It was not until Bam met his father that Kabi suddenly realized how far away the word’ father’ was from himself. It is exaggerated to say that if Bam didn’t start for a while, Kabi might not have said the word’ father’ for decades, even without thinking about it.

Kabi quickly denied that he was escaping from suspicion. He not only denied this, but also admitted that he failed to talk to the word’ father’ because he had never seen a man named’ father’ around him since he was a child, and it was enough to have friends and football around him in those days.
"I have a father and a child, but I have never officially said the word’ father’." Kabi sighed, only then did he feel that his life was more ridiculous. How long would he have forgotten the word’ father’ if Bam hadn’t talked about it for a while? Will it last until the day you die?
When Kabi decided to tidy up his emotions before going out of the bathroom, he heard the piano music called’ Chapter 3 of Sorrow’ coming from the bedroom outside. It was easy to hear that it was Bam who pulled the phone out of the loudspeaker and played it directly from the phone.
Kabi dialed his wet feet. Just as he entered the bedroom, he heard Bam say softly, "Don’t worry! If you sleep now, I’ll put my ear tube in, which will make everyone feel quiet. "
Piano music is not a simple song. For Bam, it has a lot to do with his past, of course, more to do with his father’s memory. At this time, Kabi has no intention of figuring out why Bam will keep listening to this tune. The sad piano music is because Kabi’s heart fluctuates again when the piano music is played again.
In order to control the ups and downs of his heart, Kabi felt it necessary to take the initiative to talk to Bam, so as to distract his mind. So he saw Bam’s stiff posture, half lying on the soft bed, his hands holding a tablet, and what was playing in his brain. Kabi was not very clear, but he could still hear clearly that Bam had put it on his pillow and continued to play the piano music on his mobile phone.
Kabi went back to his own soft berth. Because he took part in several drills in the afternoon, he vigorously moved his feet and then put them on the soft berth with all his strength. It felt indescribable. Then he deliberately coughed lightly, and once Bam tilted his head and said, "Are you watching movies on the Internet?" It seems wonderful. "
And Bam glanced at Kabi. Maybe he also knew that Kabi was looking for an opportunity to talk. Based on a brief exchange just now, Bam said, "There are many highlights of the Malaga team on the Internet, and there are also a few minutes of highlights. I’m going to look at them carefully and try to find out the defensive weaknesses of Malaga team. This is very helpful for me, right?"
Kabi, a player who is trying to attack, is naturally interested in Bami, but he is also very surprised. It seems that he has asked Bami for a few rounds, and the eccentric guy is gradually releasing his sense of depression because he thinks that Bam’s words are full of friendliness, not as defensive as before, and both of them are not embarrassed.
In this case, Kabi decided to’ fight back quickly’ as if he never missed the opportunity to attack forward in the game. Then he said, "Well, do you listen to this piano music recording several times a day? No! No! It’s this piano piece called’ Pathetic Chapter III’, isn’t it? "
It’s not hard to find that Bam’s mind seems to be on the tablet screen, but after listening to Kabi’s words, his eyebrows don’t move much. It took a long time to answer, "I usually listen to it several times before going to bed until I get out of every day."
"Every day? Does this mean? " Kabi didn’t understand what Bam meant quickly, and even though Bam never looked at him again, he still had his own doubts.
Bam seemed to hum for a long time, which was very strange, and then he said, "Every day means today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, every day, every month, every day last year, every day passed, understand?"
Kabi nodded and said, "I get it, but I want to say that your mental state needs to be adjusted, and I have to say that although you played a recording, I’m sure you played it very well!" Maybe you can be a pianist when you retire. "
At this time, Bam "snorted" and said, "Pianist? In fact, my father was a pianist, but unfortunately, although I liked piano playing at the age of seven, I liked football at the age of five. My persistence was bound to disappoint my father. I gave up being an excellent pianist and chose football, which was the only regret before my father died.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-five Dreams are similar
The next morning, Kabi woke up in the soft berth. He narrowed his eyes and moved like a slow motion. He stretched himself in the soft berth, and then he felt that his bones and muscles were sore and suddenly found that the curtain was pulled.
His eyes can’t adapt to the golden light coming from the outside for a while, which makes Kabi intuitively feel uncomfortable. After rubbing the corner of his eye, he found a tear mark near each corner of his eye. This phenomenon is difficult to explain, but the most difficult thing for him to explain is that he had a strange dream last night.
Everything that happened in the dream is directly related to today’s game. Let’s say that Granada’s morale has been like a rainbow recently. In La Liga, they have madly grabbed points, and even Real Madrid, the mighty giants, have been defeated by them. What other team can stop their madness in a short time?
