Dad, since you have decided, there is nothing to hinder the evolution of the big rock snake by Longye. After returning, Longye immediately called Hui and told him that he could make the big rock snake evolve. Hui Yi was also very surprised. "The big rock snake can still evolve? Longye, are you kidding? "

"This is the latest research achievement of my cousin, a researcher. You’d better not spread it around before she is officially published."
"okay, I’m white."
Hui came to Longye’s residence immediately after he spoke, but he couldn’t wait for a moment to see the evolution of the rock snake.
Because these data have not been officially published, Longye did not directly tell Ah Hui about the evolution of the big rock snake. He asked Ah Hui to send the big rock snake to Zhenxin Town, and Fujiwara family members helped the big rock snake evolve.
"Thank you so much for Longye," Hui said excitedly. Although the big rock snake has not evolved yet, Hui believes that Longye will not lie to him. "If you need help, I will try my best to help you. This is my promise with the big rock snake."
"If there is something, I won’t be polite at all," Longye said with a smile.
Solved Ah Hui’s problem, Longye thought about a game of his own. Now Longye has entered this league meeting. If he wants to win again, he will complete the goal of winning the top four in the league meeting. The next battle is the most important for Longye, and the next game is still a six-to-six game. The main players of Longye may have to count out in one game. It is really looking forward to thinking about it.
"Longye didn’t expect you to let the Gengar field play so early, and I also thought that you would leave it as the last killer." Crossing this guy once again found Longye and chattered.
"Until the last? You don’t already know about Gengar? "Long Ye didn’t good the spirit choked.
"You’re right, but I think you want to finish the fight as soon as possible because you talk too much about the game. It seems that I have to make efforts to finish the previous game as soon as possible."
Cross a pair of I have already seen through your expression, so that Longye doesn’t even have a rebuttal. Forget it. He can think what he likes. Longye can comfort himself so much.
In fact, Longye is not in a calm mood now. Please always let him remember that the Super Dream Rocket Team is located in the New Island Research Institute and has been doing research for nearly a year. Longye has never received any information about the progress of Super Dream research since he went to see it with Sakaki once. Longye has always wanted to witness the birth of Super Dream with his own eyes, but there is no news yet.
Finishing a train of thought, Longye focused his energy on a competition. At this time, a competitor in Longye has confirmed that Xingping, a player from Sunshine Town, defeated his opponent and successfully entered the strong team.
This Xingping gives Longye the feeling that he is more suitable to participate in the gorgeous competition. His elves can often display their skills in the competition than gorgeous, while opponents’ attacks can often be resolved in a beautiful way.
Xingping’s fighting style has made him popular with many audiences, and he has accumulated great fame. However, after all, the league meeting and the gorgeous competition are different. Although a genius like Mi Keli can combine the two perfectly, it is a pity that Xingping is not as talented as Mi Keli.
Longye found the videos of Xingping’s recent games. He found that Xingping has recently paid more and more attention to the gorgeous effect of moves and neglected the actual aggression. Many times, he can knock down his opponent with one move, but he has to use two or three skills to increase the visual effect.
If Xingping didn’t deliberately deceive others, there wouldn’t be much pressure on Longye in a game.
Chapter 54 The semi-final quota war
"After a few days of fierce competition, a famous player finally succeeded in the end. Now the competition will become a confrontation between six elves, which will increase the number of elves and make many changes in the tactics chosen by the players.
Today, two players who participated in the competition have been present. They are Xingping player from Sunshine Town and Longye player from Zhenxin Town. These two players must be very familiar to everyone. Xingping player’s gorgeous performance in battle has impressed many audiences, and Longye player’s actions of making an elf finish the competition many times are even more exciting.
Today’s game can be said to be a gorgeous power confrontation. I don’t know if Longye players will send yesterday’s powerful and terrible Gengar Xingping players and how they will defeat Longye players in a gorgeous way. Let’s wait and see. "
The commentator is more excited today than yesterday, but it’s no wonder that after all, there will be a duel between six players and six players today.
"Badahu is you."
"Go flying mantis"
Longye and Xingping each sent their first elves. It is a coincidence that these two elves are both insects and flying attributes.
"Longye, today I will defeat you gorgeously," Xingping said defiantly.
"I just want to beat you normally." Longye smiled faintly.
The two sides looked at each other and at the same time gave their elves an order, "Butterfly makes sleep powder". Butterfly immediately flew high to the flying mantis, and a large amount of powder floated from high to flying mantis with a wave of his wings.
All kinds of powder attacks of Badahui can be said to be the most troublesome, but these powders fall very slowly and are easily affected by the wind. Facing Badahui’s attack on Longye, the flying mantis directly makes the light flash out of the attack range of sleep powder.
"Flying mantis aims at the butterfly to make the real wave"
After hearing the command from Longye, the flying mantis suddenly waved a few sickles at Zhongba Butterfly, and a series of true waves quickly attacked Bada Butterfly. Fortunately, Bada Butterfly was very sensitive to gas changes, but it still flew flexibly to avoid the attack.
