"Ah, if it’s an ordinary girl, it’s just Princess Rong Ning."

Rong Ning? Shu Lele’s heart trembled with a vibrato. "What is she?"
"This is even the meaning of Wang Guifei," Shu Shufu sighed. "Yesterday, Wang Guifei’s sister-in-law Mrs. Wang came to the door specially, which seemed to mean something. I knew at that time that our Shu family would not be able to stay out of it."
It’s another thing!
How come there is Wang Guifei everywhere?
Shu Lele stayed for a while and touched Ning Yichen. "What do you think?"
Ning Yichen smiled and said, "Since it is meant by Wang Guifei, there is even no reason to refuse."
But-Rong Ning, she already has a crush. If she comes to Shujia, she is afraid to make the whole Shufu fly a dog to jump.
No, no, don’t let this happen!
Shu Lele tilted his head and looked at Ning Yichen seriously. "Master, can’t you do anything?"
"no! You must find a way. Princess Rong Ning must never marry my brother! " Shu Lele is unusually serious and authentic. She can’t believe that Ning Yichen is so miraculous and deeply valued by the emperor that she can’t handle this matter.
But Ning Yichen still shook his head. "I really can’t be happy. It’s all your own fault. You still have to think for yourself!"
"Me?" Shu Lele pointed to himself, "What do you mean it’s me?"
Is it because she deliberately went to Ba Wang Guifei and Princess Rong Ning that Wang Guifei gave birth to the idea of firmly holding together with her?
She is both a Shu family daughter and a Ning family daughter-in-law. It seems that climbing with her is indeed equal to bringing in the whole Shu family and Ning family, and if the princess marries, it will make this layer closer.
Since then, they have come to Yan Wang’s side with Shu Guhe Ning’s family, and this force plus Wang Jiashen can not be underestimated, which will shake the whole East China.
In this way, the prince Yan’s throne will be at your fingertips
Shu Lele wanted to understand the truth and scared out in a cold sweat.
He became more and more determined not to let Wang Guifei succeed.
While the emperor hasn’t decided to get married, my brother should immediately find a woman to get married!
Shu Lele eyebrows a wrinkly nasty tunnel "niang, let’s say marriage to my brother! No matter the family, if you want that woman to teach her husband correctly! "
"That’s easy for you to say. Where can I find it for a while?"
"That ….." Shu Lele suddenly thought of that time to go to the temple mother Shu Ming to beg for that sign.
Is it true that my brother’s marriage will be full of twists and turns?
She immediately became infatuated with the Buddha’s words. If it really works, what will be written on her sign that day? And what is the mystery of the master’s words?
Shu Lele stunned when Shu Mingxuan came up with a smile.
His face was light and the sun shone behind him, but he didn’t see any unhappiness.
He took a shallow sip of tea and smiled. "Lele, let it be!"
Why is he so calm? This is not Shu Mingxuan’s style. Shu Lele has been with him for two years and knows him too well!
Shu Lele picked an eyebrow. "My elder brother, eh, don’t you know that Princess Rong Ning is unruly? I don’t want my parents to be angry with her if she walks in the door and is afraid that no one can do anything about her! "
ShuMingXuan but light smile like a cloud "she is a woman in a boudoir again unruly and can make where to go? If you can’t resist, you will obey! "
"You-you dare to obey!"
Speaking of will, Shu Lele suddenly thought of the queen mother, the queen mother, the emperor and the imperial concubine, but they will always obey the queen mother’s meaning, right
Yes, go to the palace immediately and find the queen mother to marry my brother.
Shu Lele took Ning Yichen and ran. "Send me to the palace quickly. I want to see the Queen Mother!"
"Lele!" Mrs. Shu and Shu Mingxuan are chasing after each other for fear that she has done something out of line, but just after catching up with the door, Shu Lele has already left in a carriage and Ningyichen.
Ning Yichen doesn’t order people to go to the palace, but orders them to go back to Ning Wangfu directly.
Shu Lele was anxious. "Ning Yichen, what do you want?"
Ning Yichen hooked his lips and said slowly, "Lele, what do you want?"
"I asked the queen mother to show my brother a marriage!"
"Have you ever thought about your brother? If you mean that woman is worse than Rong Ning, will you put your brother on the ground? "