"Black fire-breathing dragon, I really can’t adapt to it for a while. I chose Y stone." Longye made a decision.

The fire-breathing dragon has been with Longye for so long. Longye knows that this guy is better at special attacks. It is for this reason that Longye finally chose the Y stone. In fact, the fire-breathing dragon in Longye has an idea. There is still a fire dinosaur waiting for Longye in Zhenxin Town. The fire dinosaur has higher basic ability and stronger body, which makes it more suitable for it to complete the mega evolution.
Anyway, Longye has a lot of points in his hand, but he can’t think of anything to do for the time being except to exchange super-advanced fossils.
With the Tyrannosaurus rex and the fire-breathing dragon Y in his hand, Shi Longye has some sighs in his heart. Now he has six super-advanced fossils in his hand, which is really unimaginable.
Beedrill, Gengar, Tyrannosaurus rex, Iceberguard, salamander and fire-breathing dragon Y, among the six super-advanced fossils, Gengar has completed the mega evolution, which is really a feeling that there is a treasure mountain but no profit. It seems that it is necessary to strengthen the mega evolution practice.
Super water turtle No.1 is getting farther and farther away from Wudou Town, and has completely entered the sea at this time.
On this day, Longye is practicing mega evolution with Tyrannosaurus rex, and Tyrannosaurus rex’s super-advanced fossils are embedded behind its head horn by Longye, so that it will not affect its battle and will not fall off again in battle.
Red Tyrannosaurus rex has been with Longye for more than seven years since he was still in Magikarp, which made him have a deep affection for Longye. This emotional fetter was also before mega evolution of Tyrannosaurus rex.
Tyrannosaurus rex has performed well, and it has already felt the ultra-advanced fossils for the first time, but it is not familiar with the method to benefit the energy of ultra-advanced fossils.
Just as Longye was about to try again, a water column with a diameter of two meters suddenly splashed out from the water, making Longye soaked all over. For a while, Longye erupted or an undersea volcano erupted, but for a moment, Meow Meow told him the reason.
"Boss, we have a group of Wailord on board!"
"What?" Longye was surprised to see such an elf as Wailord.
Former Longye thought about the ancient spiny fish and Wailord when he was still considering the notice stone room, but after he got the ancient spiny fish, Longye accidentally discovered Regice, which also made him lose his mind about the notice stone room.
I didn’t expect to meet Wailord unexpectedly today, not one but a group.
Wailord is the largest average size among the known elves, with a length of 15 meters, which makes them ashamed giants in the elf world. However, their weight has always made people vomit, because according to the calculation, their body density will be lighter than gas.
In fact, Wailord, an elf, Jigglypuff, has a small body like Jigglypuff, but it can inflate itself by inhaling air, while Wailord inhales seawater, and their actual weight is much larger than the data.
Do you want a Wailord? Ryuno thought to himself
But then he shook his head. Wailord’s huge size root can’t be easily taken out. According to Wailord’s size, Longye will make a big hole in the Taoist temple if he goes to participate in the Taoist temple competition. In that case, who dares to let him enter the Taoist temple?
More importantly, the roaring whale king is a water elf. Although he can stay on the shore for a while, he will eventually exert his strength on the shore.
But even if it is a law, there should be no problem in fighting a battle!
Longye looked at the red Tyrannosaurus rex, which was longer than Wailord’s, and he was looking forward to the first world war with Wailord.
Another puzzling thing about Wailord is that its physical strength is excellent, but its defense is extremely low. special defense and physical defense are surprisingly low. This time, Longye wants to see if Wailord is such an elf.
Ordering Super Water Turtle No.1 to stay away from the Roaring Whale King Dragon Field made Tyrannosaurus rex challenge a Wailord.
Red Tyrannosaurus rex is three times the size of ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex, which makes it not only have no disadvantage but also have a faint advantage in the face of Wailord. Don’t say that this size makes the challenged Wailord an enemy.
Wailord’s IQ is very high. After seeing the challenge of Tyrannosaurus rex, other Wailord dispersed into a circle and surrounded Tyrannosaurus rex and the challenged Wailord. Among them, other Wailord kept spouting water columns, which seemed to be his brother’s encouragement.
