although Chen Kailei almost collapsed to the ground, he had to ride Lal to chase after him because he had to get rid of the hidden danger. God knows what this obvious leader is. The identity theory is to find out why the other party attacked him or to completely solve the hidden danger. Chen Kai has to keep the other party.
"Give the old stop! !” Dizziness Chen Kai can rely on Rahl’s own wisdom to hunt down each other. Although he is full of anger in his voice, he is actually suffering. He is trying to rely on his own resilience to save his physical strength, hoping to recover a little before chasing each other.
The first volume Chapter 369 Drama turning point ()
"grass! Stop it! ! ! Stay here! !” Roaring and rushing towards the front, Baron Zoru, his bodyguard roared, and thanks to Lal’s smooth running, Chen Kaide Lal’s back recovered a little.
But in a few minutes, Ll’s physical strength recovered from the red warning zone to the pale yellow zone. Less Ll won’t feel that it will be a hard task to wave his sword now, but because he didn’t recover his energy, his quarrelling just recovered less than 1000 points. Actually, Ll didn’t chase away. Baron Lal of Zoru chased each other at a speed that was only a matter of minutes.
However, in order to delay the recovery of Ll, we had to let Lal slow down, even though he shouted fiercely. But actually, those elite guards who rushed to Baron Zuolu’s side would definitely cut Ll into ten or twenty pieces. Now Ll is relying on Lal’s horrible physical strength to carry out a seemingly miserable humanitarian drive. There is no doubt that Baron Zuolu and his guards are already like quails in tourist trap.
Actually, several guards turned back and launched a charge towards ll, so it is estimated that ll can stop. Unfortunately, by ll’s terror fighting capacity, Baron Zorro of tourist trap knew that he had to flee for his life. When ll consciously chased him, he constantly consumed the horsepower of Baron Zorro and others. When he was close to each other, a voice was often more powerful than waving a grudge. In the roar of ll, Baron Zorro and others accelerated rapidly. Although Baron Zorro and his guards rode horses with good quality, they were extremely tired when they chased them in Lal.
Actually, the quality of these horses is fine even if they run for an hour, but it is only less than ten minutes in the pursuit of ll. The first horse is directly foaming at the mouth on both feet and falls to the ground. An elite guard is directly dumped from the horse and rolled on the ground for more than a dozen without any precautions.
However, when the guard climbed up from the ground, he heard the death horse hoof approaching. When he raised his head covered with grass leaves, he saw a sharp sword sweeping towards his neck. In case of emergency, the elite guard directly lost his head and turned into a corpse spraying blood.
If the other party can raise their arms to resist, then Chen Kaigen can’t cut the other party’s neck so easily, and he didn’t consume much physical strength or much quarrelling without moving. Chen Kai just gently waved a huge sword and cut off the bodyguard’s head by relying on Lal’s instantaneous speed.
It can be said that the death of this bodyguard once again stimulated and frightened Baron Zulu. When Chen Kai rode Lal and rushed in quickly, they twitched their whip even more crazily, but in this way, the physical consumption of their horses was even faster. This was a better thing for Chen Kai, because just one minute later, another horse fell to the ground. Of course, this bodyguard had a lesson. When the horse fell to the ground, it flew out directly and then held the waist weapon directly in his hand.
However, in the face of this armed bodyguard, Llewellyn did not choose to wield a weapon to attack, but directly crossed the other side and continued to chase Baron Zuolu. Although he knew the truth of extermination, he was more aware that it was more important to kill Baron Zuolu and kill a bodyguard. Watching Llewellyn run past him, this bodyguard was still very loyal and wanted to chase him, but after only a few steps, he directly turned around and fled in the other direction, and the so-called tree fell apart, although in the game. In the world, family private soldiers are very loyal to their lords, but this loyalty comes at a price. After carefully weighing their own lives and what their lords can give, this bodyguard did not hesitate to abandon his lords.
However, Baron Zuolu won’t know that he didn’t have time to turn his head to look at them, but his ignorance doesn’t mean that the guards around him didn’t know that their companions escaped intact. These guards’ horses raised a strange idea, so another guard horse "lost his front hoof" fell to the ground at the moment, and this "loyal" guard was very "smart" and waved his weapon at Chen Kai, but this time he was depressed because Chen Kai didn’t bypass him, but directly waved his huge sword and gave him a hard split.
The hapless bodyguard forgot that Chen Kai was not a soft-hearted person in front of him, although he knew that he seemed to be supposed to cooperate with each other. However, at the thought that these guys were Baron Zolu’s bodyguards, he felt a great anger. When he saw that the other side had hardly made quarrelling, Chen Kai rushed towards himself without hesitation, and he did not give the other side a chance to speak.
Of course, he could see that the bodyguard’s eyes were extremely depressed when he fell to the ground. The eyes seemed to say that the drama was not like this, but no matter the bodyguard drama, such as Chen Kai, followed the road, there was no more bodyguard who fell to the ground and waved his weapon at him. In this case, even if Baron Zuolu ran with his head down, he found that the situation was wrong, but at this time there was no one around him to protect him.