But it happened that Kabi’s dream was so real that he could repeat every detail in it, and even when he woke up, he felt that the whole thing had just happened a minute ago. Then he touched his back and found that his back was covered with dry sweat.
It is said that something happens before or after the dream comes into being. However, Kabi can’t figure out that he is not white, so the dream will suddenly come out, even more so. In the dream, the team suffered a fiasco and directly won the Malaga team.
"Was it because I was stopped by Malaga fans at the hotel gate yesterday that I had some potential psychology and then I had that inexplicable dream when I was sleeping?" Kabi turned to think that this understanding, though reluctant, can also be analyzed in this respect.
After a whole night’s sleep, people will experience water shortage, so Kabi intuitively felt that his throat was very dry, facing the window. He turned over and wanted to leave the soft bed to find a drink to replenish the right amount of water, but when he turned over, his heart suddenly shook. Because he saw his roommate Bam wake up already, sitting on the edge of the soft bed and watching the film in the tablet brain.
After last night’s conversation, Kabibam had a deep communication. Although the communication time was shorter than when the game machine played a football match, it was always a good thing that the two of them were willing to communicate, and Bam suddenly closed his back and fell asleep against Kabi after saying something about his father’s funeral.
However, Kabi believes that this is a good time for them and gradually improves Bam. He says that Bam’s aloof is not necessarily congenital, but even some things that Bam certainly didn’t say. Unfortunately, these past events have become Bam’s shadow.
These shadows also directly control the performance of Bam in his life. For example, he doesn’t like to participate in physical activities in his personal life, and he rarely speaks with a single expression. However, several people in Kabima are still not sure whether he lives in Granada or not. How does he live on a match day?
Bam needs to let go of the past and never want to face things, but it’s obviously a bit difficult to come out completely for a while. Fortunately, he chose football as his own career, which makes his teammates wander around a lot. As time goes on, Bam may help his teammates get a little normal. This idea was also guessed by Kabi before going to sleep last night.
Seeing that his hair was too messy, Kabi followed suit and sat on the edge of the soft shop. After he composed himself, he asked Bam, "Good morning! Have you studied the defensive loopholes of Malaga team again? Is this not too worrying? "
Bam’s head is biased and his eyes are not biased. He stares straight at the tablet screen, but his mouth says, "Well! Don’t be surprised that I acted like this, because I had a very strange dream last night. Everything in the dream was very real as if it had just happened. It was a very bad omen, so I was a little worried! "
It sounds like Kabi instantly straightened his back and gasped. He felt that what Bam gave was so shocking. After a long pause, he rubbed his palms and said, "Is everything that happened in your dream playing against Malaga today?" And we lost badly? "
If you meet someone who can describe your dreams, you will be surprised. At this time, Bam’s face didn’t twitch at all, and his eyes didn’t leave his brain screen. He was very calm and said, "The brain waves will resonate. I completely believe this statement. Although I am worried, I don’t believe that everything in the dream will come true, because it is still a dream that has not come true. It can be a dream."
Kabi is not as calm as Bam, and he has heard that dreams appear in different people at once, which is not a good omen. He is very funny, holding his face and wondering if he is still in the dream. When he bowed his head and meditated on the dream, Bam closed his head and stood up.
"Now I’m going to the hotel gym to practice harder, which will make my state more moderate before the game." When he spoke, Bam still didn’t look at Kabi. He seemed to be talking to the air
Kabi was in a confused mood. Before he recovered, Bam left the room, and then his thoughts could not be explained. Both of them had an identical dream. Although the details of the dream were somewhat different, Bam confessed that the momentum in the dream was like a rainbow. Granada lost miserably to Malaga.
It is clear that he is not in a dream. Kabi stood up and thought of a very simple way to calm himself down a little, that is, to go into the bathroom and take a cold shower to make his feverish head feel a stimulus and wake himself up for a while.
When Kabi heard the doorbell before he entered the bathroom, he said that it would not be so stupid for Bam to hold the key card, so he thought that it must be the idiot who rang the doorbell.
The door was slipped by Kabi, and he saw the hemp rat standing in front of the door. The other party was usually naughty and playful, but he didn’t see it for a while, as if he had just climbed out of a deep underground hole. His face was slightly tired, his hair was in a mess, and he stared at Kabi in an inexplicable way.
"Why? Ask me to go to the restaurant for breakfast? " Kabi said
The hemp rat’s face suddenly twitched and said, "My roommate Tusk and I had a very similar dream last night. This is very strange. I came here to ask you if you had a dream last night?" to be continued
Chapter three hundred and sixty-six The curse of the home team?
