However, as time goes by, more and more undead appear in front of Chen Kai, and the pressure on the defenders of the city wall is increasing. In Chen Kai’s heart, there is a voice telling him that it is not best to attack the undead now. Let’s not say that the number of undead gathered together is small now, and the location of the other party alone exceeds the maximum shooting range of the catapult. Not only are the slings fired at will, but the wave ammunition is also easy to expose the position of the catapult, although perhaps the position of these slings has already been known by the other party.

Although all the players in the city wall became extremely nervous and kept looking at Chen Kai, who only showed his head out of the city wall, in the end, there was no catapult launched at the bed crossbow with a longer range, and even the winch was not started. However, Chen Kai still signaled those players to put the crossbow into the launching slot, but the crossbow string was not in a hurry to tighten.
Although these undead rushed forward for some distance after climbing the ground, they just wandered around the gem abyss, not far from it, even if the number of undead increased to thousands, but their patrol range was even wider after the number increased
Looking at the increasing number of undead, Chen Kai was in a very bad mood, but he was afraid to send troops to clear these undead because of his fear of the strange undead. The strange undead have become a curse firmly wrapped around Chen Kai’s heart, and this curse makes him look at those undead as if he were watching a guillotine gradually falling, and he doesn’t know when the guillotine will cut his head.
"Boss! So the number of those undead continues to increase? " Yunyin came from Chen Kai. He didn’t know why Chen Kai had to wait like this, but he was as afraid of the terrible Beechcraft undead.
"wait! !” Chen Kaili grabbed the unfinished petrified wall on the edge of the city wall. On the wall of his terrorist forces, it was not petrified, but it was still extremely strong. Several clearly visible fingerprints were caught on the wall.
"All right!" Looking at Chen Kai’s scarlet eyes, he wanted to say something, but in the end it turned into a sigh, but soon he was just about to leave his body and was dragged back by Chen Kai.
"Old four! You tell a second child to transfer Drake and Arno to the southern castle, and at the same time, tell a dwarf to move to the south as far as possible if it is guarded by the city law. Then the castle in the south can withstand less and less. Bikel is much stronger, because Chen Kai installed several large magic crystal guns in the southern castle when he was working for personal gain. The beam power of those magic crystal guns is less than seven spells, but each launch consumes magic crystals and it is extremely scary. The most important thing is that these magic crystal guns belong to real smuggling. If they are found, even Prime Minister Capello will cover them.
However, that was before the invasion of the undead. If I had known that there would be a high-level undead in Berkner town, let alone a medium-caliber magic crystal gun, Prime Minister Capello would have asked Chen Kai to install the money and manufacture it as a matter of course. After all, it would have cost tens of millions of gold coins to launch a magic crystal. Of course, such things are only things that may cause trouble to the high-level undead, and they may not necessarily threaten each other’s lives unless the giant magic guns guarding the magic door or the border fortress are moved here, perhaps we can kill a high-level undead.
Players in Berkner Town watched the residents slowly evacuate from the rear gate to the northern city of Kelda, but they were dismayed that the residents only evacuated, but finally there were signs of the tauren and the black armor cavalry. If they didn’t know that Chen Kairen was still guarding in front of the city wall, it is estimated that all players would want him to escape. Of course, these players will soon know the evacuation direction of the black armor cavalry and the tauren. That is the castle leading to Nice, Aarti.
After arriving at this castle, all the Black Armored Cavalry and Tauren stopped to evacuate south, which made the players feel relieved, because if these Black Armored Cavalry directly evacuated or left Berkner Town for other places under the order of Chen Kai, it would be a great blow to the morale of the players.
Although Drake didn’t evacuate from Berkner Town, even if he moved to the South Castle, it was enough to make some players feel a shadow. However, players don’t understand why Chen Kai wants to transfer the most important fighting force in Berkner Town to the South Castle, although the terrain there is even higher. After Chen Kai, they constantly maintained that the entire castle area has expanded by nearly one third, so a wall of more than ten meters high has been built in the direction of Berkner Town.
When the city residents moved, the number of undead troops was also increasing. It seemed that the undead army was guarding the city wall, and the players’ mood was gradually sinking. This feeling of watching the enemy increase was very scary, as if it were a rope tied around the neck. You knew that this rope would die when it was tightened, but you could watch it tighten step by step. This kind of gradual approach to despair made many people’s hands and feet cold. If the punishment was not signed, it would be very heavy. It is estimated that these players would have been unable to stand the fear of turning around and running without making Chen Kai’s deadly gold coins.