"Damn traitor! You traitors! I must put an arrest warrant on you! I must put an arrest warrant on you and put your family to death! Execute! ! !” Roaring Baron Zorou made a bodyguard who had not gone far have an impulse to run back and kill him, but he soon stopped. Although he betrayed his Lord in this business, it was better to betray the Lord than to kill the Lord. Of course, the bodyguard was not angry for a second because he heard the horse fall to the ground.
Although Baron Zorro’s steed is excellent enough, if it is really counted, it should be Lal’s same kind, that is, it belongs to the Andean steed, but it is much weaker than Lal’s Andean steed, which has mutated into Warcraft. After Chen Kai approached the other side, Lal made a ringing nose directly, and then Baron Zorro’s steed knelt directly to face Lal, an ordinary Andean steed with no resistance. Although kneeling on the ground like this will damage its body, the strong resilience of the Andean steed can ensure that it can still run.
Of course, this seems a little disloyal, and Chen Kai didn’t expect Rahl to make the other horse kneel on the ground with a ringing nose. This kind of situation made Chen Kai a little caught off guard, but it was a very bad news for Baron Zuolu. He directly changed from swearing to rolling on the ground. Of course, his teeth were knocked off a lot at the first moment of landing, but for Baron Zuolu, his biggest fear was not that his teeth were knocked off in his mouth, but that he was huge than his body behind him.
"Damn horse! I let you kneel! " Looking at his horse, he didn’t fall down, but took the initiative to kneel. Baron Zoru directly pulled out his weapon and prepared to stab his horse with a sword. Of course, this long sword was directly smashed by a bigger giant sword before waving it. Looking at this old guy who didn’t take himself seriously, Chen Kaike had no idea of respecting the elderly and respecting the virtuous.
"Old guy! I think you should leave your position now. I’m curious why you want to attack me with people! !” Chen Kai’s feet fell to the ground to increase the impact. When he landed, he stepped on the ground and faced the huge body. Chen Kai, a baron with blood and blood, did not show weakness.
"Please call me baron’s adult! Damn untouchables, who else allows you to look down on me? You fucking untouchables have no interest in looking down on me! !” Baron Zolu growled angrily at ll, listening to his words. ll looked at his chest consciously. It seems that his noble emblem is still there, but what can this guy call himself a pariah?
"Baron! ? Sorry, me too! Please don’t always talk about untouchables, you old man! Tell me what you want to attack me with your private soldiers. If you say it, I will consider letting you die better! " In this case, Chen Kaike won’t say anything to let go of each other’s words, even if he does, not only does he not believe it, but it is estimated that the old man won’t believe it either.
"Noble? Ha ha! A barbarian like you deserves me to be the hereditary baron of Lohan Empire! My ancestors fought against the devil’s invasion, but my son was directly punished by the goddess of life because of that bitch! My family lost an heir, and it’s all because of you untouchables! !” Roaring baron zoru sprayed the saliva with blood on ll’s face. Of course, he didn’t care about baron zoru’s words.
"So you are revenge? Md, you’re the asshole dad who dared to flirt with my sister in the temple! Sure enough, there is a father like you. Only a father like you can raise a son who was chopped to death by God. "Chen Kaili left the other side in the place. He didn’t care if his own strength would throw the old man out somehow, because in his opinion, the other side would die sooner or later.
However, when Chen Kai decided to raise his weapon to end this damn old man’s life, he suddenly stopped because his eyes saw a very unexpected person. At that moment, he was holding a huge sword in his hand, and his direct defensive posture stood in front of Chen Kai. Now Chen Kai knows his family’s business, and his physical strength is very bad. Although he has recovered, he is still in a state of near exhaustion. At the same time, he will not talk about quarrelling. Just now, he once again consumed a lot of quarrelling, which made him very difficult to recover and his quarrelling value fell to 1,000 points again.
Let ll be vigilant and desperate. This guy is in front of him, but the knight of the sanctuary. Although ll didn’t know each other in a violent state, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t know from other people that this guy lost an arm and a leg at the thought of the other two attacks, and ll felt that he was in Alexandria.
If it weren’t for the extremely unlucky goods, the old man brought a green hat to his Lord, and then was poisoned by the other side, it is estimated that Lleyton will be directly killed by the other side. There is no chance to make a comeback. Looking at what he saw, Lleyton, the knight, felt a little bitter in his mouth. After all, the two sides had fought each other and the cloud was almost abolished by the other side, and they almost died. It can be said that the two sides should be enemies, but Lleyton knew that his current state was definitely not the other side’s opponent.
Of course, Chen Kaixin has another idea, that is, it seems that the other party is poisoned, which can make the strong in the sanctuary unable to suppress the toxin. Maybe now the other party is also semi-disabled. Of course, Chen Kaixin’s idea just rose and quickly disappeared because he found that the other party’s quarrelling was extremely strong and it didn’t look like poisoning.
"Let him go and leave!" Mr. saros looked at the mouth with blood, Baron Zuolu said slowly towards Ll. He said to Ll with a commanding tone, but looking at each other’s face, Ll suddenly put away his weapon and took a pity look at Baron Zuolu.
"I’m Hans court empire KaiChen? Saint? Lapston Morning Temple Star Knight! " Ll towards coming Mr saros slowly a knight ceremony and then rode on lal’s back.