Tyrannosaurus rex was furious and started the war, while Wailord fought back with a water cannon. This water cannon was as thick as Tyrannosaurus rex’s body, and its huge impact made the dragon’s anger attack quickly appear powerful.
Tyrannosaurus rex also made a water cannon trick, which led to a stalemate with Wailord.
The deafening impact of the water made Longye and Meow Meow cover their ears. This kind of elf fighting can really bring people a sense of majestic shock. In an instant, you will feel very small in front of such power.
Tyrannosaurus rex and Wailord stopped the water cannon attack at the same time, and then Tyrannosaurus rex stormed to Wailord and finally met an opponent of the same size. It wanted to fight heartily.
Wailord also didn’t flinch. It bombed the Tyrannosaurus rex with a heavy blow.
Booming a spray and stirring for more than ten meters, the Tyrannosaurus rex was knocked back!
Wailord’s current weight, which can produce such an impact force, is definitely not a few hundred kilograms. It seems that the Wailord body must have inhaled a lot of seawater.
After a collision, the two sides rallied and developed a second collision …
Surging sea water rocked Super Arrow Turtle No.1 like a leaf in a torrent. Waves more than ten meters high roared around, and the whales formed a circle and called a flood control wall. Those waves hit Wailord and lost their power. If they hadn’t blocked the surrounding waters, they would have been turned upside down.
Tyrannosaurus rex has discovered the weakness of Wailord after two collisions. They are really weak in defense. Just two collisions seem that Tyrannosaurus rex suffered losses, but it was not seriously injured. Wailord’s body is like a soft water balloon. Although it has caused some impact on Tyrannosaurus rex, it has suffered more reaction.
With confidence, Tyrannosaurus rex rushed to Wailord from the top corner of his head several times, which made Wailord’s physical strength amazing and some of them could not stand it. Tyrannosaurus rex was able to leave a wound in Wailord, but there was nothing Wailord could do about Tyrannosaurus rex’s steel scales.
"All right, let’s stop fighting Tyrannosaurus rex!" The dragon just shouted
He wants to see if Wailord’s defense capability is really as low as the data record, not to accept this Wailord, so there is no need for Tyrannosaurus rex and Wailord to fight to the death.
Hearing Longye shouting Tyrannosaurus Rex immediately returned to the side of Super Archean No.1, which was picked by Tyrannosaurus Rex. Wailord spewed out a column of water, and then returned to the whales. He was injured in Wailord, and his strong physical strength will be restored in a short time. This injury is worthless to the roaring whale king.
The roaring whales circled around the super water turtle No.1 several times, and then swam away in the distance under the leadership of a whale.
"It’s really hard to beat the king of whales in the sea!" Longye sighed and said
"Tyrannosaurus rex, you did a great job this time. Keep cheering." Longye reached over to Tyrannosaurus rex and patted his big head. "Come on, let’s continue to practice the mega evolution."
After leaving the roaring whale king group, the Super Arrow Turtle 1 continued to sail towards Kena City.
On the way, Super Arrow Turtle No.1 encountered a reef. Fortunately, Super Arrow Turtle No.1 was strong in texture and could change its flight form, so it was safe. Longye checked a ship’s chart and found that there was no reef in this position.
The sea is too vast for people to mark all the reefs, but every sailor has the right to announce the location of the reefs when he meets them.
When Longye accurately located his coordinates with a treasure finder, he suddenly found himself familiar with this position.
"This place is not the location where the shipwreck appeared in the post-animation, is it?" Longye suddenly thought of
Longye remembers that in the animation, there was indeed a large ship on the rocks in Fengyuan area. Although there were no casualties, the ship was abandoned on the reef.
"Maybe I can avoid an accident by marking the reef here this time," thought Dragon Ambition.
Farewell to the reef Super Arrow Turtle No.1 soon entered the waters of Kena City. When Kena City was far away, the Longye Treasure Hunt suddenly rang.
"Is there a baby in this position?"
In order to find out exactly what it is, Super Archean 1 stopped at sea.