Therefore, when the arrow hits the target, the instantaneous damage is almost no worse than Chen Kaili’s death. Unfortunately, this damage still fails to reduce the monster’s health. It is just a slight shaking. At the same time, the ecliptic cooperation with feather Su Xinghe has also caused a lot of damage. Unfortunately, now the monster still has less than four-fifths of the total health. Chen Kai and others are still busy. Of course, there are two ways to quickly kill each other in front of a group of people. The first one is to ignore the generation. Price to attack each other’s carapace and then plug the dwarf bomb into it to kill the spider magic guards. The way to kill each other is to blow it up. I’m not afraid that this monster will not die, but Chen Kai will attack the surface this time. This method is hard because this knife foot magic spider carapace is harder than those spider magic guards’ carapace. Unless Chen Kai and others can pull the gap of this monster’s carapace as before, it is impossible to cut the weapon into it. However, after all, the other body is not in front of the limbs, and the earth hand can directly pull each other’s legs. It is definitely a pity that such things cannot be copied

Considering the monster behind, the ecliptic can bite a tooth, which is not to strengthen the earth’s hand. However, when Chen Kaiyue’s monster is back, the ecliptic still relies on his own magic to maintain the earth’s hand. It is very simple to directly hold this monster and prevent it from moving, so that Chen Kai can attack the other side’s back as much as possible with a giant sword, but without the help of the magic crystal, the magic value of the ecliptic can last for more than 20,000 seconds at most. If it is replaced by an ordinary monster, it is no problem to say a few seconds or dozens of seconds, but in the face of such a It’s a miracle that you can persist for a few seconds. Other earth element wizards probably can’t persist for even a few seconds. They can rely on the skill of uniting to make the magic circle bind.
But in a few seconds, it was enough for Chen Kai to keep steady and then throw out a lasso to tie himself with the monster. The revolving rope bypassed the monster’s chest and returned to Chen Kai’s hand. This skill is not difficult to practice, but it is the first time for Chen Kai to try this monster. If it is changed to the cloud, the success rate may be higher. Fortunately, Chen Kai succeeded this time, otherwise it may be necessary for others to risk throwing the rope to him. However, it is still a question whether Chen Kai can still pick up things on the other side’s back when the monster is horrible.
Of course, it is Chen Kai’s wishful thinking to fix himself with ropes. First of all, his feet are not horses, but a terrible monster. It will never agree with a person. It is accurate to say that he is an enemy on his back. Chen Kai almost found himself as a knight riding a mad cow, and his roots were constantly bumping, especially his feet were smoother than the carapace. In the face of this situation, Chen Kai could try to balance his body. Fortunately, he directly grabbed the rope with both hands and put the sword on his back, otherwise he would be knocked over at the first moment, and then there would be no more.
Although it was extremely uncomfortable to be shaken, in the end, Chen Kai insisted on biting his teeth and actually saw Chen Kai’s situation. Xu Fei already had the idea of letting Wang Feifei trap a magical scroll again, because he could even if Chen Kai could insist on it, it was impossible for Chen Kaigen to attack under such circumstances. He quickly put a magical scroll into Wang Feifei’s hand, which quickly activated the scroll and released the magic inside than the sacred attribute magic.
A white-than-white chain reappeared in everyone’s sight and tied up the crazy monster again in a moment. So Chen Kai, a magical scroll, bought a total of five and spent two on a boss. The price is a little high, but the five scrolls are not expensive. After the discount, each one needs a gold coin, which looks very auspicious, but Chen Kai is extremely dissatisfied with them, but there is no way to talk about how Xu Fei can keep the price down. That damn fat just keeps biting this auspicious number.
Fortunately, his selling scrolls is relatively reliable, although it has lasted for a long time and a short time. The scary brute force of the magic spider can last for 30 seconds at most, but it is enough for Chen Kai to recover from the bumpy state in 30 seconds and then find the right opportunity to pierce the sharp weapon into the wound of the other side. Chen Kai chose to pierce the weapon with the magic spider guarding the blood on the handle, because Chen Kai hopes that this bloodthirsty pike can stimulate a bloodthirsty effect, and the result will definitely make this monster cool.