"Berkner town guard war battlefield rev! Please pay attention to all players! !” This is when the first undead appeared in the player’s field of vision, the players received the unified indication, but now it has been more than an hour since this unified indication appeared. The number of undead around the gem abyss has also increased from hundreds to countless now. Looking at the gray undead in the distance, Chen Kai is not afraid that it is false, but even if he is afraid, he will not be bullied by the other party. The most important thing is that even if Chen Kai raises his hand and surrenders, the other party will not accept prisoners.
So far, Chen Kai hasn’t heard that players will not be killed after surrendering to the undead, because creatures who die in the eyes of the undead are not disgusted. Because of this situation, no player wants to surrender to the undead foolishly.
"coming!" When Chen Kai saw a dozen giant helldogs pulling a golden cart in front of him, his first thought was how such a cart was pulled from the cliff. But in a moment, he was attracted by the carriage’s death knight who was leaning on the golden throne. In the afternoon, the sun shone and Arthur, the pale undead monarch, leaned lazily against the throne, paler than his hair hung down on both sides of his cheeks, and the bones cast a crown on his head. A wisp of pale flame slowly burned in the crown. To be continued.
The first volume Chapter 491 Getting closer and closer to despair (5
Arthur, the king of death Pandala just appeared in front of players for the first time, but his real appearance was exposed to the sun for the first time. Although many players saw his shadow in Lava City, not many people were regarded as undead King Arthur after seeing him in the sun.
However, compared with those who are active in film and television or in the history of the King of England games, this necromancer gives players a more terrible sense, because he is a high-level king of the Necromancer. The most important thing is that his initial record was extremely fierce, and he cut a paladin’s shoulder and single-handedly killed more than a dozen flying knights. Although almost no player knew that this necromancer had almost the same name as the King of England when he appeared in Berkner Town, his appearance still frightened many players.
Although this fear is more due to ostentation and extravagance than to the strength of the other side, there is no doubt that most people are frightened by the other side. Looking at the golden chariot in the sun, everyone only thought at the first time that this product was even more local than the local tyrants. The shiny gold and precious stones flashed in the sun and blinded the players.
At the moment, the only idea of most players is that this product is too rich. Whether it’s the colorful sunshine gems or the golden light, gold gives people an extremely shocking visual impact. Perhaps most players have this opportunity to see a chariot full of gold gems for a generation of more than ten meters. After all, the effect of showing off the wealth of gold is too strong. The huge chariot emits an intoxicating golden light like an eye-catching spotlight. This light shines so brightly in the sunshine that many people ignore the dozens of helldogs pulling the chariot in front of the undead army around them at that moment.
"Sure enough, the sun is clearer!" Arthur leaned against the throne and looked at himself, causing a comfortable result. He didn’t mend the sword mark on the wall. In the sunshine, it was very clear. Chen Zhe was like the same winding and ferocious scar
"Ready to attack! Let me see what this god-given Lord can do! " The necromancer slowly waved his arm, and he indicated that the undead gathered around him gradually synthesized one attack formation after another. At the forefront, the ordinary skeleton soldiers were still cannon fodder, but among all the skeleton soldiers, dozens of tauren guards made the tauren death knights.
Holding high a dark tomahawk, the body was covered with a gray death breath. Looking at these familiar tauren, Chen Kai’s only thought was to kill them himself, but he didn’t know that these tauren souls were still trapped in the body. If he knew, he might blame himself even more.
"Slingshot preparation! Bed crossbow calibration arrow launch! ! !” Although Chen Kai knew that Berkner Town might not be able to keep it this time, he still wanted his territory to win more, so soon after Chen Kai’s order arrived, players went to hum and hum and put huge rocks into slings, but the huge wooden crossbow was the first to be launched.
The huge crossbow bolt that roared out whirled slightly towards the ground, but it smashed three or four skeletons directly before it fell. This kind of low-level cannon fodder skeleton soldier has extremely poor fighting capacity because they are all bones demon players’ corpses to make cannon fodder soldiers temporarily. Although he prefers to make some high-level Darth Vader or zombies, the characteristics of players’ corpses make it difficult for him to succeed. It would be good if one of the corpses left by 1,000 players can be left intact. However, it takes a lot of materials and time to make zombies. It is also very difficult to make zombies in the absence of a place to cultivate zombies.
Finally, there are these fresh cannon fodder skeletons in front of Chen Kai and them, but even a large number of cannon fodder will become terrible. When tens of thousands of skeletons rush, it gives people the feeling that a gray tide is forming.
