With a wry smile, I suddenly felt the suffocating fire around me, and the pain was relieved. I trembled and tried my best to lower my voice.

She sighed a faint light way
"Don’t ask me. I made my own decision. I want to save you and stay with him forever."
I am surprised way
"What are you doing?"
Suddenly, in my closed eyes, I saw a beautiful fairy with beautiful golden light and colorful stars. She is the most perfect god in Maya’s heart. Maya Finkona symbolizes the hope for the future. She is the shocking girl who was once on the other side of the temptation door. She is a Mayan girl in Tian Yue who shouldn’t have human tears, but she loves a real hero in her own way …
Maybe you need a special hero to get special love.
She waved goodbye to me in the light and heat, bringing a layer of ethereal brilliance, like a moon stretching her moonlight charm in the scorching sun.
The Rapier in my hand has already left me, and the virtual sword soul is desperately sucking the death crystal light and heat. Tian Yue smiles and no longer flies back in the direction of the sword soul.
At that moment, I came for nothing, frightened
"Tian Yue, you come back quickly. How can you change the sword spirit again? What am I going to do with this thing when you are all dead! "
Tian Yue chuckled in the distant sky.
"You forget that I am the most intelligent Maya? I have ten lives, one more than the nine lives of a cat. Today, one of my lives is to accompany the man I love most so that he will never be lonely. Tian Yue is already very satisfied. "
With that, she no longer hesitated and turned her head towards the sword soul, and came to the sword soul for judo.
"Hero, I am Tian Yue, and I will accompany you forever."
After that, her beautiful body has turned into a beautiful light, and a wisp of ghosts and the unyielding soul of that man have merged into one. The sky is surging again, and the vortex of death is rolling violently, which has aroused a great wave of waves. Suddenly, a crazy smile came to my ear.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Heaven Sword, I finally waited until you were born. PaoShu is a great emperor who brought the gospel of Rapier! Now you belong to me! "
I slowly opened my eyes, but I saw that I still had the Heavenly Sword in my hand. The body was once red-glowing, but it was plated with a faint golden light. It seemed that Tian Yue was once beautiful, but the death crystal was floating. The death crystal around the walls of the looming giant sword was peeling off, and the death crystal had turned into a bright suspended giant sword. With this light, there were also a faint sword light. At this moment, there were seven people left in the field, namely, the flag, the rising sun, the fragrant root, the warbler, the tail alliance, Monroe from the United States, the boss of the
I can’t believe looking at this beautiful woman, her partner didn’t escape the robbery just now, but she actually escaped the living people. According to their respective offensive and defensive alliances, they naturally leaned together to form a four-corner potential. I leaned together with the flag Rising Sun, Mike and Monroe leaned together, while Green and Clinton leaned together, and the mysterious gray bishop stood in front of the giant sword alone.
Looking at all the people eyeing up, even the companions can prevent each other from suspecting. I understand that everyone wants a sword of Heaven.
Seeing that everyone was silent with each other, they were all saving their energy. Obviously, they all tried their best to escape the robbery just now. I can’t help but be surprised. I said, you are all fierce. Didn’t the temperature say 10 thousand degrees Celsius just now? Should there be a thousand degrees Celsius less? I escaped with Tian Yue’s help. How did you escape? Confidence was once again hit by "hey! "Sigh a sigh all heard me. Sigh all nervous. Look up. I’m a fool. I got dumped in cutting. Rapier is curious.
"Men, what are you looking at me for? Me, this giant sword is the sword you want to rob Heaven. I don’t want it. I’m helping him. "
Said my eyes beckoned the flag the rising sun he stupefied way
"Are you all right?"
I stay wry smile way
"I’m all right! Alive? "
Flag the rising sun doubt way
"Do you really want to help me win the sword? Don’t you hate the past?"
I am stupefied for a moment light way
"There will always be a clear settlement between the past and the present. At this moment, you are Brother Linger or him-"
Never say goodbye to the flag, the rising sun, and the handsome face brought up a smile but cold way
"But I don’t need your help. You took my favorite sister’s revenge-"
And he staggered away from me, I wry smile way
"Eldest brother bells, she is your own sister, and no one can change the fact that I will persuade her to come to see you if you want."
He sneered and said nothing, but his eyes were full of cannibalism. I couldn’t help frowning. My heart said, Brother Rising Sun is there? Your little sister has hands and feet and can run and kick me. She didn’t kidnap and cajole her. She didn’t want to accept your eldest brother’s arrangement to accept the wealth transaction and resolutely run away from home. I didn’t participate in her escape plan.
Suddenly, there was a dim silence in my eyes. I haven’t seen you for a long time. Now I really want to see you.
Just thinking, I heard a female charming voice gently say with smile
"Wave sweetheart didn’t expect you to be a peerless master. I wonder if you would like to help us?"
Looking at stumbling Monroe, I wry smile way
"Miss Monroe, you flatter me. I’m used to being alone, miss. You’re a heroine in a country, but are you incapable of helping miss?"
She smiled gently, and suddenly she was unstable. I dumped her once, and I held her with a wry smile. She smiled and said,
"Don’t you have the ability to help me?"
When I said this, I heard a sneer when my hand was wrapped around my neck and shoulders. I looked at the past and it was the flag rising sun. I was embarrassed but heard Monroe sneer at a way.
"Don’t you want to marry me when you hijacked me in Dalong? I’m right in front of you at the moment. If you want to defeat this man, I’ll consider marrying you, otherwise I can marry him with your sister."
As she said, she leaned over my head and kissed me hard. A pair of beautiful blue eyes were like the misty spring water last night.
"dear, do you want my re?"
I was almost addicted to temptation, but I woke up at that moment and pushed this hot and graceful body to sink a way
"Monroe, do you know what you are doing? I can’t. "
She chuckled
"What’s the matter? Are you afraid that these men will be jealous of you and eat you?"
I stared at the past, but I saw that the eyes of these men were all red as if a group of wild horses were about to heat up. I was surprised
"What’s the matter?"
Monroe smiles to say
"What a magical magic potion! It can make you resist the burning heat, but I don’t know if you can resist the temptation of death."