When Chen Kai is full of quarrelling support, this spear with the method of removing scarlet blood instantly penetrates directly into the other person’s head. This is the only place where Chen Kai can find a weapon to pierce the other person’s body, and Chen Kai is directly thrown out a moment after piercing the pike. The great power makes Chen Kai fly in the middle, but before he falls, he has used the flashing skill to escape again, because when he is thrown out, the huge knife foot sweeps towards his position. If he is still flying along the original route, then it is certain. Will be split in half before landing. When Chen Kai becomes more and more proficient in this flashing skill, he can combine this skill with his own footwork skills. However, what makes Chen Kai feel depressed is that the magic consumption is too large. Let him have a idea of whether he should try high-grade magic crystals. Thinking about the price of high-grade magic crystals will make Chen Kai feel angina pectoris.
But at the moment when Chen Kai landed, he found something that made him feel happy, that is, the pike inserted in the head of the magic spider with a knife foot was exerting its bloodthirsty effect. The monster’s health value was reduced with the naked eye. Although everyone knew that the reduction process would not last long, even if it was estimated that it would reduce the other person’s health value by one fifth, it was also a good thing anyway. The most important thing was that the monster became angry again because of the pain of being drawn from his life. After Chen Kai landed, everyone almost turned and ran away without hesitation. Before the other side broke out, he escaped from the cave again, and the horrible knife foot kept swinging in the cave. At the same time, the monster released the terrible big move again, that is, the flying white light.
Although they were driven out of the cave again, Chen Kai and others were not dissatisfied and depressed, because they knew very well that such terrorist venting was also a kind of consumption of the monster’s strength. When the other party vented, it was bound to become more weak, and it would be easier for them to deal with it. Although this was what Chen Kai thought, the fact was only known if they needed to fight, but when the venting in the cave ended, Chen Kai and them quickly jumped in.
This time, the black dwarfs didn’t attack, but fell directly behind, because everyone knows that at this moment, the magic spider with a gun in his forehead is definitely the most explosive state. People who rush in first are most likely to be attacked. Chen Kai directly wrapped his metal wings and jumped in. In the corner of the cave, the giant sword threw out a grudge chop, accompanied by the grudge chop, which hit the target and exploded angrily. The magic spider directly rushed towards Chen’s position. Although it still missed the target for a moment, it directly bumped into the cave wall, but others have entered the cave very smoothly and exhibited the battle formation.
When Chen Kai evaded the monster’s attack, Su Wan directly threw out the sharp spear head of his dragon gun, hooked Chen Kailang’s Yunus gun in a light sound, and then pulled it with a force, accompanied by black blood and a scream of terror. A pike that had been dyed with black blood whirled and nailed to a nearby rock wall.
But this time, the monster didn’t break out, but shook his body to try to make himself stable. Su Wan’s move of pulling out the pike seems to have destroyed the balance system of the other side. Although it seems that the other side will recover soon, everyone knows that the monster is weak, but it is still difficult for them to hurt the monster in the face of the other side’s thick shell. The only thing they can do is to attack from the other side’s wound. Now there are three places in the wound. The first place is the head. Now it is the other side’s head. The protection is very good. Maybe the law attacked the other two wounds again, that is, the place where Yu and Su Xinghe cut off the limbs, but Su Xinghe and Yu cut off the wounds. The former cut off the limbs and left a piece on the other side, and the latter cut off the wound and got close to the other side. However, it seems that there is still a knot left.
Relying on this position to hurt the monster’s body, Chen Kai found it a little difficult. The most important thing is that this position is difficult to attack and it is necessary to risk being cut by the foot of a knife. This arduous task was entrusted to several mages, Xu Fei, who held a scarlet staff with a lot of energy left in their hands and aimed at the injured position of the other party to attack. Of course, the black dwarfs also aimed at these two positions to attack with armor-piercing bullets, but everyone did not expect much from it. In fact, Chen Kai, when the monster was weak, they seemed to have little way to take this monster because he was like a hedgehog. Although many spikes had
The first volume Chapter 34 Re-enter the dark nest (7)
Zhao Tiezhu slowly raised his shield, and he was doing a very risky thing. This thing was that the shield resisted the knife foot of the magic spider. Although he felt a little crazy, no one knew whether he would succeed unless he tried.