"Was launched! Kill those bone racks for me and always feed their bones to the dogs! !” With the roar of the cloud, all the crossbows were fired in the direction of his command to charge the skeletons. Hundreds of calibrated crossbows fell like a dense dark cloud towards the undead army. All the crossbows could smash at least two or three undead bodies, and more than five or six skeletons were directly smashed. The most important thing is that these fallen crossbows were obliquely inserted into the ground, directly forming a crossbow jungle that blocked the undead road.
When the second batch of crossbows were launched, the wall catapults were also launched at the undead. Watching huge rocks roar out in the creaking sound of catapults, the damage that these rocks can do is even more terrible. If those skeleton soldiers can be combined if they are not directly hit by the crossbow, then once they are hit by huge rocks, they will be doomed.
The sound of crushing stones and crushing bones sounds from time to time, but no player feels that he has gained experience value. The most important thing is that there are tauren death knights among these undead, which were strictly selected by Arnault. The tauren guards have the lowest rank and rank, and Chen Kai specially customized their black armor, which looks extremely powerful and powerful. After being turned into death knights by the Bones Devil, their combat effectiveness has not decreased, but has increased a lot. Power has completely transformed their bodies into undead bodies. If you want to control the body and keep the special soul from burning, then they will never die. Even if the body is cut into two parts, you have to put it together in a special way and recall the undead fire, you can still resurrect it.
If that’s all, the wall players won’t be afraid, but they will be scared. It’s these tauren who are familiar. They recognized their guards almost when they saw the dark armor. But it’s not only these tauren’s identities that scare players, but also their terrorist strength. Because their axe is splitting rocks and crossbows at the moment, it’s just like playing. It’s just like watching a bolt and a boulder flying out of the hands of these tauren. The only feeling for players is fear.
The most important thing is that at this moment, the former tauren guards, who should have been friendly, have become enemies, and they are rushing towards the wall at a very horrible speed, watching them approaching. Chen Kai clutched the wall tightly and grasped the huge sword behind him, but in the end he let go. This is not because Chen Kaifa approached several tauren guards, but he knew very well that even if he pulled out his weapon, he could stop these tauren steps. He was not braver than the god of war, even Arno wanted to fight against these guards, but he also needed strength when the number of the other guards was less than ten.
At the moment, the tauren guards rushed over. It was almost at the beginning that Arno brought a full fifty tauren guards to the Ministry of Earth and World. They were still patrolling and protecting the city not long ago. Looking at them getting closer and closer, the tauren looked at their gray fur. Chen Kai’s mood was extremely complicated, but even if it was complicated, he still had to stop the other party from waving slightly at the cloud. The wall was originally prepared to launch rock catapults. Suddenly, new ammunition was changed, and the sealing surfaces of cans were engraved with magic inscriptions. These cans were not large in size, and they were also thrown remotely because the catapults would be slightly modified
"pa!" This is the sound that binds the lever of the catapult, including the loose sound, and the sound that the cans engraved with magic inscriptions are fired. These projection distances are only a few hundred meters away. The cans rush straight to the ground at the moment of being fired, and the tauren suddenly explodes when they are close to each other, forming a dense spider web. The viscose bullet from the alchemy workshop belongs to a special kind of magic projectile ammunition, except that it needs to be controlled by the wizard when it is launched. Because of its strong viscosity, it can bind a strong person in the holy area to the same place for dozens of seconds in continuous firing.
It is a sigh for all tauren to see that they are stuck in place by Mibi cobwebs, because they all find that these sticky cobwebs have been binding each other for too long, and in less than three or four seconds, dozens of cobwebs have been torn off and enveloped in the tauren’s body. The strong death force has eroded the cobwebs, causing the cobwebs to become sticky silk threads in less than ten seconds.
In order to completely stick these tauren in place, it took hundreds of cans for the cloud to signal the slings to continue to launch. Only when these fifty tauren were completely stuck in place, they looked at the hundreds of people around the tauren who were stuck with several spider silk at the same time. Ll, a skeleton soldier, was a little sad and waved his hand for a moment. The oil drum was already ready, and it was launched by the slings and fell directly to the bound tauren. At the same time, there was a fire.
"Fire? Hehe! " Looking at the burning oil and the huge flame, Arthur smiled gently at the white bone demon in the golden chariot, and the soul fire kept churning in Arthur’s head, Latamius, the white bone demon. A strange smile appeared in his skull.
At that moment when the fire started, Chen Kai suddenly found that his plan was a little too taken for granted. Although these tauren were bound by cobwebs and could almost move, they could be swallowed up by flames, but fierce flames did not necessarily burn them to death. Less in Chen Kai’s eyes, these tauren were shrouded in death power, but they were still so strong.