Listen to the hemp rat, Kabi seems to have expected something, but his affirmative answer made the hemp rat just sway for two times, and his legs were weak. If it weren’t for the hemp rat, he might kneel in front of the door.
Although Kabi hasn’t figured out whether the dream that Marmot said about dreaming is the same as himself and Bam, he can’t explain it clearly from Marmot, but he has to vaguely realize that there must be some connections here, otherwise Marmot wouldn’t be so panicked.
Then Kabi told the hemp rat everything in his dream, and also told it to Bam patiently, and the hemp rat listened to it and his facial features became tighter and tighter, and a few drops of sweat slipped from his brow.
"mom! This hotel is amazing. It’s impossible for several people to have almost the same dream, and it’s still as real as it happened a minute ago. Damn it! I won’t stay in this hotel even if I am on vacation in Malaga for the second time. When I first came out of my room, everything in the corridor was so horrible! " The hemp rat entered the room without waiting for Kabi to give a response.
Then the hemp rat found that Bam was not in the room and even said a joke to Kabi when his mood was not stable. "What’s the matter? Did Bam go back to Granada before he was scared? "
Kabihao was in the mood to entertain the joke of hemp rat, but made a perfunctory response to the corner of his mouth. Then he ignored the hemp rat sitting in a soft chair, zipped a big black backpack, pulled out two packs of’ Colombian Alpine Coffee’ from it and turned his head and said, "I think we should have a cup of coffee first to make our brains move, and then sit down and slowly communicate our dreams."
The hemp rat’s mood is uncertain. He has ignored the joke just now, but he is dialing his messy hair, but his eyes are constantly spinning and thinking about something. Finally, he is very nervous and looks around the room and says, "Fortunately, we are catching a night flight back to Granada after the game, otherwise we will still stay in this hotel when we come back." I really don’t want to spend the night here anymore. It’s terrible! "
The water in the kettle is constantly jumping out of water droplets, which seems to be boiling water, and Kabi is nearby, putting two cups into coffee grounds and thinking that the whole thing is very strange. Counting himself, then Bam and Tusk, the four of them, all had similar dreams on the same night, and they were still so real. Is it because Malaga fans cursed them?
Kabi is a very simple person. He is doomed not to understand everything, so he decided to listen to the dream of Marmot and Tusk first, and then wait until two cups of fragrant’ Colombian Alpine Coffee’ were picked up by him and handed to Marmot for a cup. He quickly got into the theme, "You just listened to the dream of Bam and I, and I’ll give it to you when I get it."
Marmot "hmm" one or two eyes turned faster, as if he was about to start talking, and then he took a sip of coffee. It seems that even if "Colombian Alpine Coffee" is worth enjoying, Marmot is not in that mood.
Kabi, on the other hand, sat on the edge of the soft bed and left half a cup of coffee. His face was surprisingly calm. He planned to give Marmot a hundred patience because he wanted Marmot to describe his dreams in detail as much as possible without being urged.
Hemp mouse gently coughed and put the coffee cup next to it a little shorter, then glanced at Kabi and said, "Since we all sent it, it’s very similar!" It should be the same dream, then you should know that this is a very tired dream, because after waking up, the whole person feels sore. I don’t know much about Bam’s situation. Both Tusk and I feel this way. What about you? "
After listening, Kabi also deliberately twisted his back and said, "Yes! We are a professional athlete’s institute. Yesterday’s practice classes can’t be the main reason, but when I woke up just now, some of them were very uncomfortable, especially the waist was very sore. "
It sounds like the hemp rat lifted its neck and hissed for a long time, then said, "I have a general understanding of your dream with Benham. Let me first talk about my dream, which is also playing against the Malaga team. The battle position is also an offensive midfield as in reality, but the strange thing is that the whole dream is very real and long, as if I really played for 90 minutes. Then I punched the opponent’s neck at the end of the game because I couldn’t accept the rude interception of the opponent’s player, and was fined a red card by the referee."
Kabi listened carefully and wondered if there was a picture of a hemp rat being punished for a red card in his dream. Later, he suddenly felt cold in his back because he remembered that there was indeed a picture of a hemp rat in his dream and the hemp rat was really punished.
"Are our dreams linked and still connected?" Kabi quickly expressed his recollection and then asked the hemp rat like this.
The hemp rat rubbed his face very hard and said in a vague voice, "It seems that Insk also said that in his dreams, there were scenes before I was given a red card. This has been confirmed and needs to be said."