After all, constantly moving the body, the knife-footed magic spider makes everyone’s attack fall off, hitting the wound makes it impossible for the attack root to pass through the wound and enter the other person’s body, so naturally it is impossible to continue to hurt the other party. If you want to give the other party enough, maybe the balance of victory will just tilt toward the other party.
Although Chen Kai and others are sure that it is absolutely impossible for the other party to grow another head in a short time, it is ok for Chen Kai and others to gradually recover their health. It is necessary for them to end the battle as soon as possible. Although everyone chooses to leave the cave when the other party is angry, they quickly enter it when the other party is angry, that is, they will delay the other party’s health for too long when they are afraid. But they can’t make a magical scroll again. After all, there are not many magical scrolls left. Of course, there are not many high-level magical scrolls left. Chen Kai and they can.
However, the fact that there are fewer high-level magic scrolls doesn’t mean that Chen Kai has fewer low-level magic scrolls. When Zhao Tiezhu was preparing his body to resist the terrible knife, he was imposed with several low-level protection magic, which was almost able to impose protective magic. Zhao Tiezhu made it once, and even the shield in his hand was imposed with three layers of sacred morning shield. Chen Kai didn’t learn magic. Actually, Chen Kai learned magic rarely because he didn’t take the road of magic temple knight but the road of melee temple knight. The most important thing is that Chen Kai except. In some cases, after getting the gift from God, I will study hard for a few more days. It is probably the least unprofessional among the knights in the temple. It seems so. However, when it comes to fighting capacity, Chen Kai throws out those players who have mastered 17 kinds of magical skills and don’t know how many streets. After all, at this stage, if you have magic players to make magical skills fight, you will release them a few times at most, which will run out of magic.
After all, the more you master magic skills, the more difficult it is to be proficient. It is better to specialize in a limited number of magic skills, although this will limit these magic skills in some places. For example, at this time, Chen Kai’s magic skills are almost nothing, and it is better to reach the idea of a panacea and spend a lot of energy on learning magic skills. Chen Kai thinks it is better to specialize in melee.
Blessed with three morning shields, the shield looks golden. If you want to hurt the shield, Zhao Tiezhu needs to break through three shields in an instant. Of course, the ecliptic will also impose an earth shield on him. At the same time, Zhao Tiezhu himself will make the earth shield the most powerful protection for the knights of the earth temple to protect himself.
After blessing all spells, Zhao Tiezhu slowly closed his helmet mask and lowered his body slowly. He knew that he had a chance to entangle each other once and for all. If possible, he had better not make contact with the opponent’s knife foot, so that he could delay longer. Zhao Tiezhu gently raised his shield and rushed directly towards the other side. At that moment, a roar was released from his mouth covered with a helmet, which was much worse than that of Chen Kai Titan yelling at Zhao Tiezhu and groping for it himself. However, for ordinary players, such an attack was fatal in the face of such a monster, Zhao Tiezhu moved to attract the attention of the other side.
Almost at the moment when Zhao Tiezhu roars out, a sharp knife light sweeps towards him. Fortunately, he has already noticed this. His direct side of the body split at the foot of the knife and flashed the blow. Although it is the most basic attempt for the main temple to resist the enemy’s attack with a shield, it is definitely better to avoid the opponent’s attack than to be cut by the other side. Of course, in the ancient game, if Zhao Tiezhu does this, it will lead to the failure of hatred establishment, and the result will definitely be the annihilation of the group. If someone releases an attack before the main attack monster, it must be the end of mass destruction. But most of the time, no one will make this low-level mistake, and Chen Kai and others will naturally not make such a mistake. Of course, even if Zhao Tiezhu didn’t attack this knife-footed spider once, he wouldn’t immediately transfer his hatred. The most important thing is that this monster is blind. If even a blind man can’t run away from Chen Kai, they can really kill him with a piece of tofu.
Holding up the shield in his hand constantly, Zhao Tiezhu’s footsteps almost never stopped moving. On the bloody ground, he wore metal boots and kept stepping on the wet ground. Relying on his eyes and body, Zhao Tiezhu barely avoided the knife-footed spider’s two attacks, but he knew very well that his limit was so short that the other party would definitely cut this attack continuously and whether he could resist it was the key to victory.