"Continue to attack! Aim at the flame launching bed crossbows! " Chen Kaiyin is full of pain and fear in the Nai world. The most painful thing is that once friends became enemies, and they were still enemies that never died. Now many of these tauren guards are familiar with Chen Kai, and many of them have been fighting with Chen Kai. Still others are the first-class tauren of Alisha’s uncle, but now they have become the undead who hate the living rather than the tauren who used to live.
When Chen Kai ordered several bed crossbows to turn around and launch the ready crossbows in the fierce burning flame, the result was staggering. In the fierce burning fire, several huge axes with burning flames were directly split in those explosions, and the crossbows were split up completely in an instant. At the same time, the surrounding burning flames were slowly absorbed and disappeared by several tauren. Except for those residual burning marks on the ground, there was almost no burning.
In these tauren’s bodies, the runes are constantly absorbing the fire element. Although there are not many tauren death knights who can absorb the fire element, there are only a dozen, but they are letting other tauren die in the fate of being burned to death.
"Flame! Frost! Rune of the earth! This guy knows a lot, huh? Arthur ~! " Holding a sword in his hand, he slowly said to himself, the face of the necromancer king can’t see a happy expression, but the players in the wall are extremely afraid of three attributes. When the death knight of the tauren is completely displayed in front of the players, it comes to the earth with the flame of death and frozen frost. The even more terrible war tramples directly destroyed a section of the wall that is more than ten meters wide, and at the same time, dozens of players holding shields on the wall tried to block them.
"Stop them! !” On whether these tauren were guarding Berkner Town before their death, what Chen Kai needs to do now is to keep each other out of the city. If they don’t do this, maybe many people will become the ghosts of these tauren or the skeletons behind them. However, this kind of blocking seems so powerful at the moment. Whether the axe has the property of flame or the tauren’s undead is full of frost and frost, it is not one or two players who can stop it. When these tauren are followed by thousands of skeletons, the number of players is overwhelming.
In less than three minutes, the first wall defense line became fragmented, and one player after another cried and fled across the drawbridge to the rear. Chen Kenai watched the collapse scene and finally retreated to the second wall, and then cut off the rope of the drawbridge. Although Chen Kai knew that many players had not retreated, he had to do so, because if he didn’t do so, the skeleton soldiers would follow the retreating players and rush to a wall.
However, just as Chen Kailing cut off the last suspension bridge rope, a khaki light spread from the foot of a tauren death knight, and then a wide and deep trench slowly rose. Looking at this earth bridge, Chen Kai knew that his absolute strength in the other side became as ridiculous as that of a child, and he was almost capable of it.
"Stop them!" This is Chen Kai’s only idea, because he knows that if we don’t stop these tauren death knights who have the property of the earth, then no matter how many times they retreat, the other side can make an unearthed bridge in this way and cross the trench and appear in front of the city wall.
However, when Chen Kai pulled out his sword and stood in front of a tauren, he was able to appear on the city wall waving his weapon like him. There are only a few reasons why not everyone can resist the death power of these tauren as much as he does, and at the same time, he can resist each other in strength.
When Chen Kai’s huge sword roared at the death knight of the tauren, Chen Kai saw the other side clearly. It was the squadron leader of the tauren guards organized by Arnault, a man named Pino? Scully? Bronze ring guy, a high-level tauren Pino? Cisco’s rank is less than 19, but now the other party’s rank is as high as 97, which is more than 20 grades higher than that of ll. The most important thing is that it has the property of the earth, and the power of the tauren death knight has become more terrible than in the past. Even in the past, ll could easily block the other party’s attack, but now it is even more important not to say it.
"dang! !” Feeling the pain of his hands in the impact, Chen Kai’s face turned a little pale. In this attack, even if he used the power explosion skill, Chen Kai failed to take advantage of it, because the power gap between the two sides was too big. This is the first time that Chen Kai’s power fell into the wind in melee. Of course, the main reason for this result is that he was too strong to find an opponent. Pino? Even before he became an undead, Scully was known for his strength. His strength was among the best among the tauren, and he could fight with a huge totem pole, but now he has changed from a totem pole to a giant axe.
Holding a giant sword, Chen Kai knows very well that he must storm before the other side attacks, because he has fallen into the wind in strength. If he doesn’t storm, he doesn’t even have a chance to beat the other side by 10%, but he didn’t expect that when Chen Kai was preparing to storm, the other side suddenly stepped on a soil bridge, which looked stronger than the soil bridge for a moment. Chen Kai directly fell into a trench four or five meters deep with the other side.
