Xia Jing just wanted to break in when it was cold. "Did you hear that?" Then she turned to the shopping guide and said, "Well, help her wrap it up."

"Go and pay for’ boyfriend’" After the shopping guide trotted past, Xia Jing pushed Ji Hantian and read the three words boyfriend heavily.
Ji Hantian didn’t care about Xia Jing’s tone. "I don’t want to embarrass others."
"Go, go" Xia Jing twisted her teeth and pushed dao on the sofa in Ji Hantian and then walked towards the counter.
Ji cold hey hey smiled together to go with just one step heard Xia Jing some surprise.
"Soft?" Looking in Xia Jing’s direction on a cold day, I saw a girl picking a shirt.
"Elder sister, why are you here?" Girls are somewhat surprised and happy to see Xia Jing. At first sight, Ji Hantian felt that they were somewhat alike. When the girl called a sentence elder sister, he didn’t come here for nothing. It turned out that they were sisters, but in the past, it seemed that my sister had to look quiet, and her appearance was just as good. She was wearing a white dress, and her appearance was exquisite, and she exuded a bit of elegance.
"The friend who bought the heel is the one who told you about the cold weather." Xia Jing pointed and followed, looking at her. It was awkward and turned back to the line of sight.
"My sister Xia Rou" Xia Jing took Xia Rou to introduce Ji Hantian.
"Well, it’s nice to meet you." Ji Hantian just politely held out his right hand and was slapped off by Xia Jing. "Come on, don’t try to take advantage of my sister."
After listening to this, Xia Rou also smiled while covering her mouth and said, "Sister!"
"Don’t worry about him," Xia Jing said to Xia Rou. "It’s boring to have a boyfriend just now." Then why did you come over and pick a boy shirt? " Ji Hantian thought there was a door at first sight.
Xia Rou prevaricated along while can’t say anything to Xia Jing patted his sister’s head with a smile "the basketball captain again? Tell elder sister I help you to keep a secret from dad "Xia Rou just nodded his head.
"Where is it?" Xia Jing’s expression of wanting to see her sister’s boyfriend looked left and west and was pulled by Xia Rou’s red face.
But Ji Hantian did see a tall boy with basketball shoes over there … How does that figure look familiar?
"Chen Xi" Xia Rou turned to call a over there.
The man turned to …
No way! Ji Hantian saw Chuchenxi’s iconic heroic poker face and rubbed his eyes … The earth is really round.
Section 49 ChuChen hope heart (4)
Chuchen and frowning turned to Asaka Manato soft look over there and saw a facial features almost as delicate as Xia Rou’s face.
He reluctantly took a few steps to Xia Rou’s side.
"This is my sister Xia Jing" Xia Rou touched ChuChen and said softly.
"Well" Chu Chenxi nodded without saying that she saw Chu Chenxi Xia Jing there. She didn’t know Chu Chenxi’s name, but when she saw him, she turned her head and looked at Ji Hantian.
"Hello" entered Chuchenxi’s ear with a little lazy voice.
He turned his head and saw that face with a bit of a smile in the cold weather. The pupil suddenly tightened up, and the eyes swayed two days ago. This face was also calm and focused.
"Hello" Chuchen Xiyin is cold with a little metallic texture.
Beside ChuChenxi, Xia Rou also felt that the atmosphere was not quite right. Although ChuChenxi was very cold to people, his tone was never so cold and hostile, and it was not so good. At least it was my sister and friend who gently pulled him.
Chu Chenxi also ignored her and said, "This is just that you don’t get happy too early."
Ji Hantian still laughs at human and animal harm. "That’s natural. If you just give up, I will look down on you."
Chu Chenxi’s mouth turned up, and it was rare to show a smile. The smile on his face became so cold.
What kind of joke is that there is a person whose heart is cold, his smile is cold and his blood is cold … as a result, he froze to death.
"Miss, I’m sorry to trouble you, but can you pay for it first?" The shopping guide asked politely when he walked to Xia Jing with his shoes on.
"Oh, good" Xia Jing nodded and walked beside Ji Hantian and pulled him "Go and accompany me to pay"
Xia Jing’s move just ended the confrontation between the two people. In the cold weather, she finally took one look at Chu Chenxi and left the NIKE monopoly area.
While ChuChen hope still motionless watching ji cold figure walked around the corner and disappeared in the line of sight.
"What’s the matter? You don’t seem to be quite right. "Xia Rou looked at ChuChenxi and it seemed strange and puzzled.
"He beat me in the game two days ago …"
"Do you know Chu Chenxi?" Ji Hantian put his hands on his head, raised his head and put his head in his hand. "Is he your sister’s boyfriend?"
"I heard Rourou say this name before, but I didn’t know it was him." Xia Jing slowed his steps and murmured in a low voice. "In fact, Dad really went too far …"
"What?" Ji Han Tian didn’t hear clearly and asked 1.
"They were together a year ago, and that’s when I often heard Rourou talk about the tall and handsome basketball captain in the school. In fact, I always hoped Rourou could live in a real fairy tale and didn’t want her to get hurt." Xia Jing thought about it before saying, "Later, when my father found out that he went to talk to ChuChenxi and didn’t know what he said to ChuChenxi, I heard Rourou say that he became indifferent … in fact, my father had gone too far. As far as I know, ChuChenxi is a very strong and persistent boy."
"Strong and persistent?" I heard that Ji Hantian read a few words lightly, and the ponder faded. It flashed in my mind that Chu Chenxi still didn’t give up stubbornness at the last second.
"The family doesn’t seem to be very good. I don’t know what parents are not around. I grew up living in my uncle and aunt’s house, but my grades have always been excellent. At that time, although it was not the best, it was considered that I won the basketball game. Basketball special enrollment was called into our No.7 middle school … Basketball special enrollment heard you often say this familiar name. In fact, I should have thought it was him …"
"There are still many things to do in the shop in the afternoon, so I’ll go back first." At the pedestrian street, Chu Chenxi said to Xia Rou beside him.
"I’ll take you there by taxi …"
Before Xia Rou finished ChuChen abruptly interrupted her words.
"No, it’s not on the way." He pushed out the old bike that didn’t match him from the parking spot next to him. "Then I’ll go."
"Well," Xia Rou nodded quietly. Chu Chenxi rode up on that bicycle because it was too old. Every time the wheel turned, it would make a "thump" sound because of the crude metal. Xia Rou watched Chu Chenxi riding a bicycle in situ and disappeared into the line of sight bit by bit. Her nose was suddenly sour. She never saw him complaining about this life, but he always made himself feel uncomfortable. However, he used to laugh and fight with him. Now it seems that the diaphragm between himself and him has become thicker and denser.
It was a long time before Xia Rou waved and stopped a taxi.