Sharp knife feet quickly enlarged in front of Zhao Tiezhu, and the speed was even faster than before. This is because they saw the attack continuously waving two knife feet when the monster went crazy, and instantly chopped off less than a dozen attacks. This attack was enough to instantly tear a main tank into pieces. Even if Rola Chen released the sacred shield, there was no way to stop chopping for more than a dozen times in a row, but when the other side raised the knife feet, Zhao Tiezhu directly bullied the other side’s body. Although the face stood on the ground more than three meters high, the magic spider Zhao Tiezhu was a little short, but it was because of his short stature. Only by taking advantage of his height can he avoid the attack and his moral integrity can he drill directly from the other person’s body away from the ground, escape from the attack range in the instant of the continuous chop of terror, and turn around directly after drilling out, and the bear hammer severely beats the other person.
The hammer contains the power of the earth element, and the instantaneous explosion directly explodes and leaves four legs. The magic spider with knife feet stumbles for a while, but it’s a pity that this impact force hurts the other person’s body, but it’s enough to let the disabled monster know that his target has been drilled behind him. Of course, Zhao Tiezhu knows that he is not comfortable because the knife feet have been sweeping towards his position for a moment, and at the same time, he has turned his huge body.
But this time, Zhao Tiezhu didn’t retreat because he waited for so long, just waiting for this moment. It’s terrible to turn around and make a heavy cleaver, but it also has the weakest position. This position is Zhao Tiezhu’s death. He did not hesitate to raise the shield in his hand, and at the same time released the semi-circular khaki shield of the earth shield and directly wrapped him in it. In less than an instant, the shield was directly broken by magic. Zhao Tiezhu almost bit his teeth, and his spirit was high because of fear.
The morning shield attached to the shield on the third floor didn’t support the instantaneous fragmentation, not to mention the earth shield attached to the ecliptic, but the fragmentation shield seriously reduced the impact force of the knife foot. If the force of the former knife foot was at a thousand o’clock, then there were now less than a hundred points left. Zhao Tiezhu blocked this attack very easily. Although the impact sound was still loud, he did not take a step back, but instead pushed the knife foot forward and deviated from the past, forcing the other party to wrestle with him. Of course, the other party had two knives and feet for a moment. Foot directly toward Zhao Tiezhu split up it’s a pity that ll they will never let this knife foot fall Su Wanlong gun in instantaneous throw out the dragon gun connected with the chain directly wrapped around the knife foot and then several hands fell on Su Wanlong gun grabbed this knife foot.
In ll they pull would have fallen to Zhao Tiezhu knife foot was pinned down, the most important thing is because ll they pinned this monster body temporarily move, but they can’t pin it down for a long time, because this knife foot magic spider power is terrible, fortunately, they need to hold on a little bit until the black dwarf muskets approach and shoot at each other’s wounds.
Accompanied by the roaring sound, several armor-piercing bullets hit the wound at the same time, which instantly turned the remaining position into a burst fragment. Then Xu Fei almost did not hesitate to use the scarlet staff against the wound to release scarlet rays. The scarlet beam instantly broke the residual defense and directly blasted into the other person’s body. However, this injury made the monster instantly mad, and the terrorist forces made the people who pulled the dragon gun more able to hold their weapons. Zhao Tiezhu also felt the pressure and had to retreat. However, before that, Xu Fei had released scarlet rays again and released the red beams twice in a row, and the other person’s carapace was broken directly from the department.
However, they know very well that now is also the most dangerous time. The monster will definitely get mad because of being hit hard, but they don’t want to leave the cave, so everyone has retreated to Rola Chen’s side. The latter directly showed the preparation of the sacred breast wall and the monster’s hard resistance in the light golden light. The knife foot kept chopping in the breast wall, and the magic of Rola Chen was visible to the naked eye. The speed of her magic dropped only after she finally supported it for less than ten seconds. In a heavy blow, the light golden curtain was directly split into pieces like glass slag, but before that, ll and they were ready.
Zhao Tiezhu and ll directly rushed to the monster. The former benefited from the three-layer morning shield shield again, while the latter benefited directly from the shield metal wings. Of course, the defense ability of Zhao Tiezhu shield is much higher than that of ll wings. After all, although these metal wings have good defense ability, they absolutely can completely offset the terrorist attacks.