The first volume Chapter 492 Getting closer and closer to despair (6
Sorry! I was dragged to be a coachman again yesterday! As a result, I hurried to my aunt’s house without writing when I came back late. It was past ten when I got home! I received a message early today that my aunt passed away in the morning. Although she said she was in her nineties, she still felt very sad to die like this!
split line
"bang!" My feet trample heavily on the rocks in the trench. Before this, several spikes of rocks with the thickness of the bowl have been broken by Chen Kai’s legs. Fortunately, Chen Kai’s armor is strong enough, otherwise his legs would have been bloodied by sharp spikes by now.
But at the moment, Chen Kai would rather die directly when he falls. At the very least, he doesn’t worry about whether he will be opposite Pinot. Scofield chopped into meat paste, compared with Chen Kai’s embarrassment, his legs and armor were covered with rocks and crushed to death. Pino, the tauren? Skrui is in a much better state than Chen Kai, which seems to be the case.
Watch your hair shake and slowly shake off the rock debris Pino? Scully Chen Kai seems to have seen him fall into the sand when he was fighting with Arnobi a few months ago, and he shook his body in the same way, but at that time, the tauren was still alive and now there is only a body left.
At the same time, Chen Kai also remembers that when the other party shakes off the gravel, the tomahawk in his hand will chop toward the left front of the target at its rapid speed. When thinking about this situation, his giant sword in his hand does not hesitate to block his left front. Have you seen Pinot in the past by memory? The battle scene between Scofield and Arnault blocked this terrorist attack.
Just like anticipation, the defense allows Chen Kaiju’s sword to intercept directly before the opponent’s tomahawk has finished exerting its strength. This interception allows him to occupy the wind force, which is suppressed before the explosion. Just like the rocket just ignited but was forced to stall, there will be some damage. Of course, for undead, muscle damage is almost impossible, even if it is not the body muscles and tendons that drive their bodies to move, nor the bones or blood, but the strong death force. Therefore, Chen Kai’s stop. Did not let the tauren death knight appear such as depressed vomiting blood, and Chen Kai himself knew it very well, so after blocking the opponent’s attack, he did not hesitate to rush to the other side and hit him hard.
Chen Kai’s impact is actually not only brute force, but also contains a huge fighting bloody mode. The combat mode makes some methods realize the fighting skills in reality, and at the same time enhances the power of some fighting skills in reality. In reality, China’s body killing ability has become very strong, but in the game, these skills have become more powerful and terrible. However, Chen Kai’s reality is not a martial arts wizard, and even if he studies hard in the game, he can barely reach half the level of a martial arts expert. Chen Kai’s impact not only makes himself brute force, but also adopts extreme boxing and iron mountain relying on skills. The whole person is like a running chariot
The huge impact force almost made Pino? Skrui, a tauren who is familiar with death in the earth, instantly separated his feet from the ground. After Chen Kai hit the ground, he went backwards. Then Chen Kai’s body changed from a state of leaning against the mountain to a direct shoulder against the other side’s body. After a few steps, the body of the tauren death knight was severely hit on the wall. At that moment, Chen Kai lost his hand directly, grabbed the other side, held the tomahawk, shouldered it, and then took advantage of the situation to throw a shoulder.
The tauren’s huge body was smashed to the ground, and the rock spikes were smashed into powder. However, this kind of beating didn’t take much vitality from the tauren. Therefore, Chen Kai’s attack didn’t stop because he knew that he would stop attacking, so maybe there would be no chance to hit the other side again. At the moment when he finished the shoulder throw, Chen Kai’s hand smashed directly at the other side’s head. Why didn’t Chen Kaike still have a way to make the sacred flame ignite his fist in Pinot? Sike Rui nao
Fierce burning sacred fire spread from Chen Kai’s fist to the whole tauren’s head in an instant. To Chen Kai’s surprise, the tauren was constantly resisting. After burning his head with sacred fire, he actually did not move, or his head did not move. His limbs were still shaking wildly. Grabbing at Chen Kai’s body, the fierce flame kept burning, and the tauren’s head was a little gray and white. The death force was burned by sacred fire and turned into plumes of smoke. When Chen Kai’s magic consumed most of the time, Pino? Scofield’s mouth suddenly uttered a sound that surprised Ll.
"Kill … kill me! ! !” Dangbino? Scully? At the moment when the copper ring stereo started, ll felt like a ghost.
"Lord! Kill me! ! !” When Chen Kai was still suspicious, Pino? Cisco Ruiyin sounded again, and this time it was unusually clear and almost shocked Chen Kai’s eardrum.
"Pinot! You’re not dead? !” Chen Kaiyin was pleasantly surprised. It would be great if Pino really didn’t die.