"Badahu will show you gorgeous powder dance." Xingping said excitedly that whenever his elf wants to show these gorgeous attacks, Xingping will be very excited because he has thought that the audience will cheer after such skills appear.
Although I don’t know what this so-called powder dance is, Longye can’t just watch each other display their skills. At this time, Longye directly ordered the flying mantis to make a sword dance.
Xingping, however, seems to have misunderstood Longye’s meaning. He laughed and said, "Do you want to defend the powder dance of Patagonia with high-speed sword dance? You are dreaming. "
See the butterfly in the poison powder, paralysis powder and sleep powder out in turn, just before these powders fell off the wings of the butterfly, the butterfly directly flapped its wings to create a small whirlwind, and the butterfly flexibly flapped its wings to control the whirlwind to wrap all the powders together. This whirlwind mixed with various powders quickly approached the flying mantis.
This move is what Xingping said about powder dance. Even those fast elves can avoid the powder attack of Badahu.
However, Xingping obviously believed in this powder dance too much. He obviously forgot that the flying mantis can fly. Although few people picked up the flying mantis and flew, the wings behind it were not furnishings after all. When the powder dance of Badahu was about to cover the flying mantis, the flying mantis once again flashed away from the powder dance range and saw that the flying mantis flew directly to Zhongba Butterfly.
Although Badahui wanted to make a storm to blow the flying mantis, the flying mantis scissors cross fist still hit Badahui’s body and was strengthened by sword dance, which directly made Badahui lose consciousness.
Without the control of the butterfly, the so-called powder dance stopped immediately.
"Damn it, this flying mantis should attack Badahu." Xingping lost the first game and was very depressed. "Change your game, Big Rock Snake."
Longye didn’t expect to see another big rock snake, but Xingping’s big rock snake is much stronger than Hui’s big rock snake.
"The big rock snake’s sharp sword beat its opponent down" Xingping directly made the big rock snake restrain the flying mantis rock energy very much.
However, the attack will only cause damage if it can hit the opponent. Otherwise, it will not be faced with a number of flying rocks and sharp blades. The flying mantis dodged most attacks with a flash of light, and some stone blades were chopped up by its sickle.
"Since this is not enough, let’s attack it more closely. The big rock snake makes the sandstorm."
Several sand stones were ejected from the big rock snake, and the whole site was soon covered by sandstorms. The dense sand stones hit the flying mantis, and the flying mantis showed a painful expression.
Because the sandstorm stopped Longye from trying to recover the flying mantis, it didn’t succeed. In this case, it can be the last struggle for the flying mantis.
"No matter if the big rock snake continues to make the sword dance"
The flying mantis spins at high speed in the same place, making the sword dance, and at the same time, most of the sand and stones are blocked, which is really a pleasant surprise.
"The big rock snake’s steel tail will directly fly the opponent out." Xingping looked at the place and made the sword dance fly. A sharp edge flashed in mantis’s eyes. He likes watching baseball games best. This flying mantis will definitely be hit by the big rock snake like a baseball.
Xing Pingxian forgot the lesson just now. When the big rock snake’s tail was about to hit the flying mantis with a metallic light, the flying mantis suddenly opened its eyes and flashed along the body of the big rock snake and quickly came to the top of the big rock snake.
After continuous sword dance, the sickle was severely knocked on the head of the big rock snake, scissors, cross fist and flying mantis.
The defense of the Great Rock Snake is really high. Although the blow caused a lot of damage to the Great Rock Snake, it did not directly solve the problem. The Great Rock Snake did not wait for Xingping’s command to reverse itself, which was a move. Flying Mantis directly lost its combat effectiveness.
"Your turn, Exeggutor."
Longye directly released Exeggutor. Although the sandstorm continues to have some influence on Exeggutor, Longye’s goal is to let Exeggutor quickly get rid of this big rock snake.
As soon as Exeggutor appeared, its parasitic species fell directly on the body of the big rock snake, and the parasitic species germinated immediately after contacting the big rock snake to absorb its physical strength.
Xingping wanted the Great Rock Snake to fight back immediately, but after the parasitic species germinated, vines wound around the Great Rock Snake to slow it down. Before the Great Rock Snake attacked, Exeggutor had fired a large number of fried eggs at the Great Rock Snake, which landed on the Great Rock Snake accurately. After an explosion, the Great Rock Snake had lost its fighting ability.
"Damn it!" Xingping didn’t expect that the big rock snake, which had just got rid of Longye elf, immediately lost its fighting ability. "Go flying mantis" Xingping actually sent a flying mantis.
Seeing this flying mantis, there was a smile at the corner of Longye’s mouth. Flying mantis really restrained Exeggutor, but now Longye won’t make the mistake just now. "Come back, Exeggutor." Longye directly took back Exeggutor’s elf ball. It turned out that just after defeating the big rock snake, Longye had thought that his opponent would send a restraining Exeggutor elf to let Exeggutor himself come to the edge of the field, so that the sandstorm root wouldn’t affect the elf golfer.