Just one confrontation, Chen Kai felt that his arm was broken, but he knew it was an illusion because he didn’t suffer much damage except for some loss of health, but he also knew that if he collided with the other side like this again, it would definitely be the end of the fracture of his arm and bone. At the same time, on the other side, Zhao Tiezhu was much worse than Chen Kai, and that hard resistance almost made his baby shield break. Generally, the damage alone was enough to make the earth knight cry for a long time, but the two of them recklessly stopped slashing.
It was a moment of great pain that came to it. It was hiding in the shadows, and the cloud attacked several bombs bigger than dwarves. After being ignited by him, it was stuffed into the wound exploded by scarlet rays. With several huge explosions, the carapace of the magic spider was blown away, and at the same time, it felt great pain. The magic spider attacked and flew more violently and wrapped itself in it.
"Others exit the cave!" Chen Kai said to the crowd behind him that there is no need for other people’s help at this time, and it may be even worse for so many people to stay in the cave. Now, people who stay in the cave need two people, one is naturally carrying a giant sword, Chen Kai, and the other is hidden in the shadow. The dark dwarf handed over many dwarf bombs to the cloud. After all, the latter is more suitable for plugging bombs in the back. This kind of thing is beneficial to Chen Kai’s quarrelling and constantly attacking each other to attract the attention of this monster.
His feet kept moving and changing his position. He threw a series of quarrelling chop at the Knife-Foot Magic Spider, which had a certain impact. However, although the attack power was not high, it still hurt the Knife-Foot Magic Spider to some extent because of the quarrelling attribute. The Knife-Foot Magic Spider quickly targeted Chen Kaishen. Because he had no visual system, he could judge Chen Kai’s position through perception, thus creating an opportunity for the cloud. When Chen Kai chopped a quarrelling chop again, the stealth cloud directly threw several lit bombs into the other side’s wound again.
"Maybe it will take a few more times and it will be completely finished!" This is the idea in Yun’s mind after throwing the bomb. Of course, there are many holy water mixed in the huge explosion. Only when the bomb has strong holy water can it cause more terrible damage to the monster’s body, and the explosion can magnify this effect twice as much.
"But still have to be careful! If the other party can still release big moves, it is estimated that we will all be finished! " Chen Kai didn’t let down his guard. At the moment when the cloud lit the bomb, he moved his feet, and the latter ran faster than him because he knew what the explosion force would do.
"Boom!" There was almost one explosion this time, but everyone knows that the cloud stuffed several bombs into it, and at the same time, the explosion caused the power to be quickly superimposed in the narrow space, which directly exploded several carapace. Looking at being lifted and flying, one-fifth of the body was missing, and the magic spider was outside the cave. Everyone has already decided that the other person’s life has already reached the countdown.
"hiss! !” Because of the loss of more than half of the head, the root method roared, and the magic spider suddenly made a strange cry in its body. Hearing this sound, Chen Kai felt bad. He did not hesitate to show his metal wings behind him, and then directly flashed around the cloud to protect both of them. Outside the cave, everyone saw that the magic spider lost one fifth of its body, and suddenly stood up and then rotated by relying on two residual limbs.
Terror blade in the whole cave handed ll constantly pour pissing match into his metal wings to enhance the protection of wing pissing match. At the same time, one by one, the low-level magic protection scrolls were dropped by him. In less than half a second, he directly activated seven magic scrolls. At the same time, the cloud released the magic scrolls to Chen Kaishen, because he knew that ll was finished, and he must be finished protecting himself. It can be said that it is absolutely hard to resist many fifth-order and sixth-order spells, but in the face of that roar, the shield applied by ll in the blade storm is still as fragile as slag.
In less than half a second, more than a dozen shields were reduced to five layers, and these shields were completely destroyed in half a second. Although ll and Yun kept activating new shields, they disappeared in a flash, and even the impact of terror was gone. The metal wings of ll made him quarrelling almost rapidly, but the magic was cut off by the blade storm before they were delivered to him. In this case, ll curled up and shrank in his body, and there must be a cloud ending, that is, death was directly threatened by a terrible blade.